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Peters Page April 1999

Our well attended  April meeting  was opened on time by our honorable chairman, Davershon.

Formalities dealt with.   Roger opened up the discussion with an offer to give away some 1962 computer books, but alas there was not even one offer, only some polite smiles from the computer buffs.  

Andrew S was the next cab off the rank with an absolutely fascinating article from the 13th March 1999  New Scientist page 36. The article was from a recently retired professor of materials physics Keith Johnson, (MIT) titled "Oil and water don't mix".  Johnson has succeeded where many have failed - by combining diesel fuel with tap water to form a clear mixture that cuts down pollution, maintains engine efficiency and works in existing engines.     Quote " His fuel is as simple to make as instant coffee, yet it is stable for years."  .... this is so stable and "green"  because he has found a family of detergent like surfactants ( surface tension reducers) that chemically bond molecules of water with molecules of diesel, nudging the water molecules into stable 20 molecule clusters resembling " buckyballs". " Johnson calculates that these clusters pulsate with vibrations; an effect that endows them with remarkable chemical properties". His mix is clear which is unlike other water diesel mixes that are milky and last only months in a stable form eg. Gunnerman's fuel and Aquazole.     Johnson is also trying to produce his new mix without the expensive surfactants. He is playing around with super critical water ( a cross between liquid and vapour at aprox 374 degrees C and 220 atmospheres), where these " 20 " clusters are achieved in a  bond without the need for surfactants.     This fuel under test produced  80% less soot particles and more than 30% less NOx, with a slight improvement in engine power.   Editors note...is this similar to the Yak fat and 8th octave resonant mountain water fuel mix that the Ancients used to fuel their magic carpets with in Xanadu....one wonders.

Dino  then came forth with a little bottle half filled with "Magic Sand"and water, which, no matter how vigorously shook, would not mix, to which Andrew S replied that his water conditioner reduced surface tension. You can come to your own supposition  or conjectures as to what may happen with Andrews conditioner, the right octave, a little water and some petrol fed into someone's test vehicle.  

Yanis spoke briefly on perpetual motion and the Oliver Plunkett perpetual drum ... which reduced friction by eliminating the axle. This is an interesting lateral concept as most people would not consider a wheel without an axle.  

Davershon handed out some Maori Moon Calenders, which indicated the best days to fish, plant , sow, reap and other activities affected by lunar influences.    

Davershon then introduced our guest speaker.....Peter Taubert, from " CompSafe Consultancy; The title of the talk was :- Your health and food additives.  What They Are, What They Do, And Why They Are Used" Peter Taubert gave a very professional, extremely interesting and thought provoking talk, which could have gone on for much longer.  Here are some short form statistics and quotes. Industrial accidents ....Deaths        2,800 
Over same period..deaths from industrial chemical related cacncers  2,500 He asked. How many people are dying from food induced cancers? No One Knows. Our health and food regulatory authorities seem to have gone down the path that does not take these  chemical flavourings and additives into account. Peter used a quote from JRR Tolkien to illustrate this: "It doesn't do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near him".

Never eat the neck of a commercially grown chicken.....it's where they inject them.

37.4% of Australians suffer from respiratory complaints...much more than other countries...11% have asthma...costs $750 million per year.

Million people in USA have asthma.

Fragrances...mostly petro chemical derived...74% of American people now adversely sensitive to them. -  Air in the average home is 3 to 4 times more polluted than outside air. -  Food Additives....list starts from 100 and finishes at 1400....1272 listed for use in Australia. -  923 in common use in our homes -  103 are (shock horror) CARCINOGENIC MUTAGENIC and TERATOGENIC ...  which means that the are known to cause CANCER, BODY MUTATIONS ana GENETIC DAMAGE that is passed on to offspring. -  FLAVOURS....1,600 in use in USA....most have never been adequately tested. -  France Permits only SEVEN Flavours.....natural ones. -  71% of Hyperactive children affected by Flavourings -  Whitmans Chocolate ...colouring can cause hyperactivity -  Smarties.... colourings can cause hyper activity in children...red colour the worst.

102; TARTRAZINE....Yellow...Causes aggression in 79% of children
129; ALLURA RED.....causes cancer....Banned in Austria,Norway and Finland.

These colourings are heavily used in the very popular children's ICE BLOCK TUBES that sell by the millions. -  TIM TAMS of which over $40 million worth are sold annually contain this class of artificial colouring . The same manufacturer also sells a similar product under the name of GAYETY which does not contain the artificial colouring. THESE ARE CHEEPER AND SAFER but not marketed as such. -PLAYERS sell biscuits similar to tim tams called TERRIFIC TREATS which DO NOT CONTAIN ARTIFICIAL colours. E249 to E252  NITRITES  .....  preservatives found in meats and HOT DOGS......they destroy VITAMINS A, C and E. ( perhaps they should be sold with vitamin capsules to be eaten afterwards). -  E250  SODIUM NITRITE.... The most potent cancer causing agent known to mankind. -  NITRITES are also found in some hair shampoos. Washing ones hair can be equivalent in nitrite intake to eating one Kg of bacon. ( I bet that will confuse some vegetarians). Nitrites can also be found in some bottled waters.  NOBLE brand is OK. - CUDDLY....contains 44% QUATERNARY AMMONIA  compounds...ALL are TOXIC... as well as  destroying the fire retardant additives in some clothing....usually found in children's night wear. -  HAIR DRESSING  COMPOUNDS....many are very toxic...one quarter of hair dresser workers compensation claims are due to the chemicals that the put onto peoples heads. These usually cause bladder cancer, kidney disease and dermatitis....this is why you do not usually see many old hairdressers. Another editors quirk.  Grave diggers are now finding greater difficulty in re -using graves (after 25 years) because the bodies have not decomposed (as the used to), because (as they claim), the newer  residents bodies are full of preservatives. Books, pamphlets and brochures on these Additives, Flavourings, Hair Care Products, The Bathroom, Cosmetics,Safe Foods, Asthma, Cancer,and Hyperactivity ,an be purchased from Peter Taubet, from:- CompSafe Consultancy
47 Lachlan Ave, Murray Bridge
S.A.  5253
Phone 08 8531 1118
mobile  041 784 7535
Email compusafe@lm.net.au

The night finished with a demonstration of a beautifully made FLOW FORM unit in the kitchen by Daveshon, plus much socializing and the devouring of refreshments and goodies.A good time was had by all.  Many thanks to Michael and his wife for making their home available for these meetings. Also thanks to the behind the scene organizers and helpers.

Please go through your video racks and return any overdue videos....this is an honour system.Thanks. I hope that the accuracy of the statistics and spelling of some of the colours is sufficient to give you the overall picture of the talk. Please check before quoting from this report.

Peter Patterson
email   Peter@kenkranz.8k.com

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