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Peters Page March 1999

With a very good attendance, Devashon opened the March meeting on time. Michael, the treasurer reported a healthy balance and then Devashon read out the correspondence, which included a considerable list of articles: -
Exclusive Products Manual # 99 (1999)…Manatech Australia
Suppressed & Incredible Inventions cat # 10 …Logitech Archive, Ravenshoe QLD.
Acoustic Pump … NASA Tech Support Package
Booklet on "The Tesla Experiment "  -  Lightning, Earth Electrical Resonance , by YOST.
List of Second Hand and Out of Print Books, cat # 97, March 1999 - Peter Mitchell Bookseller - NSW Ph  02 47845590.
Hendershot Mystery  - New Books & Video Release .
Alternative Plans & Products …cat # 11  1999.
Briefly: Jan spoke on his article on the OFFYREYUS  WHEEL, which is on our ASTRO site under " Jan's Page ".
On a vote it was decided to purchase two new videos on the 'JOE CELL " costing $ 55.00 for the pair.
Cedric demonstrated a small SOLAR CELL MOTOR , powering it with an electric light.
Michael discussed THE JASON X PROJECTS, where children can participate, in real time, with scientists in the field; some actually in the Amazon Jungle with them, and the rest using the Internet. A new project has 10 groups of 90 primary and secondary children doing a series on tropical rain forests. ( Jason X discovered the where abouts of the sunken Titanic). Next year is a project on EXTREEMS - 1 on a space station, and 1 under the sea.

Devashon told of a new Video on Vaccination, where 6 to 8 Doctors discuss the FACTS.
Andrew had heard that Viruses have sections of unstable DNA that cause mutation and change.
Ken discussed COLLOIDAL SILVER manufacture, stating that tap water drew 1000 x the current as compared to deionised or distilled water. On the 2112 UNLIMITED Internet site, an article on this recommended using only 560 microamperes as the optimum current. Ken had purchased some "J503" constant current devices from Radio Spares and has fitted the to several colloid silver generators. The results from test in all types of water were excellent, with a nice golden colloid being produced. This indicates that the same amount of silver is being deposited ( per time ) regardless of electrode spacing or length or water conductivity (quality).  These little beasties cost about $7.00.

Percy has a viral (ECOLI) problem with his Percy. This had caused a serious problem with his kidneys, which, according to his doctor is usually only found in the opposite sex's water works. A comment from the crowd suggested that an alien might have probed him with a dirty probe. Percy stated that taking colloidal silver had no beneficial effect on this problem, as the silver does no pass through our water works, but out of the other way. ie. It is not the be-all and end-all for everything. It was suggested that the size of the colloid particles that he was taking might have made a difference.
Devashon stated that his ingestion of colloid silver caused him to crave sugar, and caused an increase in his emotion. ie. It heightened his perception of his feelings.
Ian discussed the happening that people are buying up natural land to save it from the ravages of greedy and destructive mankind…privately owned nature parks.
A comment that Beck machine usage was causing rashes under armpits, and a voice from the crowd said that this might have been caused by the body releasing toxins.
DISPOSAL LASER GOODIES going cheap from MR. BANKRUPT… next to Roccas on the PORT RD.
Uli discussed LOCAL and WESTERN AUSTRALIAN WATER. Our local water has large amounts of dissolved IRON, CHROMIUM and Total Dissolved Solids. ie. 1,200mg/Litre of chromium; 4,600mg/L of Iron and 180mg/L of sodium.  The WA water worked better in his Joe Cell.
Andrew told of a woman who ran the same water three times through one of his activator units and then drank it. This resulted in an activated bowel for the poor lady.
Roger told of a Conservation Council meeting at Rymill Park and a notice on Organic Gardening Course:  - Starting on 23rd march. Ring Peter Bennett  on  83797999.
Demonstration of "Antique High Frequency Ultra Violet Unit" by Davershon. This produced an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers and tryers. There was plenty of blue flashing light, sparks and copious amounts of ozone. There was also the story of the dog that had a very nasty wound healed by the machine, and every time his master turned the machine on again, the dog came running for some more treatment. ( this would make a good doggy X File story)

Every one had a thoroughly interesting night; with some die hards carrying on at Hungry Jacks until the wee hours of the morning.

See you all next meeting on April the 9th.


Peter Patterson
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