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Peters Page Feb 1999

The February meeting started on time with a good turnout, but as a guest speaker had not been arranged, it was decided to have a casual night, with anyone speaking on matters of interest.

After a short preamble, chaired by Davershon, we were all invited outside to observe the operation of  two clay water energizer gismos that he (Davershon) had skillfully constructed. He explained  that their action of swirling the water in a turbulent figure of eight manner mimicked a tumbling mountain stream and thus activated the water.

The light started to fade and we went back inside to be entertained by Uli with many very loud  bangs from Perc's " Joe Cell  ". After a short period of activation, the froth that started to emanate from the top was lit.This was lit either at the top of the cell, or on the end of Uli's finger, which you would  have thought should have been blown off  by the ferocity of the explosions.The peculiar magnetization of the cell's side, at water level, was demonstrated with a small magnet on a ribbon, that stuck to the previously non magnetic stainless steel side, after a period of operation. Later on, after much interesting discussion, the cell was brought out to the front where  ----------  measured the field around the cell.

Andrew and Marko (?) also discussed their experiences with fields associated with their energized waters.

A talk was then given by --------(the rocket muffler man) on the characteristics of an egg, particularly it's shape, which causes their internal contents to slowly swirl around, thus keeping it from going rotten, (for quite a longer time than expected). It was theorized that the shape of the egg drew in forces that caused these happenings. Similarly, urn shaped containers, as used in ancient times,  were thought to keep their contents fresher through the same process. Energized water stored in these  egg shaped containers did not de energize, but in fact slightly increased in energy.

Peter, who has taken over the running of the video library (from Ken), asked that any overdue videos be returned. Some new videos have been added, two on the Australian banking system, one on black aircraft, and one on Ebola (from Ken), which was partly viewed at the end of the meeting, to highlight some interesting attitudes of the United Nations medical team, when the local doctors discovered a cure and saved one of their nurses.

Meeting ended with many stating that it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.



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