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Dec 2001  Newsletter


Keen members crowd around Cedrics motor.

Note: Joe cell water charging unit in foreground.

Ken describes his stepper motor drive.

Roger with his amazing ballbearing motor. This motor is simply a shaft through two bearings. The motor will run in whatever direction it is spun to start. The power supply is a 12 volt car battery.

This image shows part of one of Rogers high voltage flying machines.

Jans amazing rings and roller demo.

Bruce explains the operation of a Joecell water charging unit. This unit has a carbon rod down the center.

 PERCE SOUTHAM     4/7/1924~19/11/2001

It is with deep regret that I inform members of ASTRO that Perce Southham passed away on Monday 19th December from a heart attack.

Percy was at Andamooka carrying a toolbox around to help a neighbour when he went down dying instantly.

Percy was a very good friend of mine, and it is with great sadness that I write this. The photo to the right was taken outside Robbies ( June 2000), the original photo includes Robbie. Please click here for the original.

Percy was never short of a smile or a good idea. Our condolences go to Shirley, his family and friends.

Note: Four ASTRO members attended Percy's funeral at Andamooka and placed a wreath on his coffin........Ken

I did not know Perce as well as some members of the ASTRO group but I first went to meet him after someone else gave me his contact number regarding hydrogen production. As soon as I met Perce it was evident that he was into much more than hydrogen, with magnets, colloidal silver generators, Lakhovsky oscillator, biodiesel, Joe cell, Pantone's GEET being just a few. I remember that Perce was very happy that there was a group of people in Adelaide who he could talk to about all this weird stuff!

Perce was a regular at ASTRO meetings and often presented projects that he was working on while always looking to "build a better mousetrap". A small group from the meetings used to go back to Perce's house afterwards and discuss ASTRO things until early in the morning. He was a prolific builder of equipment with his work always of high quality. This was rewarded with a place in last years inventors competition for his biodiesel producing keg. Perce used to use the biodiesel to get him and his wife up and back to Andamooka where they spent quite a bit of their time amongst the opals.

Perce was an extremely knowledgable person with a vast range of experiences behind him. He was an inspiration to many in ASTRO as he led by example with all of his projects. I am sure he will be sadly missed by many within the group.

Our condolances go to his wife Shirley. ........Bruce


The first meeting of the technical group was held on Friday 24th of November at a hall in Parkholme. The meeting started a bit late with a few opening words by our chairman Robert. I then followed with a few ideas on what this group is about and a possible scenario for running the meetings. There was a good rollup of people with I think 22 people attending. There were a few new faces and quite a bit of hardware. Athol collected $2 from everyone to cover the cost of the hall.

The meeting proceeded with the following hardware being presented (as far as I can remember!)

Cedric: innovative solar powered motor
Ken: car alternator stepper motors
Bruce: Joe cell water charger
Lionel: presented a video on the Queensland overunity generator
Jan: novel drive using two rings and a pipe plus an article on a perpetual motion scooter
Roger: ball bearing motor and high voltage "lifter"
Ken: pulse jet engine
Brian: spoke on his Adams motor experiments

Sorry if I have missed anyone out but this is all from memory. There was also much swapping of information and contacts after the meeting. From the feedback, the meeting was definitely classed as a success and was exactly what the aim of the ASTRO group was when it was first started many years ago. There will be no December technical group meeting due to Christmas, etc but there will be another one on Friday January 25th 2002. Bring along your experiments/information and something to share for supper. ..............Bruce

Letters to ASTRO

From: "Andrew Parry" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Paradigm Energy web site
Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2001 10:22 AM

Dear Ken / Athol

Following is a link to my web site which I have just launched and which I thought might interest you and other members of Astro around Australia. I would be grateful if you would pass it on to anyone who may be interested or if you are able to put a link in your site, that would be great.

I look forward to talking to you more about this.

Kind regards

Andrew Parry

From : Geoff Egel <>

To :
Subject : Percy's Death
Date : Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:08:26 +1030


I am saddened to hear of the death of Percy. I only met him the once and was impressed by his abilities and his openness. I am sure he still had a lot to offer, he will be missed greatly. Please pass on my sympathy to his family and friends.


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