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October 2000   Newsletter
Congratulations to Ashley and Karen on the birth of there son, James Ashley, at 5.23pm on Wed 20th of September!

Members Report - DINO

Dino has been involved with ASTRO right from its beginning, in fact he was one of the members who attended the inaugural meeting in November 1992. Over the last eight years he has dabbled in many experiments which have included the effects of magnetism and electrical frequencies on humans, the hydrogen cell, the Joe cell, vortex flowforms, membrane testing and producing negatively charged water for improved health. Probably due to Dino's "earlier life" as a high school maths and physics teacher, he always has multitudes of meters and gadgets around to measure and verify his experiments in a logical and provable way, something that is lacking in many other ASTRO experimenter's work. Dino gets most of his information from the Internet, the ASTRO group and friends.

Another aspect of Dino's involvement with the group is his willingness to share the information he gains from his experiments with reports and sometimes demonstrations at meetings. I remember at one of the early meetings, he gave a demonstration of the effects of high powered rare earth magnets on the human body by laying on the floor with strategically placed magnets on his own body. This was closely followed by a demonstration of how far apart these magnets could be placed before they would be attracted to each other. They did attract from a great distance and resulted in the destruction of two magnets, the only problem was they were my magnets!

Dino's latest series of experiments over the last twelve months have also involved using himself as a human guinea pig. He has been producing negatively charged water for health benefits. The principle is to make your system alkaline (ideally a pH of 6.4) which is checked by testing your urine, a task that Dino has been faithfully doing for the last three months. Another test that he does is with a REDOX meter, which in layman's terms is a measure of the charge on the water with a more negative charge (ideally -50 to -110) being what is aimed for.

However what comes out to be tested is directly related to what goes into the body. This is where countless hours of testing different foods and water has been done with the result being a direct correlation to what health food people and our mothers have been telling us for years, eat your fruit and veggies! Basically most junk food and pollution comes out measuring positive with a REDOX meter while fresh fruit and veggies read more negative. "Fresh" is another important aspect as Dino has found that orange juice made with an orange picked and squeezed straight away has a pH of 4 and a REDOX reading of -73. One glass of this juice at night took Dino's morning urine test from his average 5.6 up to 6.8 which has been the largest change he has experienced.  However the REDOX reading became more positive each day that the fruit was left before making the juice, thus giving less benefit to the body.

Apart from conventional food, the two other things that have provided the best result for producing negative REDOX values have been Kambucha mushroom and water from an ioniser machine that Dino has imported. He found that the REDOX value of the Kambucha was dependent on the number of days it had been brewing and so was a bit inconsistent while the ioniser produced negative water but used a lot of electricity to make it and the taste left a lot to be desired. So Dino decided to develop a process to make his own negatively charged water that is palatable. (See picture above) That would be a first, something that is good for you that tastes good! He is still working on it but has consistently made pH 9 water at a REDOX of -100 that tastes OK, to my insensitive palette anyway.

Dino's Water Urn.

Dino's Colloidal Silver Production Unit.

As an offshoot from his other water experimenting, Dino has also been making colloidal silver. He has tried various types of water including rainwater, double reverse osmosis water and condensed steam. (See picture) Dino uses a meter to measure the particle size of the silver, which he limits to 12 ppm using a current of 0.1ma.

In conclusion, I think that Dino is a really good example for other ASTRO members in that some of his "mad professor" ideas are really out there but he backs them up with experimentation, measurements, logging of results and sharing of information with the rest of the group.
Well done Dino.

Wanted….ASTRO Experimenters!

The first ASTRO group was set up in Sydney to develop a vehicle that could run on water. Since then groups have formed in Byron Bay, Melbourne, Brisbane and of course ours here in Adelaide. Judging from conversations I have had with people, there are some who do not know what ASTRO actually stands for, so read on and you will find out…….Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation. These groups were set up to provide a focal point for experimenters to share information and resources, particularly in the area of free energy, magnet motors, hydrogen cars, etc, something which had not been catered for in any other groups until then. I feel that our meetings have developed into more of a general "New Age" type of  thing, unfortunately losing some of the uniqueness that was once associated with ASTRO.

There are a few members who report at meetings on their projects (usually the same ones), but there is a lot more action going on behind the scenes which does not get mentioned. Some people are reticent to come forward because their experiments do not work………..yet! To get something working is the major objective, but the journey there is equally important. After all, if nobody tries to get something to work there is no way it is going to happen by itself.

As Ken announced at a recent meeting, I have decided to get back into some more serious contributions to the newsletter in the form of reports on members activities. Apart from the above reasons, my main aim in doing this is to create enthusiasm in other members to either do more experimenting themselves or maybe assist those who already have projects underway. This could be in the form of labour, materials or information, but it is up to the experimenters to let others know what they are doing before assistance can be given. This is where I can help with a write-up on your activities, so if you want your experiments recorded for posterity, contact me…….if not I will seek you out !!!

Error in Fuel Saver Part 2

In the "Fuel Saver Part 2" article in last month's newsletter, I stated that Nu-Tech were selling the electronic control box for $265. This price is incorrect and is actually $225.

Simple Test Procedure for Alcohol in Fuel.

The test process is as follows:

1.Pour a measured amount of fuel into a graduated jar (100ml is fine).

2.Add 10 ml of water to the fuel in the jar and note or mark the level of the water which settles to the bottom of the jar.

3.Shake the jar vigorously for about 30 seconds and then set the jar down and let it settle completely.

After settling, note whether the level of water visible in the jar has decreased or whether it has disappeared completely.

If there is no water visible in the bottom of the jar then that would indicate that there was at least 10% alcohol in the fuel (assuming that you used 100 ml. of fuel and 10 ml of water). If only half of the water remains then you have approximately 5% of alcohol in your fuel.

This test is fool proof test for detecting alcohol, but should not be relied on to determine the exact amount of any alcohol present.

In 1870 Jules Verne Wrote

Water decomposed into it's primitive elements... and decomposed doubtless by electricity, which will then have become a powerful and manageable force... I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an unexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable. Some day the coalrooms of steamers and tenders of locomotives will, instead of coal, be stored with these two condensed gases, which will burn in the furnaces with enormous calorific power... I believe, then, that when the deposits of coal are exhausted, we shall heat and warm ourselves with water. Water will be the coal of the future."

'The Mysterious Island' (1870)

Note: The space shuttle uses liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as fuel in its main engines.

Wellcome to our readers over at Coleambally and all the new Joe Cell researchers.


Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING  September the 8
th 2000

Rodger…opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He accepted apologies from Percy, Athol and Michael. The previous meeting's minutes were moved by PeterP , seconded by KenK and carried. General business was closed at 8.10pm.

Rodger…then opened the meeting up to discussion.

Piero…briefly spoke on a QLD mandate move to remove the GST. It was on a Webb site at

Rodger…led a short discussion on GM foods objections and "Oil Pricing". This led to a discussion on the "Parry" battery car and why it never ended up in production. It was another typical case where the money movers had covered up a real energy saver to the detriment of all. So much for the greenhouse gas / ozone layer so called problems.

Voice …told of a commuter car in Paris that ran on compressed air. It cost about $1.00 per 100 kilometres to run.

Rodger…told of an article on a car that ran on water and Peter told of the Webb site on the "Philipine water fuel cell car", where a 1996 Toyota Corolla was being very successfully driven around on water that was broken down to hydrogen via a " Stanley Meyer technique". There were video clips, circuit diagrams and explanations on how to replicate his success…all for free.

Rodger…mentioned an article (from the Advertiser) that was handed to him on the successful treatment of five liver cancers ( out of five) by electrolysis. This was carried out at the Adelaide University. It was suggested by Peter that there was a parallel between this and the Bob Beck treatment.

Vic…spoke on "Chemtrails", which lead into a short discussion on the spraying of chemical and virus laden substances, by various Government organisations around the world, (including the Australian Air Force) onto major cities and areas. This can be followed up on the webb at and doing a word search on "CHEMTRAILS". This is not pleasant reading and makes the "X Files" look limp by comparison.

Voice…remarked on a project where $57 Million was being expended on a Remote Viewing project for the Australian Military. This article came from the Advertiser newspaper.

AndrewS…spoke on an Australian Government Innovative Technology grants initiative, worth $18.2 million and to be spread out over four grants periods, up to October 2001. The first period has already started. This information is available off the Webb.

Dino…spoke on some more of his experiments with negative charged water. He said that boiled fresh fennel had a charge of -70 ma Redox reading. He also said that drinking the water from boiled vegetables was very good for your health. He introduced two young ladies from the University of South Australia who were interested in making a ten minute video of Dino at one of our ASTRO meetings. (This was put to a vote and agreed to). One of the ladies ( Anastasia) said that anyone that was presented in the video would be required to sign a release form.

Rodger…then asked Victor to introduce the Guest Speaker for the night.

Victor…gave a brief introduction of Kevin Robb, who was to talk about his encounters with UFO's in and around Adelaide and encounters which led him to become a "Healer".


Kevin Robb…UFO Experiences…mind invasions…body implants…police witness…NASA similarities…Healer

Kevin gave a quite long and detailed account of some of his UFO encounters and experiences since 1995. Before these experiences he said that he was a total disbeliever in all of this UFO stuff. I taped the interview and a copy will be placed in the ASTRO Audio Library. More information and photos on this subject can be found on the ASTRO Link to "Cosmic Connections" (below these monthly articles.)

Kevin…started his story at Waitpinga beach, a surf beach and good fishing spot south-east of Adelaide. He was with his mate doing a spot of surf fishing at around midnight. They did not have any booze with them and had just started fishing, when both of them noticed very clear bright lights doing rapid aerial manoeuvres. They watched spellbound for about an hour until Kevin shone his torch at the lights. The UFO came towards them at an incredible speed and stopped in front of them, hovering just over the water. About seven hours later, at sunrise, they came back to reality, standing on the beach, rods in their hands and great balls of seaweed on their lines.

Kevin related an amazing and sincere story of sightings and experiences over the next five years of his life. I will dot point some of the highlights for brevity.

Rodger…heartily thanked Kevin for his excellent presentation and invited everyone to supper.

Editor's note:- This fascinating and disturbingly sincere talk on UFO's and (in particular) the silver spheres,(which he described as similar to the two spheres in Adelaide's "Rundle Mall,") have triggered my overactive imagination.

What if these two silver spheres in Rundle Mall are really alien space-craft. I think that they may belong to an inter-galactic "Monty Python" type film crew. They probably have taken control of the Mall's security cameras so that they can come out at night without being seen. I think that they also (definitely) have taken control of our State and Federal Governments. They have intentionally caused the shut down of most of our Australian industries and replaced them with non tax-paying multinational companies, with subsidised labour, local taxes, power and water. They (the aliens) have continually increased our bank charges, taxes and fuel prices to almost unbearable levels. They have sold off eleven billon dollars worth of state assets to pay off a seven billion dollar debt, still leaving a three billion dollar debt. They have achieved this by mesmerising our minds with sport and crappy TV shows. The universe is watching us to see how long we remain mind-bogglingly dumb and complacent. Sort of like a universal "Survivor" series.

I will probably get committed after this little outburst, and I hope that this end-note is not perceived as belittling our Guest Speaker's integrity.

Until next ASTRO meeting on the 13th October.



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