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Sep 2000   Newsletter

Hats Off to Holden
Holden have designed and built a prototype "green" car  the ECOmmodore. The ECOmmodore is a full-sized family car. It uses a hybrid-electric power train that combines an electric motor (powered by super-capacitors and advanced lead-acid batteries) with a four-cylinder aluminium alloy petrol engine. The car delivers the same level of performance as a standard 3.8 litre V6. The car is for research and is not for sale.
It's great to see technological innovation like this in our own backyard ....Ken Kranz

Improving Fuel Economy  (Part 2)

Last month I gave an overall view of the system that I have devised and tested on my vehicle. This month I will present the electronics so that anyone who feels the urge to try it can give it a go. I suggest that it may be a little difficult for novice electronic circuit builders but more experienced constructors should not have a problem with it. Another alternative is to buy the control box from Ian Hacon at Nu-Tech for around $265.

The circuit shown on the next page was designed back in the early nineties so component choices and circuit designs have moved on since then, so don't be too hard on criticism of the design. It has proved to be a very reliable and robust circuit having now been in service without fail for many years.

The circuit runs directly off the vehicle's 12 volt supply, with a 7805 regulator (U1) which provides 5 volts for the MAP sensor. This sensor which is used in Commodores has a voltage output proportional to the vacuum applied to it. This voltage is fed to pin 5 on the LM3914 which is a ten output bargraph driver. In other words if a voltage is fed into it, the outputs, if fed to a row of ten LEDS, will light a number of them up proportional to how high the input voltage is. In this case, the amount of vacuum on the MAP sensor determines the voltage level into the LM3914 and thus the number of outputs that will turn on. (pins 1 & 10 to 18) The output from pin 1 operates the optocoupler (U3) which controls the air solenoid, while the output from pin 10 operates the optocoupler (U4) which controls the fuel solenoid. The range of operation where each optocoupler switches on/off can be extended by adding more diodes to the other 8 outputs of the LM3914. This is the basic circuit explained where the fuel and air solenoids are switched purely by the detection of the engine vacuum and thus whether the engine is under hard acceleration, cruising or deceleration.


To enable a seamless operation of this circuit so that the driver of the vehicle cannot detect that all this switching and solenoid operations are going on, I found that two other controls were needed. The first was an overide so that no switching would occur unless the engine revs were over 1200rpm. This basically enabled the engine to recover by turning the fuel back on automatically before it stalled  when coasting to a stop. This was done by using an LM2917 which is a frequency to voltage converter. Pulses are picked up from the points and fed to the input of the chip on pin 1. An output voltage of around 5 volts appears at pin5 at a preset rpm point, adjusted by the 500k pot connected to pin 3. This output voltage operates an optocoupler (U6)  which then switches transistors TR2 and TR3. Transistor TR1 operates the fuel solenoid and TR4 operates the air solenoid. These are "interlocked" by the way the switching voltages are interconnected so that the air and fuel solenoids are operated at the correct points. The final control is where 12 volts from the brake light circuit is fed via a IN914 diode to the input of the optocoupler (U3) so that when the brakes are applied it automatically switches the fuel solenoid back on.

Associated with the above unit is another box which sits inside the vehicle and contains four LEDS that display the operating state of the control box. It shows that the 12 volt power is connected, whether the fuel solenoid is on or off, whether the air solenoid is on or off and finally if the rpm limit has been reached to operate or overide the system. The circuit for this box is very simple and is as follows. This display unit is fed directly from the control unit via a multicore cable. This feeds +12 volts, negative (earth), switching voltages for the fuel solenoid, air solenoid and the rpm detect. Each circuit is fed through a 562 ohm resistor to limit the current flowing through each LED.

"Now that the group has a digital camera, I have decided to extend this article one more month and so will include photos of the car next time along with some tips and warnings on how to get the most fuel savings from this device. I will also update another modification I have recently done.         ......................Bruce"

From the Australian Financial Review Tuesday 8 August 2000

And the banks 'created' debt

First you must understand that banks don't lend out depositors' money. They only lend out "created" money, or book-entry money, against good solid collateral, such as land, houses, etc, for which you pay exorbitant rates of interest.

This has been going on since Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he tried to change this fraudulent system. Even this wasn't as bad as you didn't have to borrow money unless you wanted to.

But since 1970, after Nixon took us all off the Gold Standard, the Federal Reserve Bank (which is a privately owned bank) has been lending huge quantities of "credit" money to countries using the IMF etc, by getting economically illiterate politicians to borrow from them, using the resources of the country as collateral.

The economically Illiterate politicians borrow so much of this "easy money", that the country simply cannot tax its citizens enough to pay even the interest, much less the principal; hence the bank does what is termed a debt-for-equity swap, and thereby gains control of the best resources of the country. This has broken rich countries, such as Argentina, for example.

Most countries are in the same trouble, and now Australia has been forced to introduce the GST in order to extract enough money from its citizens to attempt to pay the interest on its huge debt. 

Per capita Australia's debt is one of the largest in the "free" world and growing by millions each day due to our shortfall in interest payments.

In my humble opinion, I believe Australia will simply grow poorer and poorer as time goes on. We've lost a large portion of our manufacturing industries and countless other resources to privatisation, which means economically illiterate politicians have traded debt for equity, and we are the poorer.

There is only one cause for inflation, and that is the banks "creating" money.  Just learn your history. when the Spanish looted gold from the Americas taking it back to Spain, it caused extreme inflation because they were, in effect, "creating" money.

When Germany tried to borrow money in excess of their resources by "creating" it, they had wild, uncontrollable inflation in 1923.

At the rate we're going, the banks will soon own almost the whole world, and it's cost them virtually nothing. While our money will become worthless from inflation, and we ordinary citizens are forced to pay interest on money borrowed by the economically illiterate politicians, these very same politicians, even after retiring, will continue to live even better than kings used to!

I would invite anyone to prove that any of my above statements are wrong!

Ron Eykamp,
Quirindi, NSW.


From the Jeff Rense Web Site

Ordinary Air Fuels Futuristic New Engine

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - A revolutionary engine has been created that can produce power by absorbing heat from atmospheric air. The engine, patented by Entropy Systems Inc., is designed to run cars, boats, lawnmowers and generators.

Tests on developmental prototypes were conducted last year at Youngstown State University, Purdue University and Pennsylvania State University. The units apparently work off outside air even at subzero temperatures.

More than $3.4 million and seven years of research have been invested by Entropy Systems to develop the engines, called Room Temperature Superconductors.

Inventor Sanjay Amin works on prototype entropy engine. August 1999. (Photos courtesy Entropy Systems, Inc.)

Conventional fossil fuels or nuclear power are not necessary to run these engines. They do not need cryogenic liquids or any fuel storage systems, nor do they operate using solar, wind or geothermal power.

Inventor Sanjay Amin says there are no emissions of carbon or other greenhouse gases such as those produced by conventional engines which run by burning oil or gas.

Conventional engines convert high temperature heat to power, usually by burning fossil fuels. The Entropy Systems engine takes room temperature air, absorbs heat from the air like a sponge, converts that heat to power and exhausts air at a lower temperature.

This low temperature exhaust can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning, allowing the unit to function as both an engine and a refrigerator.

The new technology enables a difference in acceleration to transfer heat. The operation of the cycle creates a temperature difference.

The Entropy engine consists of an enclosure filled with a gas like air, called the "working medium," Amin explains. This enclosure has blades inside to rotate the gas. On one end of the enclosure is a piston that can compress the gas inside the enclosure.

The following four steps are followed to complete the absorption of heat and its conversion to power. These steps together are called the Amin Cycle.

1. The gas inside the enclosure is first rotated to a higher speed while keeping its volume constant. 2. The gas inside the enclosure is then compressed by a piston while the speed of rotation is kept constant. 3. The speed of rotation of the gas inside the enclosure is reduced while keeping its volume constant. 4. The gas inside the enclosure is now expanded while the lower speed of rotation is kept constant.

Room Temperature Superconductor engines work by repeating this cycle again and again.

Entropy Systems engine An electric generator coupled to this engine generates electricity. The engine can run all year in a variety of weather conditions. It has a estimated efficiency that is higher than any conventional engine, refrigerator or fuel cell.

Patents on the technology have been approved by the United States, Australia and the European Union.

Three major corporations from Germany, Russia and Japan, unidentified by Entropy Systems, have shown interest in commercializing the Entropy engine technology.

Ford Motor Company has evaluated the Entropy engine technology. Their internal report shared with Entropy Systems in December 1999 indicates that the theory on which the technology is based is correct, but it does not have commercial applications in the near future. The "parasitic friction losses are too great for near term commercial applications," the Ford report said.

Full technical details are available online at:

Peter's Page
th 2000

Rodger…opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He said that we would have the guest speaker before the general meeting, after minutes.

Athol…went through the formalities of the minutes, with the following items being of general interest.
Membership fees are due next meeting.

General………$15.00 pa
Concession…..$10.00 pa
Door Fee……..$ 3.00 per meeting

Members were advised that name tags would be issued at the door and handed back in at 11.30pm

Robert N…Introduced the Guest speaker, Mr. Peter Allen, who was to talk on two subjects. CMO or (Cetyl Myristoleate) An Arthritis cure. Face Reading…The Forgotten Art of Instant Character Analysis.

Peter gave a brief history on CMO Cetyl Myristoleate, also known as CM or CMO, was discovered by Harry W. Diehl, about twenty years ago, working alone in his home lab. Diehl took a fatty acid, myristoleic acid, and combined it with a fatty alcohol molecule, cetylalcohol, creating an ester of that fatty acid called cetyl myristoleate. He discovered that it was the presence of this compound in swiss albino mice that prevented them from developing joint problems. Diehl's laboratory experiments on CM were published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in March, 1994.

Peter said that he is to handle CMO in South Australia. A course of 120 capsules, taken three to four a day, is usually sufficient. The cost is $200.00. CMO is also said to be effective on other inflammatory diseases such as Lupus and other diseases such as diabetes. It is also found in butter and Ghee in small quantities.

Robert N…asked as to the effects on animals. Peter said that it had never failed; that there was a book to be released soon on it; that there were no side effects; it can’t be patented as it’s a natural product; that there are a number of synthetic versions on the market, but not as good as the original and that the early form was indigestible.

Editor’s note:- There is a huge amount of information on “ CMO “ on the Internet, and much of it is contradictory. Just type in CMO on any search engine and settle back for a read.

PETER ALLEN’s second speaking topic “ THE HIDDEN ART of INSTANT CHARACTER ANALYSIS “ Peter held up a copy of his book titled “ FACE READING” and indicated that he had copies for sale at $20.00 each Peter Allen gave a very professional and interesting discussion on face reading, even with a demonstration of an analysis of Victor who bravely volunteered to come out to the front and be analysed. As a summary of Peter Allen’s talk, which was complex andwith quite a few diagrams, I will quote the first three introductory paragraphs from his excellent and most fascinating book.
You can learn to make accurate and instantaneous judgements about people on sight. Whether for more success in business, or to better understand your friends, family or other associates, it doesn’t matter. The techniques are straightforward. When a person unknown to you walks through a door, by the time he or she has sat down you can have made ten, twenty or even thirty judgements about his or her character which in time will prove to have been absolutely correct.
This book is designed to offer anybody with an inquiring mind a good background to the skills in making sound, unemotional character judgements on sight, and to provide a reference to use in continuing practice.
The art of character analysis is open to being learnt, just as any other skill. Character shows in the features of the face, and it can be read promptly and accurately. Having insights into your own disposition, and being able to gain instant information about other people’s, can give you power - power to negotiate, to confront and to understand.”
Copies of this book can be obtained from…Face Reading, PO Box 151, Parra Hills South Australia 5096, Australia. ISBN 0 646 13959 2

Rodger…thanked our Guest Speaker, Peter Allen for an excellent presentation.

General Discussions

Rodger…opened the general discussions session and spoke briefly on a new type of insulation called “ASTRO FOIL”, with a bit of humour as it had the ASTRO prefix.
It, however, seems to be a new and advanced material. It can be accessed on the Webb at has all the specifications.

Rodger.…also spoke on a genetically modified algae that has gotten loose in America. It grows up to ten foot ( 3 metres) and is smothering and killing everything that it comes in contact with. (sounds like “The Blobb”) The full text can be found on word search at He also spoke briefly on a Hilde Hemmes article titled “ Is Genetic Engineering Safe”.

Andrew S…gave us an update on his “EKOVORTEK” progress. The fifth shipment has just left for Singapore, one to a water well in East Timor, one Airmail to Germany. United water is testing a unit out, and the aquaculture place has never seen the water so clear.

Ken…spoke briefly on the ASTRO Webb page photo album and taking digital photos of projects etc.

Davashoen…Had recently spoken to Chris Illert relating to the physics of “Stargate”, plus a video on “ Cold Fusion”. He also mentioned the following points :- articles on vortexes by Karl Kraft; the “Hollow Earth Theory”and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all seeming to have holes at their poles, as well as Aural Flares; the “Hourglass Nebulae”, which is a Hubble photograph that looks just like an eye that is watching us; a research article by Sheldrake and additional books by Chris Illert.

Davashoen.... also stated that quite a few overdue videos had been returned to the video library.

Videos # 50, 51, 64, 93 & 109 are still missing. Please check your tapes to see whether they might be misplaced in your collection.

David…plus others spoke on “CHEMTRAILS”, where the western world governments are covertly (albeit visibly) spraying a toxic cocktail of fungus, bacteria and viral mixtures over their cities. This is really bizarre and a large amount of information can be viewed at the “” Webb site.

Dino…said that he had the answer to chemtrails. He also told how he got rid of the flu in ten minutes, by putting the finest colloidal silver solution (.005 to .008 microns, made by governing the current to 0.5mA) and a half of a teaspoon of salt into a squeeze sauce bottle and squirting the solution up his nostrils. He said that he had successfully tried this many times. He had also tried using sea-water but it did not work. He commented that he had seen an article stating that the Beck Zapper may be dangerous, as research had shown that electric currents >10mA and > 1.1 volts can actually enhance the growth of cancer cells. He will bring the article in.

Ken…spoke on his colloid making escapades. He uses 0.5mA on warm water to get a golden coloured liquid.

Uli…said that the Nokia Model 3210 Mobile phone had a new type of aerial system that transmitted out of the rear of the mobile phone, rather than into the head, as was the case with other mobiles. This made this type unit basically the safest unit to use.

John…Spoke briefly on “ The Creature From Jekyl Island” and an article from the Tuesday 8th of August Financial Review….see ”And the banks created debt” in the main ASTRO section above.

Brian…commenting on the same, suggested a reading of the history of Commonwealth Bank of Australia would enlighten one as to the financial tricks that are being played on us.

Kieth…Said that he had a week’s work for someone interested in earning some money. He also brought a little welcome humour to the meeting by showing his “Oigle -goigle-glug-glug”, a box with a hole in it, followed by his coat trick. Well done Kieth.

$ 2000.00 Cash Reward Offered
has offered $ 2000.00 to anyone (at our ASTRO group) who could demonstrate a working “JOE CELL”, Electric car, car running on water or some other “working” new energy device.

Uli and Piero…demonstrated their latest invention outside underneath the carport. It was an engine that did not cause pollution. It has a patent pending on it, and it looked pretty good. Well done Uli and Pero. The question was asked as to whether this qualified for the above award? Ask Kieth!

The next meeting is on the 8th September. Don’t forget supper and it’s due’s time.
See you there
Peter P

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