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September 2001  Newsletter

This month we shall be looking at the The Gary Effect Magnetic Motor.

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The Magnetic Power article is from THE LAND
Thurs August the 9th 2001


A Winning formula is worth sticking to as far as Andrew French, a winner in last year's The Land and GrainCorp Farm Inventor of the Year Competition, is concerned.
Mr French (pictured), of Karuah on the Central Coast, won the over $1000 category in regional judging at the Australian National Field Days at Orange.
This month he's making the trek to Ag.Quip with his portable powerhouse, the Magnetic Drive, which generates power through magnetic energy.
The Magnetic Drive is a portable unit which can pump water, compress air,and ran refrigeration and hydraulics off one 24 volt motor without bells, chains or lubricants.
The power unit is contained in a box. In it is a wheel and drive shaft driven by an electric motor, which recharges itself. The wheel has magnet on the outer rims.
As the outside wheels and driveshafts have magnets attached in a similar fashion, they "run away" from each other, and by adding weight to the outside shafts, flywheels we created.
The unit will be at site M/37
Contact (02) 4997 3452.

The above device was on display at the Gunnedah field days .
Please go to MGT

Thanks to Bruce E and Len B for helping with the above information.

For a quick laugh please go here.

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Letters to ASTRO South Australia.
Note: No email addresses will be published in the "Letters to ASTRO" unless requested............Ken


From :
Doug Fortune :
Subject : Rotary Vee engines
Date: 4th August 2001

Hi Ken:
I have an interest in Rotary Vee engines, as mentioned in your article concerning Keith . Could you please email me Keith's email (or snail address) so that we might correspond on this topic? Here is a picture of a 12 cylinder 1.75" dia
x 1.75" stroke rotary vee engine I made, which turns quite smoothly by hand.

Doug Fortune
Calgary Canada

I advised Doug that Keith had passed away, Doug emailed back his condolances. I'm certain Keith would have been pleased others have an interest in the Rotary Vee.
Ken Kranz.

 The photos to the right and above are of Doug's Rotary Vee engine.

The pistons can be seen going from top dead center to bottom dead center in a smooth flowing motion. (kind of reminds me of Keiths model).....Ken



From: "Steve Hopman"
To: <>
Subject: like your page
Date: Thursday, 16 August 2001 3:00 PM

Hi ken

I've been interested in alt fuels for some time and living in W.A have not had a lot of contact with people who have the same interest.I'm glad to see there are other people in Australia looking into this science. Love your web site , keep up the good work.
p.s looking forward to what developes with Daniel Dingle

Regards Steve

I would like to thank Duog and Steve for taking the time to write, it is much appreciated.
Mail welcome
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday Aug the 10
th 2001


The meeting started at 8.06 pm and was opened with a welcome to all by Robert.
The previous meeting's AGM minutes were read and accepted. They were moved by Peter and seconded by Davershaun. The treasurer's report was accepted and video #109 was reported as still missing. The June minutes were moved by Peter and Ken and then accepted. The meeting closed at 8.10pm and was handed over to general business.

GENERAL MEETING No guest speaker

As there was no guest speaker organised for the night, the floor was opened up to members and guests to discuss anything that they thought might be of interest. Here is a brief report on two and a half-hours of absolutely fascinating topics.
Dino…spoke on the medical and healing properties of honey. It disinfects by releasing Hydrogen Peroxide into the applied area. It should be diluted 50:1 with water ( for top grade natural honey), otherwise 20:1. It was pointed out that if honey is heated over 38 degrees Centigrade, it is medically useless.
RobertN…spoke very scathingly about current affairs programs, saying that they seem to be driven by sceptics and that if you take anything new to them, it more than likely would be canned.
Ash…mentioned the canned "RIFE" machine. (editor's note…I am absolutely convinced that the answers to mad-cow, foot & mouth, AIDS etc. lay within this buried technology, but vested interests don't make money out of healthy anything).
Uli…mentioned a meeting in Portugal of the " Bilderberg Group".
Ash…mentioned an article in the current Nexus Magazine on a D. Lee electrical generator investment prospect, saying that it was suspicious.
Peter…mentioned that he had long pondered on the instability problems of the "JOE"cell. He related that a possible answer had come to him whilst listening to an audiotape on "APOLLO Liquid Oxygen Super-concentrate", where it was stated that up to 340,000 volumes of oxygen are concentrated into one volume of water. This is against the normal 20 volumes as science generally dictates. This is achieved through electrolysis, where the negative arm produces hydrogen gas, leaving a very oxygen rich mix of water. Conversely, at the positive arm (electrode), oxygen is produced, leaving a very hydrogen rich water mix. In the accepted Joe cell process of making activated water, both hydrogen and oxygen rich solutions are mixed together. Now let us suppose that, as displayed in "Annie Besant's and C.W.Leadbeater's Occult Chemistry book"(see Newsletters, Peter's Page Feb 2000 ) the hydrogen rich water and the oxygen rich water each have opposing ANU whorl preponderances. That is, they are both basically opposite in their polarity ability to absorb or pump out energy (Orgone if you wish). Peter suggested that in the Joe cell this would cause inefficiency and instability.
Peter then played a short video clip from "The Planets" series on the Sun, to show the sun breathing in and out in six-minute cycles. He suggested that the sun pumped out a polarised energy (orgone, etheric, Ying / Yang or what ever you wish to call it), alternating from positive to negative every six minutes. He suggested that the hydrogen or oxygen rich waters perhaps should be in their own "JOE" cells and that they should be operated in a "push - pull" configuration to achieve a stable energy output.
Uli…showed a spinning magnetic fuel saver for trucks. He said that it saved an average of $400.00 per week on fuel. He also spoke on gas supplementation for trucks, stating that a professor from the Adelaide University had verified "dyno" tests on a 7.5L Hino truck, using 20% diesel, 80% gas and achieving 40% more power, with the engine running cleaner and smoother. This generated quite a bit of further discussion.
AndrewS…said that he had had his "Ecovortek" water conditioner on test with the Government. It had achieved less than 10cpm Legionella counts. He was happy that accredited testing had at last proven the working of his invention. Andrew said that there was typically a half of a volt drop to earth in a flowing unit. (editor's note. Does this also relate to the electrical charge held in colloidal solutions, energised weak saline solutions and the "Beck" electrification of blood, abilities to kill off unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi. That is 0.5 of a volt at 0.1 of a milliamp. ).
Ash…displayed some magnetic rings that he claimed, after three weeks of wearing, had given him, lucid dreams.
Elizabeth…wants Ash to make two sets of rings to try them out.
Pero…spoke on different effects of magnets and a book called "Biologic". A discussion relating to what really was a North or South Pole ensued. He said to see for more information.
RobertN…said that magnets can do you damage.
Dino…warned not to put them near your "chacara" points.
Percy…said that he had hundreds of magnets around his home and that they had not hurt him.
Cecilia…spoke about two scientists (on a TV show) that had invented a solar water purifier.
RobertN…started discussions on the need for ample sunlight for mental stability. This led to sunglasses reducing Vitamin A production (Pero), discussions on diets high in hydrogenated oil being bad for you, vaccinations, and class actions against mercury amalgam fillings.
Dino…said that there was a new type of calcium filling being released onto the market, called "Diamond Light". It is supposed to be stronger than amalgam or gold.
RobertN…spoke on Andi Barrie and "Bicom" machines. He said that there were various types being used. He mentioned a "SKASYS" machine that used a mobius loop, which went around the body, using audio frequencies in line with "Shari Edwards" teachings, but the sound waves were converted into scalar waves and hooked into the mobius loop for therapy. This is called "Bio-Scalar Energy" , as outlined by Dr Valerie Hunt.
Vic…gave a short talk, with whiteboard drawings, on caduceus coils, explaining how they cancel out magnetic fields, and can open up dimensional doors.
Devashaun…talked, with the aid of diagrams, on "Smith" coils. They also cancel out electromagnetic fields. They apparently can have "ANU" positive and negative like actions.
Dino…mentioned psychic surgery, quoting "Arigio, Surgeon with the rusty knife".
Ken…reminded everyone about the December ASTRO INVENTION AWARDS, and suggested that we all get moving on our projects. He also suggested the possibility of a "Keith Crittendon Award" in memory of our recently passed on ASTRO friend and inventor extraordinaire.

Please remember…Membership Fees are now due.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm and everyone was invited to supper.

See you at the next meeting. 8th August

Until next time,


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