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Aug 2001  Newsletter

This month we shall be looking at the The Gary Effect Magnetic Motor.

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Letters to ASTRO South Australia.
Note: No email addresses will be published in the "Letters to ASTRO" unless requested............Ken


From: "joumani driss"
Subject: About perpetual motion machines (PMM)
Date: Wednesday, 11 July 2001 6:48 AM
To: Mr Ken Kranz

I hope that my elementary English will translate
exactly what I want to explain as the frensh writing
in the second part of this send
I think that any person intervening in a discution
about " free energy " or " over unit " systems
believes that such systems are possible, in spite of
their apparent contradiction in the thermodynamics
principles; therefore in the phisical laws.
I think that his intervention can only bring
something new to the discussion ,otherwise ,in the
contrary case, he can only say that "It Is impossible"
closing so any discussion
If we analyze the " HEAT PUMPS " system with the 19th
century scientist spirit we can conclude that the
thermodynamical principles are violated because
a) the temperature is transferred from the
coldestbody to the hottest body
b)the energy output is very supperior to " 1 "
However we know that any scientist cannot doubt
these principles but could doubt his interpretation of
the data or the observed results
It is this observed results interpretation kind
during the " HEAT PUMP " system operation which could
enable us to think that this transfer of existing
calorific energies in nature could be taken as working
bases to find a solution for the TRANSFER,not
creation, of mecanical energy from the available
elements in nature.
And those are these interpretations kind which
allowed the creation of the " HEAT PUMPS " or
renewable energies systems creation, of which
hydroelectrical energy,and which could allow us the "
perpetual motion machines" system realization
The analysis of the "Perpetual Motion machines" based
on the traditional mechanics combining the
gravitational efforts and the hydraulic pressures
whose a model is presented in the site

allows the following remarks
the majoritie of the " Perpetual Motion Machines
Systems " " P.M.M.S " consist of a lot of specific
elements connected to each other and controlling the
equilibrium masses displacement on a perpendicular
supports ,maintained in a vertical plane and being
able to turn around a horizontal axis which
wewillindicate by (O)
B)Principle of Operation (Process )
It is based on the principle of maintaining the
gravity centre " G C " of the whole of the elements in
an excentric position (m) compared to the rotational
centre (O)
If we consider a perpendicular repere with the "
rotational centre " ( O ) as origin;the " G C " or (m)
position on the axis " Y'Y " and " X'X " would be
( Y =0) and ( X = a ) ( a <> 0) ((<> = different )
the weight of all components or the resultant of the
acting forces is (P). (P > 0 ) creates with ( a ) a
turning forces (C) such as C = Pa
As long as (P) and (a) ( <> 0)the turning force is
acting and the partial angular displacement existing.
This partial displacement brings the " G C "in its
stability position ( X= 0 and Y = -a )
In this position, the specific elements of the
system create the forces which control the equilibrium
masses displacement in order to locate the (G C) at
the point (m )( Y =0 ;X=+ a ) starting a new cycle,
turning force and partial displacement .
It is interressant to announce that (Y) is always
inferior or equal to (0) it cannot be > 0 because "
that it would be the case of contradiction
withthephysical laws "
C) Observations The analysis of these systems
reveals the followingremarks
C1)Principle of operation: ( Process )
The principle of operation is logical and I think
that any person having a practical spirit would
imagine or imagined already such systems that it
rejected while advancing in the age and the
comprehension of the physical laws ,or at least would
understand easely the operation of such systems
C2)Operating possibility
The mathematical examination shows that :
generated forces and equilibrium masses could be
The result is ( m ) will be in the centre ( O ) ( X
= 0 and Y=0)(C= Pa = 0 )
C2b) Differents After the first partial displacement
the system will
be immobilized in its stability position (X = 0 and Y=
-a ) D)Conclusion
in spite of these results which show their
failure ; such systems are not to be unaware of
It could miss to them only to take some supplement of
menagement to achieve the pursued goal: unbalance the
system by positioning its( CG )on the
axis(XX')andtohave (a <>0)
One of these menagement,simple in principle
andexecussion ,allows to obtain
1) a turning force of which the mathematicalequation
is under the form
C =(A+B/K)d² 2)the global weight ( P = f(R ))
( R ) =the system ray
(A and B) are relative to dimensions and number
ofspecific elements
( K )is the ratio R/L ( L)the element lenght
( d ) relative displacement of generated forces
( E ) element width or system width For a system with
following dimensions
R = 1 m ; L = 0,2 m ;d = 0,15 m ; E = 0,2m ;
Approximately the weight will be ( 200 Kg ) and
theturning force about(10 Kgm )
( C ) being g(R²) and ( P = f(R) ) If R = X
m(P=200X Kg and C= 10 X²Kgm )
These results were calculated in conformity with the
more elementary physical laws whose can't be
misinterpreted or used wrong to give error or aparadox
The power that a such system could generate, forthe
time, have not been determined, since it depends on
the rotational speed ,which it self ,is dependant to
the "answer time" of "specific element " and
massesdisplacement speed
To obtain this goal,I am looking for firms or
organisms that might be interested in collaboration to
bring to light and produce this non polluting and low
price energy, because it will require no
complicatednor expensive technology
Staying in your agreement for a
I hope that I have interested your scientist curiosity
I am looking for ward to hearing from you soon


The above document was also supplied in French, any member wanting the original document is welcome to contact me for a copy...........Ken

From: Mark Eliot
Subject: International TV Special
Date: Sunday, 15 July 2001 4:00 PM

Hi Ken,

I'm producing a TV Special on 'The History of Perpetual Motion and The Modern Day Quest for "Free Energy"....'

This is partly sponsored by the Australian Government through the AFC and will be seen over here on ABC. Internationally it will be broadcast on The Discovery Channel.

Can you guys help ?

I have been in touch with Geoff Egell but although the second half of the program deals with 'Free Energy' (where Geoff has been most helpful) the first half is dedicated to Perpetual Motion of the 'Bessler' sort (mechanical). AND I am finding it hard to get into contact with people still working on those kind of principles. I mean the truly obsessed inventor who, most likely, has a backyard shed full of magnets, springs,
weights etc. Not only in Australia but all over the world.
I work out of Melbourne, but at the beginning of August I set off on a world wide research journey. I think I have enough modern day inventors of free/new/alternative/zero point energy to visit, but real perpetual motionists seem a little thin on the ground.
If you or any of your members can help that would be just great.
Also if you feel a spokesperson for ASTRO could add anything of interest to such a program please let me know.
Thanks for your help.

Mark Eliot

I would like to thank all the letter writers for taking the time to write, it is much appreciated.
Mail welcome
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday July the 13
th 2001

ASTRO MEETING 13th July 2001 and Annual General Meeting

The meeting started at 8.00 pm and was opened with a welcome to all by Ken.
There was an apology from Brian D.
The previous meeting's minutes were read and accepted. The treasurer's report was accepted and the meeting was handed over to Robert N for elections.
Business closed at 8.15pm and the new Chairman Robert N. opened the general meeting by asking Ken to introduce the two Guest Speakers, Malcolm Bare and Geof Egel.

Malcolm Bare from Bare Technology Webb Site

Malcolm gave an excellent talk, with demonstration models on his "Six - Stroke" head design adaptation for four stroke engines. Malcolm said that he had been working on and perfecting his design for twenty years. He has his proto-type # 5 on a Ducatti motorbike, which has been tested on a fan type dynameter (rolling road resistive tester). Malcolm said that, using 100cc of fuel @ 2000 rpm, his six-stroke head adaptation achieved a 35.8 % fuel improvement. At full throttle there was a 13 % improvement. This adaptation is actually more compact than the original 4 stroke and has only 15 working parts compared to 30 to 50 in a normal working head.
Malcolm was asked if he had sought assistance from the government or other institutions. He said that he had, but without success.
Editor's note…this is a typical example of outstanding Australian ingenuity and persistence totally ignored by a treasonably incompetent government and dumb bureaucracy. Please visit Malcolm's Webb site and mention it to anyone that you know who might be interested.

Ken then introduced Geof Egel who runs the Brightsparks Webb sight at

Geoff started his Brightsparks Webb site about five years ago after an interest in "Free Energy" topics of twenty years. He decided to put information out to get information back. He has six Webb sites around the world and typically gets 4 - 6000 hits a day. His best Webb strike rate was 58,000 strikes in one day on an article on "Cold Electricity". Geof said that he typically gets around 700 - 1000 Emails a week.
Geof spoke eloquently on different free energy subjects and is an experimenter himself.

Ken thanked both of the Guest speakers for their thoroughly interesting talks and opened the discussion up to ASTRO members.

Devashaun…said that he had unsuccessfully tried to get George Capp to give us a talk on Scalar Energy, but this was not possible before George moved up north.
Uli…gave a brief summary on his rotating magnet fuel enhancer device. It costs $300.00 + GST and works equally as well on diesel and petrol engines. On petrol, it apparently works better on late model fuel injected vehicles. Uli said that it basically changes the fuel to a premium level and thus burns cleaner and quicker. They achieved a 30% reduction in fuel consumption on a trip from Sydney to Melbourne (about 1000km). There is a larger unit available for 12 litre truck engines.
AndrewS…spoke on his Ekovortek water conditioning unit, saying that he had measured a 500mV consistent discharge from the unit when water was flowing through it.
Bruce…said that he needs members to contact him with their inventions so that he can do stories on them for the ASTRO Newsletter.
Rodger…said that Peter Bennett was going to do one last "Organic Gardening" series of lectures, starting on the 15th of August, (before he moves up to Queensland).
Dr Elizabeth Goldway…said that she was to hold a lecture and light lunch at the Newmarket Hotel, Port Adelaide, on the 29th of July. The title of the lecture is " Food that Kills".
Devashaun…spoke of a book by Carol Bartram, called "Setting up Water", where, in an experiment in Japan, water, in different containers was subjected to different human emotions and music. It was then frozen before being sliced and observed under a microscope. The water that was subjected to benevolent emotions produced beautiful patterns and conversely, water that was subjected to malevolent emotions produced horribly distorted patterns. Similarly, water that was alive (energised) produced crystalline patterns and that of dead water produced no patterns at all.
RobertN…said that "cold sterilisation" was the innocuous name given food that had been irradiated.

Athol…said that MEMBERSHIP FEES are NOW DUE…$ 15.00

The meeting officially closed at 9.40pm. A light supper and a good deal of socialization saw the night out until 11.30pm. A thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all.

Until Next Meeting August 10th

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