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July 2001   Newsletter


This article is based on a MWO that I built about 10 years ago. The machine seemed to be capable of doing what Lakhovsky and others have claimed it will do, but the fact that it emits such a wide range of frequencies made me decide to stop experimenting with it in favour of specific frequency machines. However as demonstrated at the last March ASTRO meeting, it is still a good toy to have some fun with creating sparks and corona discharges from normal light bulbs. If you decide to build one, be aware of the high voltages involved and don't attempt construction unless you are competent in electrical/electronic work and are aware of the safety requirements for working with electricity.


The MWO was first brought out in the early 1930's by Lakhovsky who pointed out that all cells capable of reproduction contain in their neuclei filaments of highly conductive material surrounded by an insulating medium. This filament which may be the RNA-DNA complex is always in the form of a spiral or helix, in other words, a coil. Therefore each will react as a tuned circuit if it's resonant frequency can be approximated by an external oscillating coil. This will then raise the energy level and vitality of a marginal cell to normal levels. The MWO radiates a bandwidth of frequencies from the audio range to beyond microwave frequencies. The unit that I built was tested with a spectrum analyser and was found to have an output greater than 2000MHz, the limit of the measuring instrument. Thus whatever the resonant frequency of an individual cell of the body is tuned to, there will be a matching frequency produced by the MWO. The subject being treated sits between two antennaes for a period that Lakhovsky recommende of 15 minutes every four days for four treatments. It would appear that no increase in benefit is obtained from longer treatments.

Design: The following design comes from a combination of the original Lakhovsky information, Bob Beck's (Borderland Science) modified version, and my own derivation using locally available parts. I attempted to keep the electrical parameters of my circuit close to the original, so as the original circuit used a "model T Ford" coil, I borrowed two of them to check out the frequency at which they vibrated. This turned out to be 166Hz, so that was the frequency that I set the oscillator to.

Oscillator: The oscillator consists of a 4093 Schmidt trigger configured as an oscillator, followed by a buffer to drive the BC107 transistor. The frequency is set by the combination of the 4.7uF capacitor and the 10K trimpot. I found that the frequency stability of this circuit is better than using a 555 timer. The stability is maintained by using a LM340T voltage regulator to keep the supply voltage constant.

High Voltage Circuit: The output of the oscillator is fed into a standard transistor ignition circuit which feeds a standard car coil to create a higher voltage. I decided that the easiest way of triggering the car coil was to use a standard transistor ignition circuit as this was a reasonably simple circuit, readily available and offerred excellent switching pulses to the coil, giving maximum possible output. The output of the car coil is fed into the primary side of the Tesla coil via two capacitors, each consisting of eight 0.01uF, 3KV rated capacitors connected in a series/parallel combination to achieve the required capacitance and voltage characteristics. (High voltage capacitors are pretty well impossible to obtain these days) The spark gap is made variable to enable the output voltage to be varied, the larger the gap, the higher the output volts. The secondary of the Tesla coil is connected to two antennae, one to each output lead.


Power Supply: The nominal 12 Volt supply can be provided by a conventional 240/12 Volt transformer with a diode bridge, filter capacitor and LM340T voltage regulator. The circuit needs to supply 2 Amps minimum. Another alternative is to use a 12 Volt battery and charger.

Oscillator: This can be built on a Veroboard or similar to the constructors requirements.

Transistor Ignition: This can either be built up on a Veroboard, similar to the oscillator circuit or it can be bought as a complete kit. (Jaycar, Dick Smith) The car coil can be obtained from any auto parts supplier. Use a 12 volt coil, one that is designed for use without a resistor.

Spark Gap: This was made from two 10mm bolts with the heads machined to form two round buttons rather than hexagonal heads. These were then fitted to two supports, one moveable and one fixed to obtain adjustment of the gap. (See Fig 1)

High Voltage Capacitors: These eight capacitors were arranged to obtain the required capacitance and voltage ratings. (See Fig 2)

Tesla Coil: Primary - This is wound on plastic water pipe as a former, approximately 63mm in diameter. The winding consists of 23 turns of #16 bars wire spaced out to approximately 75mm in length.

Secondary - Wound on plastic water pipe as a former, approximately 32mm in diameter. This winding consists of 106mm length of winding, tightly wound using enamel coated copper wire.

NOTE: It is imperative that the two coils are very well insulated from each other, otherwise sparks will track across between the coils and reduce the output considerably. A good method to check that this is not happening is to operate the device in the dark and check visually for any sparks or coronas. (See Fig 3)

Antennae: This is the icky bit! There are various designs available, most of which come from the work done by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. These are available from various publications put out by them. The most common design can be constructed by gluing a piece of aluminium foil on a piece of 6mm plastic sheet. (approx 300mm X 300mm) A series of circles are then scribed through the foil to the plastic backing and every other ring is removed. This should leave 16 concentric rings of aluminium, ranging in size from 12mm to 270mm. A gap is then cut in each ring - note that the gaps are alternated 180 degrees for each consecutive ring. A wire is then inserted through the centre point of the antennae and this is where the Tesla coil is connected to it. (See Fig 4) The alternative, and I feel that it would work much better, is to use copper tubes bent to form the dipoles with copper balls formed and attached to the ends of them as per the original Lakhovsky design. (See Fig 5) NOTE: The antennae must be mounted on non conductive mounting brackets.

Bruce T

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Letters to ASTRO South Australia.
Note: No email addresses or full names will be published in the "Letters to ASTRO" unless requested............Ken

From: Ray C
Subject: Energy
Date: Monday, 18 June 2001 2:36 PM

I live in San Antonio, Texas, USA and have been watching your web site for some time. Like some of your members, I have run vehicles by alternative means. I had a large motor home that I changed from 8.6 miles to the gallon to 18 miles to the gallon of gasoline. I even converted my lawn mower to operate on vaporized gasoline and increased the economy by 400 percent.

I currently have a Ford pickup and have the HYCO kit from Carburetor Research Center in Oklahoma that was on the motor home and plan to put it on the Ford as soon as I have the time. I'll keep you informed as the project transpires.

Encourage your members to talk about their experiments, even if they don't work and seem completely unusable. Place them on this web page. That way others can work on them and help them get it right. It took about 5 years before I understood vaporized fuel and now it is as clear as water, only because I listened to other people who had also experimented with it.

By the way, I see you have George Wisemans web site listed. George probably knows more about high mileage than any other experimenter in the USA. I respect his opinions because he thoroughly researches items before he will talk about them on his web site. Based on my experience, he can be trusted.

Ray C

From: chris green
Subject: Lutec
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001

HI !
Do you have any recent information on the lutec permanant magnet generator? I have been looking all over the web, and since these inventors are in your backyard, I thought I would see if Ya'll have anything?

Thanks in advance
Chris G

Chris I've found a few Lutec links for you........Ken K

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InforMagnet Inventions and Tech Links .....

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Rapture Ready.....New Power Source ......


I would like to thank all the letter writers for taking the time to write, it is much appreciated, if any person wants to contact any of the letter writers please talk to me, or send an email to
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday June the 8
th 2001

The meeting started at 8.05 pm and was opened with a welcome to all by Rodger.
There were no apologies.
Devashoen asked again that video # 109 be returned (The Secrets of Perpetual Power) and stipulated that only two videos be taken out per month. He also advised that there was a new additional page to be added to the video library list.
Athol read out the previous month's minutes. They were moved by PeterP and seconded by Cedric.
Rodger announced that the guest speaker would be on next with the General meeting afterwards. The meeting closed at 8.13pm.

Guest Speaker:- Dr. Andy Barrie PhD BSc DipBRT

BICOM therapy

Dr. Andy Barrie emigrated from England in June 1998. Born in Scotland, his early career was in research, having a first degree in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a doctorate in atomic physics from the University of Sterling.
Before retraining in complementary health, he developed instrumental techniques for environmental, nutritional and medical research. A notable success was the first automated instrument for detecting Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. He is a member of The Nutritional Society (UK) and trained in BICOMtherapy at the Institute for Bioresanance Therapy, London.
Dr Andy…explained that "Energy" had ancient and modern concepts.
Modern physics defines a field as "a force acting at a distance". (Maxwell).
PRANA and CHI = Biological Electromagnetic Fields.
The Electromagnetic Spectrum spans from Low to 10. Our senses detect from Light to Infrared. But the big question is "what do we emit ourselves?" The Popow Institute in Russia has detected emissions up to 10 power of 17, or Ultra Violet. The evidence is that we are electromagnetic beings.
Dr Andy said that although electricity in medicine was not new, today's proponents are vilified. He gave the following examples, (all of which are good references on this exciting subject). :- Robert O Becker - Showed healing on Salamanders was electrical. His books are Cross Currents and The Body Electric. Professor Valerie Hunt (Phd USA) Her book "Infinite Mind" is in the ASTRO library. Roger Coghill & Harry Oldfields (UK) have produced pictures of body auras on TV screens. Professor Cyril Smith (UK) has written the BICOM Instrument and the BICOM Electromagnetic Manual. Professor Ross Adley (USA) discovered the ADLEY WINDOW which states that "Living organisms respond best not only to a narrow band of frequencies".
Editor…there is not enough space in this column to start to do justice to the sheer amount of mind-boggling information that Andy presented to us, along with practical demonstrations. I personally believe that if our medical system ever breaks free from the pharmaceutical (drug based) stranglehold, electro based therapies will rapidly lurch to the front of medical therapies for the treatment of :- allergies & food intolerances; eczema & asthma; chronic fatigue syndrome; digestive problems (IBS & Chrone's); hormonal imbalance, PMS & menopause; Fungal, candida & thrush;, and especially pain.
Webb Sites,, book … Bio-resonance - Kieth Scott Mumby 1999. Video…Allergies & Intolerances (Foxtel)
Dr Andy Barrie, BSc PhD DipBRT, runs a Clinic called "ENERGY WAVES" at 501b Brighton Rd, Brighton, South Australia 5048, Ph/Fax (08) 8377 4099.

General Meeting 9.15pm

Athol…asked for volunteers to get together with Rodger for the new North Adelaide group.
Ken…raised the issue of an alternate venue for the ASTRO December and January meetings.
Rodger…Has been to Clarence Park Community Centre to check the facilities and said that there was a PA system, stove and would cost $25.00 per night. He said that the North Adelaide group planned to meet on the fourth Friday in the month. Rodger also mentioned the difference in subsidies( for installing energy saving Solar or Photo-voltaic alternative power sources) in South Australia and Victoria. South Australians received about half of the $1500.00 Victorian rebate.
Dino…said that there was a show on TV about the "Fitch" fuel saver device. It reported a 13% saving in fuel.
Michael…commented that water was now dearer than milk in India.
Uli…said that he had done extensive (and expensive) tests on his fuel saving device (see last month's report) saving between 10 - 20%, depending on how the car was driven.
Cedric…mentioned new motors in the latest "Nemesis" magazine.
Nina…mentioned the latest on fruit-fly spraying.
Janis…said that he had received an Email from Poland about a mechanical device that fits on the bumper bats of vehicles and stops accidents of up to 100 kilometres per hour into a brick wall, with no one hurt and no seat belts. It is said to work on UFO principles.
Ashley…had several boxes of health supplements and food to give away to anyone that wanted them. He also said that a combination of three Amino Acids, taken last thing at night was very effective in relieving joint pain.

Rodger…Thanked Dr Andy Barrie for his excellent talk and demonstrations and then invited everyone to supper.

Cheers See you at the next meeting on Friday 13th of July

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