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May 2001   Newsletter

Members Report - Andrew

Andrew has been associated with the ASTRO group almost since it’s formation after he was introduced to it by the late Judith-Anne back in the mid nineties. Being one of the more active members and a regular presenter at meetings, Andrew and his projects are well known to most people in the group. The term “thinking outside of the square” definitely applies to Andrew as some of his radical ideas have shown over the years. These ideas don’t always work, but Andrew is always willing to construct devices to test the theories and not just talk about them. This approach also finds the ideas that do work very well as has been evidenced by the ECO-VORTEC units. Andrew has worked on a lot of projects over many years with the main ones being presented below.

Gravity Wheel Mk1: This experiment is the perfect example of recycling with the main parts being assembled on an old pushbike frame, the flywheel (located on the main shaft at the rear) comes from a Mitsubishi Colt, the front plate that the weights are assembled on is a chain wheel from a Bobcat and the weights pivot on old pushbike rear wheel ratchets. The three photos show the sequence of the weights rotating and ratcheting around in an attempt to always have more downwards travelling weight further out from the rotating axle. Andrew has spent many hours playing with weights and cam designs in an attempt to get it rotating continuously. This device is in the “almost works” category but at this stage can only manage one revolution.

Gravity Wheel Mk2: This wheel followed on from the previous experiment and consists of a fixed gear wheel in the centre with three planetary gears rotating around the outside. The planetary gear assembly uses end plates cut out of old electric motors to rotate on while the gears come from a Heidelburg printing press. The idea behind this design is that unlike the previous design, there is no cam arrangement and therefore not the same friction losses as it rotates. As with the Mk1 design, it “almost works” but not quite!

Gravity Wheel Mk3: This unit has been disassembled and is hanging up in Andrews shed. It was designed to use water as the medium to shift the weight to the appropriate point to make the wheel rotate. The fact that it is now in pieces unfortunately testament to it’s effectiveness.

Steam Injection unit

Recumbent Bike


Steam Injection unit: Andrew worked on this and other designs for quite a long time. The final unit consisted of a metal box built around the exhaust manifold into which was sprayed a jet of water. When it hit the hot metal, the water turned into steam and was sucked into the engine through the top of the carby. The water came from a tank in the rear of the car and was pumped with a plastic SU fuel pump. The amount of water was controlled by a temperature sensor which gave a signal to a timer circuit to switch the pump on in short bursts. The system worked in that it reduced the fuel consumption of the vehicle, but it was not without it’s problems, like the time the heat became so great in the carby, it melted the glue that holds some of the internals in place. The unit finally died when the heat exchanger box rusted out, which shows they don’t make house “for sale” signs like they used to!

Recumbent Bike: Andrew has supported improving the environment at a local level for as long as I have known him. Part of this is his use of alternatives to driving his car everywhere. Previously he owned an electric bike but has now gone one step further and built a recumbent bike. The advantage of a recumbent is that you are pushing against your back when pedaling, however because you are basically sitting while riding it is necessary to have suspension on the rear wheel to soften the bumps. Along with the suspension, the 90psi tyres and the 7 speed in hub gears has it’s price with the bike costing Andrew around $2000.

Eco-Vortec: This has been Andrews best known and most successful project. The Eco-Vortec water conditioning system has developed into a business for Andrew and other ASTRO members. The range extends from home water well units up to the large inline units for irrigation systems. Already units have been sold overseas with the website encouraging more sales. Testing of the water that has passed through Eco-Vortec units has shown very much reduced levels of bacteria, etc.

Andrew is very active within the ASTRO group and the community in general, supporting his belief in a cleaner and more ecologically sustainable world with everyday practical action. He approaches his experimental projects the same way with plenty of enthusiasm and lots of recycled bits! Keep up the good work Andrew. …………..Bruce

It is with deep regret that I inform members of ASTRO that Keith Crittenden passed away at 7.15PM on Sunday 29th April at the Murray Bridge Hospital.

Keith was an inspiration to all in ASTRO with his enthusiasm for everything from flytraps to Joe cells. Unfortunately he was unable to experience riding in a vehicle powered by something other than conventional fuels, something that he had offered an award of $2000 to anyone who could demonstrate this to him. Even Keith's poor eyesight and health did not stop him doing things as he told me at last month's meeting how in the preceding week he had built a hydrogen cell and tested it by jacking up the rear wheels of his car and running it on a known amount of fuel until it ran out.

Keith gave many knowledgeable and humorous presentations to ASTRO meetings and was awarded a prize for his car jack at the last ASTRO inventions competition. As shown in the members report that I did on Keith in the March newsletter he not only had a lot of ideas but he put them in to practice.

Our thoughts go to Keith's wife and family in their loss.…………….Bruce.



Many thanks to Geoff Egel for donating a copy of his "Encyclopaedia of Free Energy" and a video tape for the ASTRO library.

Below is a letter from Chuck, any members that are in a position to help out with water injection information can see me (Ken) for Chucks email address.

Date: Friday, 20 April 2001 8:57 PM
I was looking for information on water injection as a source of improving efficiency in internal combustion engines when I came across your page (ASTRO). I think that your work is extremely interesting. Do you publish an online newsletter (I live in the USA) or is there a group more local to me?

8th May 2001

Dear Ken,

Here is the attachment you asked for. At the moment let's be totally flexible about how we raise the money for the demonstration until everybody has been informed and included, that want to be, in the time available.

As soon as we get a breakdown of the budget from Andrew French we will send it to you. At the moment we are thinking that the Dell Computer business model is the best for this technology, without using capital for inventory, warehousing or retailing, instead assembling the orders on demand.

We await your feedback

Kind Regards, Kerry Bindon Mark Gadd

From: K Bindon Mark G

To: A Luzzi
cc: Ken Kranz, ASTRO South Australia


Re: World Solar Challenge
Solar Odyssey 2001

Statement of Intent: To demonstrate Universal Autonomous Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell + Magnetic Gearing Drive, systems, technics, economy and culture.

Project Outline: As mentioned a decisive challenge to the assumption that Solar energy is ‘mickey mouse’ needs to be made. A serious attempt at integrating sustainable energy systems will demonstrate that the conjunction through convergence of costs, renewable energy and design science will achieve undreamt of efficiencies. To this end we have spoken to, apart from yourself, potential team members; in Solar Thermal energy systems Steven Riddell from Orion Energy Management who has offered us use of their proprietry 6 - 100KW Solar Thermal system and Dr Qi-Chu Zhang, senior research fellow dept of applied physics, University of Sydney who agrees with our proposed methodology and has offered us acess to his materials and expertise as part of the team. We have spoken with Andrew French inventor of the Magnetic Motor and he has agreed to join the team for the race, after he arrived home from Geneva last week end after winning silver for his invention. As well we need to disscuss when we get together a budget, sponsors and completing the team.

Methodology: To integrate PV cell and Thermal collection, Hydrogen Fuel Cell + magnetic gearing flywheel powered engine; as a Solar Race car. Until now the race has been dominated by PV battery powered vehicles. The limitation of these are obvious, the most important being solar energy not absorbed by PV’s and thus wasted. A photothermal cell and panel with hydrogen fuel cell and magnetic gearing turbine/flywheel engine combines cutting edge solar hydrogen magneto technics integrated with advanced energy efficient design into the one package, and this systems integration is the core technology of our proposal.

ASTRO members that can help Kerry Binden with any of the above technologies please speak to any ASTRO committee member.....Ken

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Water water everywhere.........

Last month I included some information on the the critical temperature for water, this month I've included some information on how water may be used as the energy storage medium in STEAM ROCKETS.

This is an extract from the web site at

The feasibility of the steam rocket engine is based in provide a great amount of power without the use of dangerous chemical rocket fuels.
The "fuel" in this rockets is water, superheated water contained in a pressure vessel.
The rocket is the essence of simplicity and can be built by any qualified worker at an accessible cost.
The steam or hot water rocket principle is based in the fact that when the water is heated under pressure in a closed container, can be heated far beyond itīs boiling point temperature and continues in itīs liquid state, at about 450 š F, the water reach a pressure of about 500 psi, when a vent is open in the container the water flashes into steam and escapes at the vent, inside the container the water boils and flashes into steam to maintain the pressure inside the tank.
In a rocket, the vent is the nozzle which has a special convergent - divergent section, this is called a De Laval nozzle and this round wing section or venturi is used to produce a supersonic flow, the vent is closed by a plug and this way the steam is controlled.

The information below is from the web site at

SPECIFICATIONS of the Thunderbolt "Steam Rocket Car" this car has ran at 318 mph on half power!

Weight (empty)

Total impulse

Propellant load
Heat required


Steam rocket
165 inches
135 inches
932 pounds

Continuously variable
16,000 lb. X sec. At 250 psi
20,000 lb. X sec. At 500 psi
550 lbs at 250 psi. (401 deg. F)

185,000 BTU at 250 psi.
215,000 BTU at 500 psi.

Rocket cylinder is stainless steel. Piston is Teflon/Viton o-rings for pressure seal.

From the web site at we find information on a car called "Water Thunder".
In 1995 during the annual dragsters race at the famous Drag Power Show, the Water Thunder unofficially reached a speed of 384 km/hour after 3.3 seconds on the track.

I hope to have more on water next month.....Ken

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday April the 6
th 2001

The meeting started at 8.00 pm and was opened with a welcome to all by Roger.
Athol read out the previous month's minutes.
There were apologies from Colin, Ken and Michael.
The meeting closed at 8.37pm and was handed over to General Business by Rodger.

Rodger…started the ball rolling with an article on a wind up shaver as opposed to an electric shaver. He also mentioned health seminars that were being run at the "Vortex Healing Centre" by Kym Freeman, and a meeting on the nasty spraying tactics of the fruit fly sprayers operating in the metropolitan area. They seem to be untrained in the use of toxic chemicals and appear no to be advising residents that their fruit has been sprayed and is toxic. More information is available from Nina at (08) 83444047.
Vic…mentioned a new fuel that was 60% petrol and 40% toluene. I (Peter) expressed surprise as toluene is well known as a nasty carcinogen in small amounts. (Is this another form of population control. Ed.)
RobertN…mentioned that he had been taking audio recordings from Art Bell over the Internet. Owen…mentioned that he had further inquired about the "New Innovations Patents", but had been told that there was no printed information available yet. It is due to take place on the 25th of May this year. He was told to come in one week before it started to pick the papers up.
Devashoen…mentioned that Phil Callohan (Towers of Power) would not now be coming to Australia this year. He might be coming over here next year.
Michael…mentioned that one parent at his daughter's school is a Genetic Engineer. He held a talk at the school to interested parents. One of the interesting points to come out was that Dolly the cloned sheep was genetically the age of her mother when she was born.
Nina…mentioned that some big store's vegetable warehouses and importers of nuts are irradiating their foods.
Robert…said that Woolworths had a big food irradiation plant at Para Hills (a north-eastern suburb of Adelaide).
RobertN…mentioned an article on "Prions", in relation to Mad Cow's disease. They can not be destroyed normally, needing temperatures above 1100 degrees Centigrade to destroy them. They can now jump from species to species and have a 40 year incubation period. He added that the article said that if it spreads to humans it will make AIDS look insignificant.
Ian…Mentioned Robert Morning Star, in a story about being a UFO survivor.
Andrew…getting back to our core purpose, mentioned about "Aqueous Disintegration" using Vibrations.
Devashoen…introduced the Guest Speaker, Andrew Larkin, who, he said was a Health Clinician. Andrew had worked in Melbourne for six years and had lectured with Fauldings for years, on diets and supplements.

Guest Speaker - ANDREW LARKIN, Health Clinician on Aging v/s Anti-aging.

Andrew put on a video titled " The Fountain of Youth" from "Film House TV" on how to either slow down aging or speed it up. Andrew explained that our cells reproduce fifty times only. The main cause of cell reproduction was to repair chemical damage. He then drew up and explained a list of GOOD & BAD things to do to your body.


  1. Drink R.O Water <.006 micron
  2. As much raw food as possible
  3. Press for Juice rather than spin.
  4. Food Rotation allows enzyme replenishment. At least four days.
  5. Food Combinations vegetables require alkaline ph. to digest. Meats require an acid ph. to digest. (eat papia, pineapple and onions with meat)
  6. Fruit Sugar fructose glycemic index of 25
  7. Small regular meals.
  8. Selenium.
  9. Sea foods
  10. Fruits without too much sugar.


  1. Not enough good water.
  2. Too much cooked food as it causes cell damage through the release of free radicals.
  3. Forces > 1.5G's breaks down enzymes. Do not consistently eat the same food.
  4. Do not mix protein and carbohydrates together in the same meal.
  5. Sucrose (white sugar) glycemic index of 75. The lower the better.
  6. Energy stores as fat. Three large meals a day. This causes the storage of energy…fat.
  7. Microwaved or fried foods.
  8. White bread Cooked spinach

The recipe for colon cancer……..wheat, meat and beer. (Beer and Meat Pies)

Other musts.

This was a thoroughly interesting talk. Roger heartily thanked Andrew and invited him to enjoy a bite of supper with us.

See you at the next meeting on the 11th of May.
Peter P

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