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April 2000

Perce gave me a photo copy from a 1925 Motor magazine, a wee dose of ocr, typing, html and here it is.

July 14, 1925

The Motor

A Real Automatic Carburetter.

The Cyclone Instrument, which Adjusts Itself Automatically to Different Fuels, A1titudes and Engine Speeds.

VERY interesting claims are made for the Cyclone carburetter, a new instrument manufactured by Pittevil and Co., 1, Place du Champs de Mars, Bruxelles, Belgium.  Among the most interesting mayy be cited the instantaneous and absolutely automatic adaptation of the instrument to any kind of fuel without changing jets or choke tube, the same automatic adaptation to engines of any speed from 100 r.p.m. to 6000 r.p.m. and over, and the maintenance of a perfect mixture regardless of the density of the air, so that fuel consumption and the power developed by the engine are unaffected by high altitudes and excessively cold or hot weather.
The usual claims made by carburetter manufacturer are, of course, put forward: a perfect mixture at all speeds is claimed as a matter of course. Acceleration at all engine speeds is obtained without having either reserve or excess supplies of fuel. There are no small orifices which are liable to be choked in use, either for the passage of fuel or for that of air, while the absolute simplicity of the device the only moving parts of which are a butterfly  valve  and a float-controlled needle (eliminates  the possibility of wear and consequent upsetting of the mixture).
When desending hills the supply of fuel can he cut off altogether and fresn air admitted to the cylinders, while the inclusion of a vacuum device shortly to he manufactured dispenses with the need for a separate vacuum tank  A great feature of the Cyclone carburetter is that it tunes itself, and there is no need whatever to experiment with jets, etc it simply suffices to put an instrument of the correct size on the engine and the latter is immediately fit for use.

The principle of operation. The letters are referred to in the text. The Cyclone carburetter is of neat and compact construction. Diagram of general arrangement. (see text}

It will be evident that if two Venturi tubes of identical construction are so placed as to work under identical conditions, an equal depression will exist at their smallest diameters when the same fluid passes through both. Referring to the first illustration, we have a water gauge with two branches joined to the narrowest sections of the Veituris. As the two Venturis (C and D) are of the same dimensions; the depression at their restricted sections resulting from air being sucked through them will he exactly equal, and the level in each branch of the gauge will remain identical, regardless of the amount of air passing through the Venturis and regardless of Its pressure. or temperature.
If we restrict one of the tubes at B a greater mass of air will flow through D than flows through C. Consequently the depression at C will be less than that at B, with the result that the level of the water will rise in the branch connected to the Venturi (D), and this branch will tend to raise water in proportion to the difference in the depression existing in the two Venturis.
Thus, by throttling at B to a greater or lesser extent, the difference in pressure between C and D can be varied. By careful design the extent to which C is throttled can be arranged to cause just the flow of fuel that is required, when the amount of fuel sucked up will be directly proportional to the mass of air drawn in, in other words. to the speed of the engine regardless of atmospheric pressure and temperature. So much for the principles of. operation.
The production model of the carburetter works on exactly the same principle, and is simple, robust and compact. There is only one moving part-a needle valve operated directly by the float in the float chamber.  The remainder of the instrument consists of a subsidiary float chamber, a form of "meter" adapting itself to variations in, pressure and temperature, a fuel pump consisting of a mere hole, and throttle valve regulating the admission of the total amount of fuel and air mixture into the engine. All the orifices are of large diameter so as to avoid the likelihood of their being choked.
We have already explained that the "meter" is a Venturi tube. The pump merely utilizes the principle of the flow of liquids, the flow varying with the amount of depression existing In the Veuturis.  Owing to the fact that the flow of the liquid through a hole of given shape and section is proportional to the difference in pressure between one side and the other of the hole, a flow of fuel proportional to the amount of air sucked in is ensured by partially throttling one of the Venturis The fuel does not pass through either of the Venturis (C and D), but is drawn up a separate pipe to a point Immediately below the throttle valve, where it is atomized.
In the second diagram it will be seen how the Venturi (C) communicates with a constant-level float chamber, and Venturi (D) with the subsidiary reservoir. "Difference in pressure between the two  receptacles determines the amount of flow of fuel from the float chamber to the other reservoir.  The pipe (E) draws fuel from the subsidiary tank and supplies the engine.
In order to obtain easy starting two additional passages (F and H) are. Provided. When the butterfly valve closes a relatively rich mixture of air and fuel is drawn up the pipe (F), and the necessary amount of air being taken in at the point (I), which is fed by the pipe (H). So soon as the speed of the engine increases a little and the butterfly valve opens a little, the tube (H) feeds the fuel. These two supplementary channels only fulfill their function at low speeds in such a way that their action at the normal slow-running rate is controlled by the Venturis.
In practice, then, so soon as the engine is speeded up the necessary fuel required even for the highest speeds is drawn by tube (E).
Many thanks for that Perce.


Imagine if every phone call you received, e-mail you sent and document you faxed were being secretly intercepted, analysed and filed. And then without your knowledge the information could be covertly used against you. For the first time last week a meeting of the European Union demanded a major investigation into evidence that a global satellite spy system known as Echelon is doing just that. A special 211 page report to the EU concluded that the United States, with Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, have secretly established what poses to be the single greatest threat to peoples privacy. The French especially are incensed by evidence the spy system, which was originally set up in 1984 to monitor communism, was being used for industrial espionage. The report suggested the eavesdropping system was used to defeat the European consortium Airbus to a multi-million dollar contact with Saudi Arabia.

The US has denied the allegations claiming the system was authorised to provide intelligence information to private firms, but it failed to refute the specific allegations contained in the report.

Echelon is controlled by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and shared in part with Australia’s Defence Signal Directorate (DSD) which has its headquarters in Canberra. Australia assists the network with its bases at Geraldton in Western Australia, which hunt for land based telecommunications information across Indonesia, Indo-China and Southern China. A former NSA agent Wayne Madsen claimed last year that the US used information gathered from it’s base in Australia to win a half-share of a significant Indonesian trade contract from AT&T, after it intercepted information showing the contract was initially going to NRC in Japan.

Echelon works by positioning receiving stations all over the world to pick up satellite, microwave, cellular and fibre-optic traffic to virtually everyone on earth and according to the report can effectively listen to “billions of messages per hour”. The information is then processed through a sophisticated computer system which is designed to recognise key words. For example, anyone anywhere in the world who used the word “bomb’ in a telephone or in an e-mail would be under scrutiny from the Big Brother network. Intelligence analysts in Canberra and at each of the various listening stations around the world analyse the information which the system identifies according to its priorities.

The special EU report claimed that in September 1993, US President Bill Clinton ordered his intelligence agencies to gather material on Japanese car manufacturers which were designing zero-emission vehicles and pass on the information to Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

Thatcher ‘used Canada agent on Cabinet’

New York: A Canadian agent spied on two British Cabinet ministers for then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in an 1983 under the auspices of the Echelon. The allegation was made by former Canadian agent Mike Frost on the United States CBS TV program Sixty Minutes, excerpts released yesterday said.

The British Government denied that it used Echelon for industrial spying in Europe that could help US corporations win contracts ahead of European companies. Echelon was designed to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists, drug lords and other governments hostile to the five members.

“(Thatcher) had two ministers that she said, quote ‘ They weren’t outside’ unquote…so my boss went to London and did intercept traffic from those two ministers,” Frost was quoted as saying by 60 minutes. Frost said he worked for Canadian intelligence from 1972 to 1992.

The Advertiser, Saturday, February 26, 2000

Thanks to Bruce for the clipping.


More great news about the GST

Section 165-55 of the GST Act, which was passed in June 1999

For the purpose of making a declaration under this subdivision the Commissioner may:

Treat a particular event that actually happened as not having happened, and Treat a particular event that did not actually happen as having happened and if appropriate, treat the event as Having happened at a particular time, and Having involved particular action by a particular entity; and 1. Treat a particular event that happened as Having happened at a time different from the time it actually happened; or Having involved particular action by a particular entity whether or not the event involved any action by that entity.

Thanks to Rod for his copy of Section 165-55 of the GST Act.

So not only has the Liberal Government: Conned idiots into voting for a system that supposedly would make us better off. Kept the high tax rate on petrol 44 cents per litre. Kept the 22% tax rate on new automobiles. Enforced a taxation system that the majority of the population doesn’t want.

But now the Liberal Government has also passed a section of the GST Act, which gives the Australian Tax Office the legal right to lie. Well done!!

How policy is created

Start with a cage containing five monkeys. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put a set of stairs under it.

Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and starts to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the monkeys with cold water.After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result (all of the monkeys are sprayed with cold water). Pretty soon, when any monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will prevent it.

Now, turn off the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and all the other monkeys attack him. After a few more tries for the banana he realises he will be attacked.

Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm.

Again, replace a third original monkey with a new one. The new one goes to the stairs and is attacked as well. Two of the four monkeys that beat him have no idea why they were not permitted to the stairs, or why they are beating the newest monkey.

After replacing the fourth and fifth original monkeys, all the monkeys which have been sprayed with cold water, have been replaced.

Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs. Why not? Because that’s the way it’s always been around here…. And that’s how policy begins.


Thank you to Geoff Egel who recently e-mailed me with a sight named Brightsparks, which will appear, on our links section. There are some very good alternative energy links within the Brightsparks page and the web address is…


Geoff. Oudshoorn

Here are some URLs from Allan who was at the last meeting.
these were related to last month's musical topics.

This month Victor found has an interesting book extract on Hydrogen Fuel.

Please see the photocopy attachment to the newsletter. I will put it up as an image on the internet if required.

HIMAC Research
The Secret Super High Mileage Report
Chapter 6 (Part Two)
Pogue carburator

Another example is provided in this article courtesy of the Grainews of Winnepeg, Canada, a United Grain Growers publication. It is dated January 1980.


If it's for real, Tom Ogle, an El Paso, Texas auto mechanic with his fuel system will overcome the gas shortage before long.

Ogle did away with the carburetor and fuel pump and replaced them with a secret black box he calls a filter. The super mileage of up to 100 MPG, he said, was due to a pressurized, vaporized fuel system that injects gasoline fumes, directly into the engines' cylinders.

On April 30, so Ogle's claim goes, he drove a 1970 Ford Galaxie from El Paso to Deming, New Mexico on a measured two U.S. gallons of gasoline. The car was inspected for hidden fuel tanks and the car was kept under observation at all times yet the car went the distance without stopping for fuel and averaged 100 miles per U.S. gallon at 55 mph.

Tom Ogle, whom Grainews attempted to locate in El Paso. now has an unlisted telephone number. It seems his success has driven him into hiding.

Earlier this year, Ogle reported the discovery of his fuel system was by accident. He was messing around with a gasoline lawnmower and accidentally knocked a hole in its fuel tank. He ran a vacuum line from the tank directly into the carburetor and the engine kept running. It ran for 96 hours on the fuel remaining in the small tank.

Based on this experience, Ogle went to his car engine and converted it the same way. The engine started immediately, but eventually the gas tank collapsed inwards. After an improved gas tank was installed, the car ran without a carburetor, and fuel pump but had no acceleration. It wouldn't run faster than 20 mph and the modified engine averaged only 8 MPG.

One day after the car stalled, Ogle is said to have climbed under it to see if the vacuum hose had become detached. He was surprised to find the fuel tank was like an ice cube. He explained the icing problem was caused by the system acting like a refrigerator-warmer fumes being sucked out and the colder liquid remaining on the bottom of the tank.

He solved the stalling problem by warming the gas tank with heater coils. As soon as he added the heat, the miles per gallon shot up over 100.

Besides getting super gas mileage, Ogle claims his engine has zero pollutants. In a typical test with the engine running at speed of 55 mph, a jet of clean hot air without the usual noxious smell leaves the exhaust pipe.

Is the Ogle fuel system a super promotion scheme to make money for its promoters, or is it for real?

One person who Ogle claimed was a supporter for his system is Gerald Hawkins, an engineer at the Texas A and M University. Grainews attempted to locate him, but also without success.

Dr. Hopkins, head of mechanical engineering at Texas A and M says he has received a number of calls regarding this.

Copyright 1999 HIMAC

Thanks to Bruce McBurney for the above.

Peters Page
Astro meeting 3rd March 2000

Roger opened the meeting on time and extended a welcome to all, with a special welcome to guests. He told us that next month’s meeting would not include a guest speaker. We would all be welcome to participate in a round the circle discussion on alternative energy systems. He said that with the ridiculous price of petrol, the time is now ripe for alternative less polluting forms of energy.
Roger then discussed a book by Jim Craig, a South Australian, titled, “How to make money with your ideas”, published by “Books for our Times”, Sterling S.A..

I (PeterP) have volunteered ( in a moment of light-headedness ) to review this book and write a short summary.

Keith, (from Murray Bridge) gave a magnificent and humorous brief talk on streamlining. Briefly, he started off by showing us a picture of himself standing alongside of two planes, a Tiger Moth and a Mustang. He explained that a Tiger Moth was designed in the 1930’s, cruised at 80 mph, used 6 mpg, and developed 120 hp.The Mustang, (which he built himself), cruised at 130 mph, used 5.5gph, and developed 108 hp. The greater efficiency was achieved through streamlining. Keith said that the poor streamlining of cars tended to suggest that the motor vehicle manufacturers might have interests in the petrol companies. He said that cars often had more air resistance at the rear than the front. Air weighs 1 lb./13 cft.. A car displaces approximately 13 cft. of air. Air can not follow an object if the bend is greater than 15 degrees, it just causes turbulence. The rears of cars often cause vacuums and create dust clouds. The wheels and undercarriage protrudances also cause a lot of wind drag..

Keith also spoke on Colin Norris’s trip up the Stresleki Track, where he was camping and got up in the morning to see two amazing balls of light in the sky. He said that NASA has just released UFO footage of early space shots (on the Internet). He also mentioned the Foo Fighters of the Second World War. These were mysterious flying objects that tagged aircraft of both sides, presumably just observing the human race as it set out upon it’s favourite pastime of trying to destroy everything..

Vic gave an update on the water cell group and said that Stanley Meyer’s patents were not accurate. He said that they had discovered coils drawn as resistors and such like in circuits where ferrite cores had been omitted from coils etc. He said that they believed Meyer also used electric power from some reactions to sustain other reactions. He also said that they were willing to share their results..

Andrew said that he had spent some time with John Johnson, the inventor of the NASA utilised Calclear water conditioner, that was is used to purify water. R O units were too bulky to put into spacecraft so JJ designed a small unit that did not remove the minerals from the water, but instead, shattered them(with 64 different frequencies) into very small particles. Andrew said that his unit followed the same principals in that it produced very fine impurities, and that his treated water had better results on cleaning oil soiled garments than dry cleaning fluid - without any detergent!.
He said that he went to the University of SA where Dr Alex said that he understood how it worked and that he had a lot of information on magnetite. Andrew commented that JJ had said that the particle size was the important factor, where “smaller” was better. Cut flowers also stayed fresh up to four weeks in this water. He said that the main things that “kill” water were ultra-violet light, microwaves and pressure.

Jan said that his Gravity Wheel had been number one on Alta Vista search hits from university students.

Secretary’s Report Geoff gave the report and it was received.
Treasurer’s Report was received. The group has a healthy bank account and Michael said that it was high time that we spent some money on new resources.
Roger stated that a $12.00 yearly membership entitled one to a copy of the monthly newsletter. He then introduced our guest speakers, Ashley and Robert.

GUEST SPEAKERS Ashley and Robert
Subject Music, Maths and the twelfth root of two.
An overview of the connection between consciousness, sound and geometry.
Robert started off by telling us that both he and Ashley were professional musicians and that his interest in music as therapy came from a point of view of curiosity. Robert played the organ to demonstrate the power of music. He said that most people would not believe that music has an effect on their health. As an example of the negative side, he said that sound was used as a weapon in the gulf war. He then mentioned a book called Bio- acoustics, by Shari Edwards & Dr Peter Manners… where they describe how sound is used to reduce pain and heal. Shari kept hearing ringing in her ears, but audiological tests could not find a fault. She also had had high blood pressure for 30 years and happened to notice that when she sang a specific note the blood pressure dropped. She could sing a pure note! She developed her skills and made more discoveries. What she was hearing was sounds from other people… from their pineal or pituiarty glands, with each person producing their own distinct frequency. This frequency indicates a deficient ( missing ) frequency, and when it is played back to that person, healing takes part. Robert describes that in her book. Shari says that there have been vast improvements in cases of emphysema and bone regrowth. She analyses the frequencies for peaks and troughs and then applies the specific required frequencies to the body or limb through headphones, for periods of 15 minutes per day, until the symptoms go. These sounds must be accurate to within 1/100th of a cycle, and are best at low frequencies in c-3 octave Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta. Ashley then took over as speaker by quoting some unusual axioms (evident truths, stuff that you learn from experience).

He gave examples on the whiteboard and then showed a video clip on “ratio Phi waveforms - Sari Edwards - Energy Medicine “, explaining that this was the ratio that we were built from, stating that it allows for constructive interference, not destructive interference.

Ashley then spoke on how to translate sound into patterns called CYMATICS.

He then showed a short video clip on “ 5 Platonic Solids “ as basic building blocks, Followed by a Cymatics video “ Spectrum of Sound”, showing that the “ OM “ sound gave a “Star of David “ pattern. Ashley then told us that Hitler used neuro-linguistics and psychosomatic tones, in the Alpha region, as an early form of mind control. Ashley then told us that the 12th root of 2 is 1.086532, and Phi is 1.618, and that the Western musical tradition has been built around the twelfth root of two, saying that we have been locked in this tonal prison for the past three hundred years. He said that Gregorian chants are based on Pythagorean Geometry. Ashley said that these concepts are on videos in our video library

  1. Dr Peter Manners…Cymatics: the healing nature of sound … Video # 50
  2. Dan Winter…Visual Geometry… The Platonic Solids….Video # 6

Roger thanked Robert and Ashley for their fascinating, unusually interesting and very well prepared talk.
Supper followed with plenty of socialising.

See you next meeting for the round circle discussion on any alternative energy topic that you think others might like hear about.