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January 2000


The second in a series of articles written by ASTRO member Bruce about his Joe Cell research here in south Australia.

JOE CELL TESTS PART 2 March 99: The following is a summary of unusual effects that I obtained from a very early design Joe Cell. I reported these effects at the February 1999 ASTRO meeting.

The cell was first built in 1993 using 2", 2.5",3"& 3.5" tubes, made from flat 316 stainless and rolled into tubes. These were then tack welded at three points. The only alteration from the original design is that a small SS cone was fitted above the tubes to direct the energy into the 0.5" aluminium delivery pipe on top of the unit.

SUNDAY 31/01/99: The unit was filled with water charged by P & U and fitted to the car in the passenger compartment. The aluminium delivery pipe goes through the firewall and connects to the manifold initially via a brass fitting. The fitting was "blind" so no actual vacuum was present on the cell.

THURSDAY 4/02/99: There was no effect so I changed the brass fitting and made an aluminium one. I also drilled this out so that manifold vacuum was present on the cell this time. On starting the car it ran slightly rough as excess water was sucked out of the cell and into the engine, then it ran smoothly. I drove approximately 0.5 Km when the engine revs would not come down below 2000. I drove back to the garage and switched the engine off when it "ran on", momentarily stopped and then ran in reverse up to about 2000 revs while I stood and watched it. It only ran for about 5 seconds and stopped.

I switched it on again and once again the revs would not go below 2000. This time when I turned off the ignition, it stopped OK. I rechecked the work I had done and made sure there were no air leaks into the manifold which could be giving me this effect. I found nothing, reassembled everything and started the engine again. Once again, 2000 revs. I disconnected the aluminium delivery tube from the manifold and plugged the rubber hose from the manifold but the engine still would not run under 2000. Having made an appointment with an accountant and booked the car in for a wheel alignment, I now began to get into panic mode. I then physically removed the cell from the car, started the engine and the found the revs had dropped to just over 1000. By screwing in the idle mixture adjustment screw I could get it to idle at about 800. The idle revs seem to be a bit variable and continually ranged from 600 to 1000 and back again.

The cell was off for two days as I needed the car reliable but I found that the effects stayed (e.g. Idle speed varying) I found I could disconnect the anti-dieseling solenoid and the engine would still idle, although at lower revs (about 500) and roughly. (normally this instantly kills the engine)

SATURDAY 6/02/99: I reinstalled the cell and connected it up the same as before but did not find any difference. I have played with the timing at various times during testing and found that on petrol I can go in excess of 50 degrees advance with no appreciable difference in engine running. I normally run 7 degrees advance for best performance/economy but can experience pinging problems. The timing was set at 10 degrees advance since the cell was originally fitted and I could almost stall the car in third gear, put my foot down and the engine would pull with no pinging. I did one test where I drove the car with 20 degrees advance and it ran OK, no pinging, just a slight dead spot at low revs.

SUNDAY 7/02/99: It appeared that the cell had died and that the car although behaving similarly to the previous day was losing the effects of the cell. The engine now stalled when the anti-dieseling solenoid was disconnected but would still run at 10 degrees advance with no pinging. I also found that during the day I had to make the idle mixture slightly richer to obtain a smooth idle. One thing I had noticed (since Thursday) was that the engine was extremely hard to start when left overnight. It acted as if flooded and would only start by leaving the accelerator pedal flat while cranking over. Once started however, the engine idled smoothly straight away and would start at the first flick of the key for the rest of the day.

MONDAY 8/02/99: The car was once again difficult to start first off, but then idled smoothly straight away once again. I disconnected the cell and plugged the rubber hose from the manifold and the engine appears to be almost back to normal with a smooth idle of 800.

TUESDAY 9/02/99: Car totally back to normal, started OK this morning, ran normally and engine stops immediately when anti-dieseling solenoid is deactivated. I removed the cell from the car and applied 24 volts to it from two car batteries in series. There was some bubbling but nothing appeared out of the top of the unit. I emptied the water into a glass bottle and the water was quite brown. This settled to the bottom of the bottle during the day. I washed the cell out with normal rain water, emptied it and filled it with more charged water from the original batch. I then applied 24 volts to the cell and immediately water and bubbles flowed out the top and over the edge of the cell. I lit these (hydrogen) and then masses of pure white bubbles came out which I lit. (very loud implosive - good stuff!) I then turned off the power and reinstalled the unit in the car. This all occurred within 1-2 minutes as I did not want to gunk up the cell by leaving the power on too long. I decided to repeat the circumstances of the original test i.e. no vacuum to the cell initially, so I machined up an aluminium plug which I then fitted into the aluminium fitting on the manifold. (This plug is a tight fit in the hose) I started the car and drove it for about 5Km. All appeared normal at this stage.

The cell is still fitted to the car at this time (9th March) but there has not been any further effects. I have also not had the time to make any adjustments or changes. In conclusion, the most interesting aspect of this event was that the engine revs did not reduce until the cell was physically removed from the vehicle and the effects as described above reduced over a few days. It is my opinion that this demonstrates proof that we are dealing with an energy, not a gas or some chemical reaction as some believe. What is this energy? My bet is that it is orgone, but who knows for sure until someone comes up with a repeatable working unit that can be tested.


Victor' January Web Search.

I have been looking at strange claims from people about time travel. After walking away from an episode of star trek it feels as if time travel is a common event but once you settle down you realise that it is only fiction......or is it? I have a collection of stories of such claims. Here is one of those stories.


Time Travel & the Caduceus Coil - 01/17/98

From: Emanon Inventors Association
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: hi
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:53:51 -0800

Hi Jerry! I wrote up some material I think you might be interested in. If you feel like putting it up on your website, knock yourself out!

It goes along with the original "time travel" story I sent you months ago. I believe this new material explains what really happened to my friend. It also might explain, in part, how the SUPPOSED U.S. Government's Temporal Transmission Research Project time-travel equipment functions.

The T.T.R.P. is, as I mentioned, a SUPPOSED time travel research project. The following is, as Paul Harvey would way, "The Rest of the story": A little history about the caduceus coil (a.k.a. the tensor coil):

Its main proponent, and inventor, Wilbert Brockhouse Smith developed this coil sometime during the 1950's (Smith died in 1961).

Originally, Dr. Smith was involved in the top-secret program "Project Magnet". This project, allegedly, was a government-sponsored program to produce an aircraft which operated on the same propulsion/flight principles of U.F.O.'s. "Officially", at some point, the program was terminated. At some point, concurrently, Smith was tinkering around with new styles of coil windings. It was during this period of time when he developed the caduceus coil.

The coil is said to produce electromagnetic waves which travel parallel to the coil windings. This violates electromagnetic convention as the standard rule for creating electromagnetism is that the waves are produced perpendicularly (with respect to the coil windings).

Also, supposedly, a caduceus coil transmits these electromagnetic waves at super-luminal velocities (i.e., at faster-than-light speeds).

It is interesting to note that, last year, a Canadian scientist was credited with sending a radio broadcast using "radio-like waves" which were travelling faster than the speed of light.

Smith claimed that timepieces, which were within the caduceus coil's region of greatest magnetic field flux density, measured time at a different "rate and direction of time flow" than other timepieces which were outside of the coil's magnetic field influence.

The caduceus/tensor coil (with proper frequency/voltage) supposedly creates scalar electromagnetic waves that travel at super-luminal velocities (i.e., faster-than-light speeds).

As an electronics engineer, there is one thing that comes to mind regarding this. When an electromagnetic field is created, any thing within the densest portion of that field tends to take on the same potential, polarity, frequency, and velocity of that field. This applies both to life forms and inanimate objects.

Some people refer to an objects, or life forms, energy as its "aura", electromagnetic field, or Kirlian field. In fact, there is a seldom known, little used, formula known as the "Johnson Effect" which can be used to ascertain the power levels of an objects, or life forms, electromagnetic field. The reason it was discarded is because it leans towards inaccuracy at frequencies above the Earth's magnetic field frequency (about 7.8 Hz).

With respect to what I've mentioned, I believe Einstein's theory of relativity states that if an electromagnetic wave were to (somehow) be propagated at velocities beyond the speed of light, then that wave would move backward in time.

Or, more specifically stated, that the Universe's "time" would start going backward relative to the "time" experineced by the wave (which, if a wave could have consciousness, would experience a normal, forward, progressive "time").

I believe this is what happened to my friend when he was operating his machine. By the way, he was wearing a digital watch when this happened (the first time). However, the static charge he experineced blew the digital timer circuitry inside the watch.
What is really bizarre is I read a story out of the "Weekly World News" (OF ALL PLACES!) that stated the U.S. government was involved in a project called the Temporal Transmission Research Project. The story stated that they place an object inside a hollow aluminum tube and then subject the tube to a high- frequency electromagnetic field that travels faster than light.

In this fashion, supposedly, the tube (and internal contents) are supposed to be able to travel into the past. We all know that aluminum is a great conductor of electricity.

The interesting analogy between that story, and my friend's experience, is that his coils were hollow, were producing extremely high frequencies, and (I believe) were functioning as a caduceus (or tensor) coil.

The W.W.N. story also stated that a government scientist had volunteered to go back to the year 1918, remain for 25 minutes of subjective time, then return. They go on to say that he went, but never returned.

Continuing, they said that the project members then decided to look over old publicatations (from 1918) looking for clues as to what happened. After about two months of searching, they contend, they found an old microfiche copy of a now-defunct police journal which had a very strange article in it.

In the article, it shows what appears to be (in a picture) a metal tube about two feet long and containing the crushed remains of a man. Also, in the picture, is what looks like a cellular phone (lying on the ground) about one to two feet away.

There was a caption below the picture, but I vageuly remember what it said (I was more interested in the picture).

The reason I was so interested in the picture is because of something I noticed about it. I've been working in darkrooms, and with cameras, for more than 30 years and what I saw blew me away.

The picture was taken at night and shows the tube, the "cellular phone" (if that's what it was-suppose it was a "recall device" to allow the man to get back to his own time?), some police officers (in old-style uniforms), some old style police cars, and (in the background) a row of spectators.

The thing that aroused my interest in the picture is that these spectators looked as if they were a good 60 - 80 feet from the camera. You see, the modern electronic flash (even the ones with the biggest xenon flash lamps) can't illuminate (in darkness) more than about 40 - 45 feet at the MAXIMUM.

In the old days, the "press 25" flash bulbs (on the other hand) were able to illuminate (in darkness) well up to 80 - 85 feet or so.

So, it is my contention that MOST of the picture is genuine (that is, taken in 1918). I don't know about the tube and the "cellular phone" though. I can tell you, though, if the picture is a composite (the tube and "cellular phone" being "pasted" into the picture), whoever did it was a master of "special effects/trick photography".

I don't know if the Weekly World News would have THAT kind of money as those type of imagery artists are damned expensive to hire. Also, in the picture, I noticed several blades of grass that appeared IN FRONT OF not only the "cellular phone", but the metal tube as well.

I believe my friend's coils were functioning as a caduceus.

The above information is from:

HIMAC Research

The Secret Super High Mileage Report

Chapter 5 Tom Ogle's articles

Part One (Part two next month)

This section is reprints of newspaper and magazine articles on Tom Ogle. In1977, Tom demonstrated a 351 ci. Ford getting 100 miles per gallon. He used a multiple vapor system that had a 3 gallon tank. His patent was granted Dec. 11, 1979 number 4,177,779 three months after his death. It has never been developed. He did not understand that you must crack the fuel and how the additives affect the system long term. These articles are photocopied into my booklet. More are available. I have 27 and heard there was over 50 articles done about him and his system. Very interesting reading.

Ogle Fuel System - No Hoax
By Gregory Jones

Tom Ogle says it wasn't a hoax.

He insists there were no hidden fuel tanks or other alternate fuel sources used to power a two-ton automobile for 205 miles Saturday on only two gallons of gasoline fumes.

Ogle isn't alone in his no-hoax statements.

Carl Wright, for example, has been working on internal combustion machines for 35 years. He is a certified teacher of auto mechanics and is currently shop foreman at Peck's Automotive Service, where Ogle built his controversial energy-saving fuel system.

"It's no hoax." Wright said in straight-forward fashion. "There were no hidden tanks." Wright, who has no vested interests in the invention, said at first he was skeptical of the young man's invention.

"I've watched the thing from the time they built the fuel tank to the very present," Wright said"It looks to me like it'll do what Tom said it would do."

Wright said any secret fuel compartments would have required many extra man-hours by Ogle to install in the car body.

"He only worked on the car during office hours," Wright said,"and he didn't have a key to the door" to get into the automotive shop during off-hours or weekends. Experts Probe Ogle Fuel System

"He has not been here working on the car at nights, and the car has been locked up here every night." Wright said.

James Peck, who owns Peck's Automotive, has a 50-50 partnership on any royalties from the invention. And he said he would stake his 30 year professional reputation in northeast EI Paso on the fact that there was no hoax involved in Saturday's test drive.

"I personally believe he (Ogle) had some help some-where along the way developing the system, although he will not admit to that. But I can vouch that the system works. It's no hoax. It was my car hr converted. We built system in my shop. I'll put my name on the line. It definitely works.

Peck said he provided financial back for Ogle's invention after he and Ogle met about a month ago and discussed the system.

Frank Haynes Jr. is registered state engineer with degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and Southern Methodist University. He was at Peck's Automotive Saturday where he looked the system over and talked with Ogle.

"From what I saw, there was no hoax." Haynes said, adding that he learned of Ogle's invention in The Times.

" I decided to venture out and see what was going on," he said. " I'd never even heard of Tom Ogle before. But I'm familiar with combustion from previous work and wondered what the kid had come up with.

"What I saw was very convincing," Haynes said. Haynes said he felt the only chance of a hoax might have been in the amount of fuel that actually was in the tank.

Prior to the test drive Saturday, reporters and onlookers witnessed a mechanic at Peck's empty the special,pressurized gas tanks, and pour two gallons of fuel into the tank after it was empty.

Haynes said he was additional convinced of the system's authenticity by the fact it was difficult to start the car before heading to Deming.

" The car had to be primed quite thoroughly in order to run. That gave me the idea that there weren`t any fumes in the system after drainage.

"That was quite convincing for me personally. If there had been hidden fuel, there wouldn`t have been any difficulty in starting the car,according to how he (Ogle) described the system to me,"Haynes said.

Haynes described Ogle as an "open, earnest" young man "who convinced me everything he said should be true."

Ogle all along has maintained nothing but simple trust in his invention.

"It works,"he said frankly."There is no hoax."

He described his Saturday test drive,in which a times reporter participated as a "beautiful performance."

Ogle added with a chuckle that the return to El Paso from Deming was made with one pint and two ounces of fuel left in the fuel tank.

"We did pretty good though.We made 205 miles on less then two gallons," he added.

He said he maintained constant 55 to 60 mile per hour speeds.

200 Miles On Two Gallons Of Gas
"The El Paso Times" El Paso Texas, Sunday,May 1, 1977
By John Doussard

"Once I get to Deming and back I'll have everybody banging at my door!" Tom Ogle exclaimed. It was as uncommon sentiment that may very well prove to be true.

Saturday the 34-year-old inventor mechanic climbed behind the wheel of his 1979 Ford Galaxy and headed down the road toward both the dusty New Mexico town and possible fame, fortune and a solution to the energy crisis.

With only two gallons of gasoline in the tank, Ogle offered strong evidence that the tangle of red hoses and tubes racing between the back of the 5,000 pound car and the engine performed as billed: delivering over 100 miles to the gallon while averaging close to 60 miles per hour.

Indeed, in a day of automotive and personal triumph, the only sour note was sounded when Ogle failed to bring his gas-saver back into El Paso as planned. On the outskirts of town, just a few miles from his final goal, a rock struck the underside of the car,puncturing a filter and allowing the gas fumes the auto travels to escape.

But it really hardly mattered at that point. Ogle had traveled 205 miles on slightly less than two gallons of gas.Some of the precious liquid had been spilled when first poured in the tank.

"I use about four gallons of gas every two weeks," Ogle said. "But then I drive an awful lot."

Actually, Saturday's performance was rather modest. Ogle claims his system will average about 160 miles per gallon in city driving, treatment average of 12 miles per gallon.

"I fixed-up my car, a 1972 Thunderbird with a 429 cubic inch engine, with the system," Ogle said. "I then took it to Cloudcroft and back on two gallons, about 200 miles.

"And I still had enough to drive around when I got back in town."

The odd thing about Ogle's system is that doesn't add complex gadgets and intricate gimmicks. Instead, it removes the carburetor, a piece of the engine long considered sacred.

"Engineers said it wouldn't work because without a carburetor there's nothing to vaporize the fuel," Ogle explained during the trip across the hot dessert. "They couldn't understand that it's already working on vapors.

"Instead everybody kept trying to add something to the carburetor while nobody thought of taking the thing off."

Basically the system uses a standard engine with a few modifications In lieu of the carburetor there is a series of hoses feeding a mixture of gas vapors and air directly into the engine.

Gas in the tank passes through a series of filters, which stretch the energy available in each gallon. The ??? also store excess vapors for later use for up to 45 days. Premium gas is needed, as its higher octane level allows for more vapors to build.

Not only does Ogle's car promise more miles per gallon, but he says it will clean the environment while causing its owner fewer repair headaches.

"It will top anything on the road today, being smoother, better running and more efficient," Ogle said. "The life of your car will be two times longer because there will be no carbon build-up.

"The carbon comes from unburned gas, but we burn it all.You won't have need all the catalytic converters for the air."

Before the journey began, two Times reporters looked the car over for possible hidden sources of fuel, and found none. Then a brief ceremony emptying the gas tank, and after the last drop fell, two gallons were poured back in.

While only an expert could say for sure the trip was completed with only those two gallons, spectators, reporters and other interested inventors present all appeared satisfied.

"This is the hottest thing of this century," Frank Haynes, Jr. an independent engineer living in this area, said. "Engineers have been beating their heads against the wall to come up with something like this.

"I honestly don't think it's a hoax."

Copyright 1999 HIMAC

Thanks to Bruce McBurney for the Above.

The next meeting will be on Feb the Eleventh.

Louise Wiggins will be the guest speaker. The subject will be Yoga.

Peters Page
Astro Christmas meeting December the 10th 1999

The meeting was opened on time by Roger, who stated that this was the last meeting for this millennium and that there would not be a formal Guest Speaker for this meeting. Roger extended a special thankyou to Michael and his wife for hosting the meetings in their home. The Astro Club will pay for an annual carpet clean. A thanks was also extended to all of the committee members for their efforts throughout the year.

Roger then asked if anyone had brought in any “GADGETS” or had anything to tell the group.

Kieth…started it off with a real X-File-ish description of a UFO sighting that he had had at his farm house, about seven miles out of Murray Bridge. His house is situated at an elevated position with an excellent view and he can see the silos at Palmer, ten kilometres away. Well, at 10.20 pm, on an August night six years ago, he glanced out of the door and saw lights at about one and a half kilometres away. The light moved away, like a rabbit shooter's light would and then it shone on him. He could feel the heat through the glass door. This light looked about two metres in diameter and had from six to eight segments. It was travelling virtually at ground level at an estimated speed of 1200 kilometres an hour, looked a bit like a church door with a glow around it (halo) and it made a sizzling and humming noise. Kieth said that this sighting was over a limestone area in his neighbour's paddock and that many other UFO sightings also occurred over limestone areas.

Roger… mentioned a UFO sighting on the news that turned out to be a meteorite, which had imbedded itself three metres into granite.

Ashleigh…commented on the Martian Polar Lander that had disappeared. He had heard that they were using different measuring standards in the manufacture. Comments on the sideline suggested that things made to the same scale in different countries quite often did not fit.

Cedric…had brought in a Gadget that he had made up, even though it did not quite work as hoped. It was a “TAITE CIRCUIT”, which is supposed to draw voltage and current from the earth. This unit generates two volts output but at very a low current. It can apparently be used as an earthquake indicator as the voltage changes with the earth changes. Ashleigh said that there was an Internet site that used a Taite device to measure and predict changing Scalar forces and subtle field effects, as happen in earth quakes and tremors.

Victor…told of a researcher who had discovered how to measure changes in the Ether by using a device that resembled a child's hoop. He also had a videotape to give away on UFO photographs.

Dino…continued discussing the Ether hoop and then changed the subject to the REDOX meter. He had measured water at specific readings and then had measured the same water again in his kitchen. He found that these readings could vary by as much as 70milli volts in a day and suggested that this was due to IONS in the air. There were times that tested quite “dead”. ie energy flat times.

A voice in the crowd…”would that apply to Flannigan's Pill?” Answer…yes, all things vary, such as kumbucha tea…you must also have clean electrodes.

Dino…produced a device called a JUPITER WATER IONISER, which he had discovered on the Internet after many hours of searching. It is a Korean device with platinum in the water processing system, which makes it quite an expensive device. The Japanese apparently buy quite a few of these units for around $US 2000, while they can be purchased in the USA for around $ 1000.

These units have been sold in Japan and Korea for the last twenty years, where the benefits of different water for health has been known and studied for many years.

Editor's note… This is in contrast to the western scientific stream, where water and it's different properties and effects are still mainly not deemed worthy of research and subsequently ignored. Probably no investors can be found to put research dollars into water, when big dollar returns seem assured from drug and biotech research. Perhaps the tune will change when we start running out of safe drinkable water…as with the River Murray salt and pollution problems.

Dino demonstrated his Jupiter water ioniser in the kitchen during Christmas munchies. From straight Adelaide tap water, with its chlorination, fluoridation, flocculation and a decent dose of total dissolved solids and salts, three different outputs were produced. The waste output was totally foul, smelling strongly of chlorine and other muck. The (second) acidic water output was clear and odourless. It is recommended for washing with, as it is said to be beneficial for the skin, but not good for ingestion. Conversely, the alkaline water output is said to be beneficial for ingestion, but not good for the skin. This alkaline water had a REDOX reading of -250 to -600. At -250 to-350 it tasted all right, but at higher readings it tasted queer. The Japanese recommend drinking alkaline water at a REDOX reading of -250 for optimum health benefits.

There was much more discussion on all different aspects of water, its effect on cells in the body, Beck zappers and silver colloid producers. Apparently 30 seconds of colloid production produces a -100 mV Redox reading. This, according to American research, is the ideal level for maximum benefit of the ingestion of negatively charged water (two to three glasses per day). Anything more negative was said to have a deleterious effect. The Beck zapper also produces negatively charged water.

Andrew…Water softened has calcium ions removed and is not recommended for drinking. Reverse Osmosis water is also not regarded as drinkable…a voice in the crowd suggested that some bottled water, sold as spring or mineral water, may be straight R.O. water with perhaps a few minerals added. This has dubious health benefits, (but a healthy profit at the expense of the unwary).

Michael…said that calcium is necessary for muscle contractions.

Peter…added that calcium is essential for the heart to function, and if there was a calcium shortage in the blood, it will be withdrawn from the bones, to maintain the correct level. He also said blood tests for calcium deficiencies were useless, as if the calcium level was too low in the blood the heart would stop. One of the first symptoms of low calcium in the body is spurs in the heels of the feet. These spurs, (siting his own experience) can be quickly alleviated by taking a ”body” soluble calcium supplement such as “Nutra-Life Super Calcium Complete”). He said that many calcium supplements on the market were not absorbed by the body at all, and that he found this out by painful experience when his spurs initially refused to go away when an insoluble calcium supplement was taken. He also stated that the mainline medical professionals told him that his spurs were caused by too much calcium in his body. He was advised to limit his calcium intake and possibly have an operation on his heels to get the spurs scraped off. This did not appeal to him and he fortunately sought alternative advice. This advice warned him that the spurs were the first symptoms of the onset of acute osteoporosis.

Michael…also stated that he had tried to get an ozone drinking water filtration system installed in his home…without success. He said that the Homebush Olympic Pool was ozone sterilised, and that this was possibly the reason that this pool was considered a “ fast” pool, (by absorbing extra oxygen through the skin).

Dino…had been chasing Super Ionised Water from Turkey for a long time. It cost him $80.00 for a three fluid ounce bottle. He measured this with a REDOX meter at - 40 mV initially and then at + 80 mV, after a week and a half. He said that it seemed to have a soapy film on top of it. Dino also said that when he rushes down to his friend's water shop to get his water tested, the bumping and vibration of travel has tended to “un-charge” this water.

Davershon…said that he had a paper on “ Micro-clusters”

Dino…Flanigan uses Silicone Hydroxide as the oxygen carrier, and Deuterium sulphate produces the same results. He has also been looking into the longevity of people. They seem to have saunas and cold showers, which Dino says causes body cells to squeeze water in and out, making negative charges for the body. He also noted that people that live the longest (100+) are energetic and always doing things. ie. Energetic people create more energy for themselves than the sedentary types.

Davershon…said that he believes that the “JOE CELL” is powered by “ORGONE” energy, and as such, attitude is a primary factor in its working.

Ashleigh…had a whole pile of magazines to give away. He commented that the new magazine called “Nemesis” was like a cross between New Dawn and Nexus magazines. He also had a book to give away called “Inventions From The Shed”…a New Zealand book about guys who had produced workable items in their sheds…a lot of good ideas…but few ever got to the market, as most could not afford to go any further to produce and market their inventions. A lot were farmers. Ashleigh also wants to do a presentation on “ Music, Harmonics, their effects and Brain-entrainment. He wants to use an oscilloscope and a musical keyboard. - He thinks this may be the key to the Joe Cell. He also would like to create a Power Tower.

Ian…has seen power towers with ferro-magnetic caps. These towers can have an effect for up to a mile. He also commented on the electric effect of trees. Candle Bark trees are found on the crossing zones of the earth's magnetic fields. Red Gums tend to follow the geo-magnetic lines of the earth. He finds these geo-magnetic lines by dowsing.

Roger…wants someone to give a talk on power tower materials etc.

Ian… has information on how to build these power towers.

That ended the talks for the night…. I think that I can say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the informal nature of the evening and the variety of things talked about.

Roger then closed the meeting and invited everyone to partake in the Christmas fare.

Next meeting….Friday 14th January….8.00pm….see you there.