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January 2001   Newsletter

Save petrol, reduce pollution, increase fuel economy, save money.
Gas Mileage Enhancement System
And Thermal Catalytic Cracking System

What is the Hydrogen-Boost System?
The Hydrogen-Boost System is a free energy mileage enhancement system based on the main component, an on-board hydrogen generator. We build the most efficient and maintenance free generators in the world. Tests have shown over 95% efficiency on some of our models. Our typical generator will produce 1.5 liters of alternative fuel gas (Hydrogen and Oxygen mixed) per minute.

To the Left 6 inch and 4 inch Diameter Horizontal Hydrogen Cells and 4 inch Diameter Vertical Hydrogen Cell.

To the right Hydrogen-Boost and Thermal Catalytic Cracking Systems installed on 1995 Neon.

Hydrogen, introduced into your intake manifold, in the presence of certain metal catalysts inside your engine, or inside our accessory TCC system, and under the heat and compression conditions in your engine’s compression stroke, breaks down the large, slow burning gasoline molecules into smaller, more explosive molecules. This increases power and reduces your engine’s need for fuel, and also reduces hydrocarbon emissions. Some engines and on board computers adjust automatically, by cutting back on the fuel injected. For other engines we have add on devices that help the computer make the adjustments.

The system also includes an operator’s manual with driving tips to increase the gas mileage of any vehicle, an installations manual including instructions for the installation of a Thermal Catalytic Cracking (TCC) System, and a Salesman Authorization Certificate that authorized the owner to receive a 20% commission or referral fee for any Hydrogen-Boost System he sells. No stock required, no costs, no hassle involved.

Fuel Savings
Hydrogen boosting systems have achieved 25% to over 100% gas mileage improvements. All makes and models perform differently, but all models will achieve an increase in gas mileage if the instructions are followed, guaranteed or your money back (see guarantee below).

Following is a chart of the savings possible for your vehicle in one year:

Present gas mileage miles driven per year mileage increase Savings in gallons Dollar saving
8 mpg 10,000 25% 250 375
8 mpg 20,000 50% 834 $1250
8 mpg 50,000 100% 3150 $4687
10 mpg 10,000 25% 200 $300
10 mpg 20,000 50% 667 $1000
10 mpg 50,000 100% 2500 $3750
15 mpg 10,000 25% 133 200
15 mpg 20,000 50% 444 $667
15 mpg 50,000 100% 1667 $2500
20 mpg 20,000 50% 334 $500
25 mpg 20,000 50% 267 $400
30 mpg 20,000 50% 222 $333

Highlighted is the typical vehicle driven by the typical family. Savings are figured on a modest $1.50 per gallon of gasoline, which is not even available in most states. Hydrogen-Boost can easily pay for itself in one year and give you a lifetime of savings. Gas mileage performance with Hydrogen-Boost has been recorded up to 115 miles per gallon.

Following are the results from a sampling of vehicles equipped with Hydrogen Cells.

Dodge Dakota 22.4 mpg highway 32% improvement
Plymouth Neon 53.4 mpg Highway 53% improvement
Dodge Ram 28 mpg average 75% improvement
Cadillac Seville 30 mpg City 77% improvement
Honda Accord 46 mpg average 80% improvement
Saab 9000 Turbo 40 mpg city 168% improvement
Honda Civic CRX 115 mpg 180% improvement

Costs and Accessories

Basic Hydrogen-Boost System  $500

Including Hydrogen Generator with mounting kit, operators manual, installation instructions with instructions for the installation of a TCC system, and Salesman Authorisation Certificate allowing owner to receive 20% commission or referral fee for selling Hydrogen-Boost systems.


Hydrogen-Boost System Plans and Manuals Only  $100

Including construction plans for the Hydrogen Generator, operators manual, installation manual with instructions for the installation of the TCC system.


Optional Accessories
Accelerometer $10
Vacuum Gauge $25

Wiring Kit $50
Includes everything to install the custom system, including ammeter, shut off switch, relay, wires and wire fittings.

Thermal Catalytic Cracking Kit $150
Includes all parts and fittings to install a TCC miniature oil refinery in your vehicle, including stainless steel Catalytic Cracking tube, fittings, piping, and instructions.

TCC Auxiliary Catalyst Chamber $50
With numerous metal catalysts that help break down the fuel into smaller, more explosive molecules.
TCC Heated Auxiliary Chamber with fittings for engine coolant. $75

Installation and Maintenance
The Hydrogen-Boost System takes an amateur a couple hours to install and is only an add-on system that can be removed from your vehicle when you sell it, and can be installed again on your next vehicle Maintenance amounts to refilling the hydrogen .  generator with water each time you fill up your gas tank.  Carry a drinking water bottle in your vehicle and it only takes about the same amount of time as checking your oil.  All electrodes are high grade Stainless steel and never need replacing.
The Thermal Catalytic Cracking system can take about a day to install on the most difficult vehicles, three hours for most. This is not a system that you'll want to save for your next vehicle but it will add to the value of your present vehicle when you sell it.

Guarantee and Commission Offer
Our Hydrogen-Boost System package is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Hydrogen-Boost System, you may return it undamaged within 30 days for a full refund. Unfortunately any optional accessories will be damaged upon installation and therefore nonreturnable unless they are unused, uninstalled , and in the original package.

Commission-Referral Policy
Any customer who has purchased a Hydrogen-Boost System, either directly from the factory or through an authorised salesperson, becomes eligible for a twenty percent sales commission/referral fee whenever they sell another Hydrogen-Boost System to another customer. To collect the commission simply order the Hydrogen-Boost System directly from the factory at a twenty percent discount, and deliver it to your customer. Or if a new customer claims that they were referred to us by you and gives us your salesman authorisation certificate number, we will send the 20% referral fee directly to you, upon receipt of sufficient funds and expiration of the 30 day return policy period. Sell five Hydrogen-Boost Systems and yours is paid for and you can enjoy a lifetime of fuel savings.

The above is an extract from the www.Hydrogen site reprinted with permission. Order forms can be obtained from the web site (Ken will print out order forms for ASTRO members) further information can be obtained from the web site.
Thanks to Francis for his email regarding the existence of the above web sit and permission to reprint the information.
Ken Kranz


Last months question was to identify the shapes to the left they are motor / generator armature lamination outlines.


Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday December the 8
th 2000

The meeting started at 8.05 pm and was opened with a welcome to all by Rodger. Apologies were accepted from Andrew S.
Ken... reported as "correspondence in" that the Webb site had had 1303 "Hits". He also reported quite a lot of Email from the USA, one of which stated that the GEET was a hoax. The only fuel that gave 100% increase in economy was "Coleman lamp fuel".
Athol... read out the numbers of missing Astro videos…George Lee # 103, & others…50,61,64,109. Davershoen had a new page to update the Video Library list with new videos.
Athol... stated that all persons wishing to be members should see the ASTRO Treasurer, Michael. Only paid up members were entitled to use the book/video libraries and to vote on ASTRO matters (including the winners for the invention competition).
The prizes for the competition were
1st $250.00    2nd $125.00    3rd $ 75.00
The treasurer reported $1414.19 in the bank and $ 31.50 cash.
Athol... read the minutes of the November 10th meeting. They were moved as correct by Cedric and seconded by victor.

General Business
Yanis... had returned after 10 weeks in Poland, where he had met with ASTRO correspondents and seen some amazing experiments. He has a video from Poland that he has to translate to English.
Bruce... showed a short video from Germany about Bio Diesel. This alternative fuel, produced from waste cooking oils has the full blessing of the German Government. The vehicle is warmed up on conventional diesel before being switched over. There is a 5% reduction in power and much lower toxic emissions. See Bruce for further information.
Johnathon... reported that he had just done a physics assessment on alternative energy.
Kieth had briefly heard on the radio that there were government grants for developing alternate sources of fuel. Perhaps someone has more information!
Rodger…said that he was trying to get Norbert Roth (an electrical engineer from NSW) to be a guest speaker. He has invented a rare earth magnet air conditioning unit. He also had a book titled "The Man who Lived in Three Centuries" by Roger French, printed by "The Natural Health Society of Australia (NSW)" ISBN 0646397982 This is the story about Eric Storm, a man, who at 34 was dangerously unwell leading into a heart attack. This book goes through the process that led to Eric become one of the healthiest and long living people around. The book costs $25.00.

For photo's please go to

X…(wishes to remain anonymous) presented and described a beautifully made Radionics device that is meant to diagnose and treat with. It has 2 high and 26 low potencies and uses a sample of hair, blood or urine to compare an effective cure.

Ken K…clearly presented and comprehensively described his quartz halogen lamp power unit. Ken explained that a quartz halogen lamp is much more efficient than a normal incandescent lamp and for many applications is a much better choice than a compact fluorescent lamp. To achieve high efficiency QH lamps need to operate at optimum filament temperature. The filament temperature depends on the power supplied to the lamp; this is dependent on the voltage output from the battery (or power supply) and losses in the wiring. His unit, using state of the art switchmode technology, supplies a constant current to the lamp or lamps (you can string them in series) irrespective (within broad limits) of the lead length and diameter. This will, for example, give constant brilliance to one or a series of lamps with an input voltage to the unit down to 8.5v (12 volt nominal). This unit has advantages over an standard inverter for lamp operation. This power system has many uses, specifically in energy scarce environments. For a more detailed description go to

Percy S….Two Inventions
(a) Fly Trap
(b) Bio Diesel Generator
The fly trap was an ingenious adaptation of a two litre soft drink bottle. The top section was cut off, perforated to allow the smell of the attractant to permeate out, and inverted into the remainder of the plastic bottle. A bright red landing platform was secured onto the top of the bottle (with a hole in the middle), and a bright yellow smaller attracting platform on about 1cm stand-offs covered over the central holes.
The Bio-Diesel maker. This was made out of an 18 gallon stainless steel beer keg, stood upright on legs. It incorporated an electric heater element and thermostat controls and an electric stirrer. Using cotton oil, fat or any waste oil and caustic soda, the unit can turn out 9 gallons of bio- diesel a day plus about a gallon of pure glycerine soap (which is a phenomenal grease remover). The cost per litre to produce is approximately 20 cents (plus personal effort). This was a beautifully constructed bit of gear painted bright yellow.

Kieth….three inventions.
(a) car food cooker
(b) ceiling house warmer
(c) super lift four wheel drive jack.
The car cooker used hot recirculating water from the water cooling system. It incorporated a coil, hooked up to the water system, in which the cooking pot fitted. This could be fitted under the bonnet or anywhere else suitable, depending on the vehicle. The food cooked with the engine heat as you drove along.
The ceiling house warmer consisted of a length of PVC tubing with an "in-line" fan fitted. The idea is to draw down warm air from the roof-space to heat your house. This saves money on home heating bills.
The jack was an ingenious design. It consisted of a central flat steel plate with two square steel tubes pivoted at the centre of the plate. One tube has a suitable attaching fitting to "hook" or support under the vehicle. It also has a chain attachment near the top. The second tube was basically a screw jack, with the chain hooked up to both tops of the tubes, forming a triangle. As the screw is wound out it increases the hypotenuse and as the chain can not stretch, the tube under the vehicle is lifted by the chain very easily. This type of jack can be slid underneath a very deeply bogged vehicle for quick and easily lift (an off road vehicle owners dream).

Ashley…presented and demonstrated an
Auric Comb
He explained that when the physical body was injured the body's "Bio Field" or "Auric Field" became clumped and misshapen. The comb is powered by a 12 volt DC plug pack. The patient holds a copper tube connected to one side of the DC and the comb is connected to the authorised. One does not touch the body with the comb. It is drawn away from the heart and is said to be an electric form of "RAEKI".

Robert…presented and dismantled an
Orgone Accumulator.
It was not complete or working. The device was box shaped with many folded layers of brown paper and alfoil. The theory is as the air is drawn through the many capacitive like layers it picks up an energy called "Orgone or Etheric Power". This is a Nicola Tesla concept and was theorised by Einstein.

The paid up members were handed out voting slips and asked to vote on their three best choices of the inventions. The judges took twenty minutes to count the votes.The winners were:
(1). Ken with his quartz halogen light power supply…$250.00
(2). Percy with his bio-diesel maker. …$125.00
(3). Kieth with his jack. …$ 75.00

Rodger congratulated them all, handed them their cheques, thanked all of the participant, wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and invited them to supper. An excellent night was had by all in the true ASTRO spirit. Next meeting same place and time on Friday the 12th of January 2001.

Regards and Season's Compliments

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