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Welcome to the October edition of the newsletter. This month's edition is out a bit later than usual due to the fact that I have been holidaying in the Flinders Ranges and at the Folk Festival at Victor Harbour, thus not allowing much time for ASTRO-ing. Anyway this is it so read on !!


The swelled ranks from last months meeting had reduced to a below average 15 people present this month with apologies from Cedric, George and Frank. Ashley opened the meeting at 8.10 PM, welcoming those in attendance, and then Kevin gave the Treasurers report. This month had seen the opening of the ASTRO bank account (so Kevin can't run off with the money and buy a new motorbike) with the major expenditure being the purchase of the notes from the Symposium on New Energy. The Secretaries report followed with information on upcoming meetings of the Victorian and New South Wales ASTRO groups and details of a parcel received from Raphael in Sydney.

Ashley then gave an explanation of how we had bought the Symposium notes mentioned in the Treasurers report and how people could access them once they arrive. The meeting was then thrown open to general business. Alan mentioned a segment he saw on Beyond 2000 which was about an experiment in which a fusion reaction was being used to reproduce a type of matter found in the sun. Dino then gave a talk on body chakras, the work he has been doing in that area and some of the effects that have occurred to him and others he has worked with.

Tony fired up the computer equipment at this time and once we could get him to stop playing the game "Doom" he began giving us a demonstration of how to access the Internet and the type of things available on it.  This turned out to be a most informative time for most people, with some never having seen the use of bulletin boards before. After much nagging, Dino finally convinced Tony to download some pictures, of which I shall not go into details as this is a family newsletter, and then logged out of the system.

Once the computer equipment was shut down, the Cold Fusion video was played, this time successfully. The meeting closed at 11.10 PM followed by nattering, eating and drinking with the last people being evicted just after midnight.


We received a flyer advertising their latest meeting at which Ray Stark and Bob Laidlaw were speaking on "Egyptian Hieroglyph found in Australia". This presentation was about the carvings found in a rock gallery near Gosford NSW which was also the subject of a Network 23 video which we showed at one of our meetings some time ago. (Anton is still getting the video analysed by the Egyptology expert at Adelaide University.)


We received the meeting video list for September to December and also information on a special presentation by David Hatcher Childress on Extraterrestrial Archaelogy. (There are a few new video titles on this list so come and see me next meeting if you wish to look at it.)


In response to an article that I wrote in the August newsletter about the Rotorbine device, Lee contacted the inventor, Graham Davies-Smith, who told him that he has had trouble with financiers pulling out which has delayed his work. Lee said that Graham has a model built out of steel which he says can produce ten times the torque per volume of water than an ordinary turbine. Lee said there are also plans to build another device which pumps water uphill and achieves over unity. There are also plans to still enter a vehicle in the next Solar Car race using the Rotorbine but again this depends on backing.


Lee has been asked by Radio National to do a programme on Tesla which will go to air next February. If any members have some novel information to contribute, eg. special project, original research or strong opinion Lee would be interested to hear from them for inclusion of the material in the broadcast. Lee can be contacted by writing to ASTRO, PO Box 93, Padstow, 2211 or contact me and I will pass on the information.


The book has arrived!!! As it only came today I have not as yet looked at it properly but a quick glance through it gives me the impression that it was worth the money. It will be available to look through at the next meeting but will not be loaned out.

Along with the book came a complimentary copy of "New Energy News" from the Institute of New Energy in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is a monthly publication designed for rapid exchange of information among scientists, inventors and the technically informed lay person about all new energy fields, covering topics ranging from theory to commercial application.


This seems like a strange title for an item in the ASTRO newsletter, so what is it about? It has been brought to my attention that this title is indeed fact in that if there is a dire need for a "something" to be invented for people to survive then it will happen at a much faster rate than if it is just being worked on because it would be "nice" or "convenient" to have it. With this in mind I ask the question, "Who are the most desperate people in Australia today?" and the answer is those most inventive people of all - the farmers. Apart from the banks, drought is their biggest problem, so if they were given access to alternative information on subjects such as Reich cloud busters, purification systems for bore water and pumps for deep wells maybe they could get some of this stuff working thus helping themselves and the rest of the planet. What do people think of this idea and if agreed upon how should we go about it? I would be interested in hearing a discussion on this subject at the next meeting.


In response to last months article on this device, Raphael sent over a lot of information on it plus a module that he had built himself. Raphael said he could not get this unit to work and I have not had time to try it for myself yet, but at least now I have more information on the subject available for anyone who would like to look at it.


Randal has submitted another article this month, this time on his interpretation of how Free Energy devices work. Randal has been doing some experimenting with charging capacitors slowly using solar panels and then discharging them quickly into a battery using an electronic circuit to control the charge/discharge rates. Some of the theory in this article is based on findings obtained during these experiments.

"For quite some time I have studied a wide range of free energy machine documentation and associated evidence in an effort to obtain a clear understanding of the subject and principles involved. unfortunately information available has been mostly incomplete, contradictory, or lost in undecipherable terminology.

After countless weeks of research and cross checking between all types of documented free energy machines I have concluded that the natural effect that man has already labelled inertia, is the means by which abundant amounts of surplus energy can be drawn from the environment or the ether. This evidence has been confirmed by my own experimentation with miniature Tesla coils, other resonant circuits and mechanical test rigs.

I has long been assumed by me that the inertia effect is linear, this is not the case. In fact, the 'Inverse Square Law' is applicable just as it is with gravity, magnetism and electrostatic fields. The same equation that is used with gravity can be renamed, rescaled and used with natures inertia effect. This fact has not been apparent because we usually work with small magnitude acceleration or deceleration, we are working at one end of an exponential curve where the inertia effect is nearly linear. We must also realise that if we accelerate and decelerate something at or near the same rate, any non-linearity effect will be nullified and go unnoticed.

Much of Man's machinery is very good at losing energy to nature's inertia effect but the process is reversible and we can use the inertia effect to gain energy from nature. To make free energy all we need to do is accelerate "something" with a small force for a long period causing minimal inertial loss to the environment or ether. We then intentionally cause massive decelleration to our "something" in motion. Since we now have sufficient magnitude to be working in the very curved area of an exponential curve we can utilise the inverse square characteristic of the inertia effect and reclaim the original energy expended and collect a free energy bonus from nature. We then repeat the cycle the faster we repeat it the more free energy we can collect. In practice I have called this principle 'Velocity Modulation' since it is our aim to advantageously modulate the velocity of "something" to achieve free energy extraction from the environment.

In practice, a free energy machine can operate by 'Velocity Modulating' any practical medium such as weights, flywheels, water, air, or best of all is magnetic and/or electrostatic fields, since we can work at higher modulating frequencies with these fields and the effect works just the same without mass. Inductive, capacitive (L/C) resonant circuits are particularly useful since the velocities of the L and C fields are continually modulating. The challenge for technicians is to add energy to a field during it's smallest acceleration period and to subtract surplus energy during the largest deceleration period of the field.

A natural free energy manifestation is cyclones or tornados. The air spiralling down through a cyclone is subject to continuous acceleration by the gravity effect, continuous constriction and centrifugal/centripetal forces over a relatively long period of time. When a parcel of air reaches the ground level, a sudden spiral defection, contraction and direction change occurs. This massive deceleration in velocity allows a cyclone to draw additional energy from the environment or ether to overcome it's own losses and keep it in motion via the exponential inertia effect. Velocity modulation is certainly evident in cyclones as it is in all free energy machines although not always recognised at first glance.

Free energy can be demonstrated just by charging a large capacitor up slowly and measuring the absolute wattage which has gone in, then disconnect from the power source and discharge the capacitor into a low impedance test load at least ten times faster. The discharge absolute wattage will be greater than the charge-up wattage because we have velocity modulated the current flowing  in the capacitor. The same tests can be done with inductors but is more difficult to set up. Even free energy permanent magnet motors work by velocity modulation of powerful magnetic fields. The Adams Motor/Generator can go "Over Unity" by mechanical velocity modulation of it's rotor and magnet assembly by means of standing wave resonance. In reality there must be hundreds of ways of making free energy machines yet the majority will work by the same underlying means.

During my studies I came to see that in the early days of science man made the erroneous assumptions that the flow of time is continuous. We have since based our entire science on this false assumption. Since averaging principles are used in acceleration/deceleration velocity calculations and have been used in deriving new equations or transposing, the time discrepancy has not been detected. My research in theories suggest that time speeds up within an object or field during acceleration and slows down during decelleration, with respect to a constant velocity observer. (Stationary). It will be an advantage to eventually dispense with the idea of time and replace it with a new means of measurement.

To experimenters I say no matter how you look at it anyone who efficiently employs the principles of velocity modulation in a free energy machine should achieve good results no matter what type of apparatus is used. These principles are of course also applicable to anti-gravity and time dilation research.

It is my sincere hope that this information will clarify the fact and encourage more free energy machine success."


This invention, by William Hyde, relates to the generation of electrical power by conversion of energy from an electrostatic field. Generally the conversion process associated with such prior art electrostatic generators involves the input of mechanical energy to separate charges so that a considerable portion of the output is derived from the conversion of mechanical energy. It is therefore an important object of the present invention to provide an electrostatic generator in which electrical power is derived from the energy of the static electric field with minimised input of mechanical power.

In this invention static electric fields are established between electrodes externally maintained at charged levels of opposite polarity and a pair of internal stator discs having segmental surfaces that are dielectrically spaced to confine the charges induced by the electric fields. A pair of rotor discs are rotated within continuous electric fields in planes perpendicular with the field flux to locationally vary the charge linkage established by the electric fields between the electrodes and the stator discs. Such changes in charge linkage are effected by rotation of electrically conductive segments of the rotor angularly spaced from each other to partially shield the stator discs from the electric fields. The segments of each rotor disc have charged faces confronting the electrodes in it's field to shield the stator disc over a total face area that is one half the total area of the confronting segment surfaces on the stator disc to which the induced charges are confined. Charges on the rotors and stators are equalised by electrical interconnections established through the rotor shafts. The stator discs are electrically interconnected with an electrical load through an output circuit transforming a high potential between the stator discs into a reduced DC voltage to conduct a correspondingly multiplied current through the load.

Energy input is limited to mechanical bearing losses and windage during conversion of electrostatic field energy to electrical energy as well as electrical resistance losses and other electrical losses encountered in the output circuit. Less than 10% of the electrical output is required for the mechanical input. A relatively high output voltage of 300,000 volts is obtained across the stators, this the output circuit having a voltage reducing, current multiplying attribute was selected to make the system useful for practical applications.


This month has seen some more editions to our video library, thanks to Raphael. He sent across too much stuff to be listed here, but subjects include alternative forms of propulsion, Free Energy devices and the Tate Ambient Module information.

Also thanks to Tony once again for information on a patent for a new type of transistor which could be useful in F/E research.

A batch of videos were also received from Lee in Sydney. The titles are:

The Philadelphia Experiment & Delta-T Generator (Tape 1)            Al Bielek

The Philadelphia Experiment & Delta-T Generator (Tape 2)            Al Bielek

An Hour with Stan Deyo                                                     Stan Deyo

Stan Deyo in Conference                                                     Stan Deyo

Pod Mod                                                                             McKee & Butler


The next meeting will be held on the third Friday once again, at the usual time of 7.30 PM, the date being


The video for this meeting will be: A Trip to Borderland Research Labs.

This video although it can be a little tedious demonstrates very well the type of measuring which must be done when testing over unity devices. The techniques involved must be applied to any experiments we carry out to get accurate and repeatable results.

The usual applies in that please bring $3.00 to cover video purchase and newsletter printing and postage, and something for supper would be appreciated.

I hope to see you all at the next meeting !!!!