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Welcome to the August edition of the newsletter. Now that I am a man of leisure, (ha,ha) I really don't know how I had time to go to work. Anyway thanks to Peter and the loan of his computer here is this months news.


Before the meeting got underway a gathering took place in the garage to watch Roger give a demonstration of the Ball-bearing motor and Leon doing some work on the Adam's motor using lead-acid batteries brought along by Randal.

Everyone then ventured inside to take part in our first AGM and it turned out to be a very quick meeting, beginning at 8.00PM and finishing at 8.10PM. During that time the old "stand-in" committee resigned and were re-elected with the support of the 17 people present. Consequently the "new" committee line-up is Ashley as Chairman, Kevin as Treasurer, and myself as Secretary.


This followed on from the AGM with Kevin giving his Treasurers report at which time Leon queried the possibility of us subscribing to the Borderland Science and Extraordinary Science magazines. The cost etc. of  this is being followed up by the committee. Next came the secretaries report during which the correspondence was read out. This was mainly from other ASTRO groups in NSW and VIC. but also included a copy of  the first PARA MAGNETICS newsletter which has information relating to the work Phil Callahan is doing and pictures of the comet hits on Jupiter that Peter had retrieved from Internet.

Colin brought along some copies of a Benjamin Creme book entitled "The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom" which were for sale at the bargain price of $5. (see Colin if you want one) George then gave an extremely interesting talk on "The Gradient of Scalar Fields" which included light waves, lasers, the sun and earth, the etheric envelope and scalar waves in it's subject matter. George has the amazing ability to make something complicated sound really simple and I'm sure people got a lot out of his talk.

Then came the video! Fred Dibnah the steeplejack, chosen because of cries from previous weeks of "it's too technical". There was an element of alternative technology in it, steam power, amidst the Bolton accent, cigarettes and the knocking down of industrial chimneys - a most entertaining video. (Thanks to Peter for the loan) The meeting proper finished at 10.20 and was followed by the usual socialising.



Lee from the Sydney group sent down some information on Stan Deyo tapes that they have and also informed me about a new Bielek-Nichols video on the Delta-T generator. Apparently this is very good stuff with information on Tesla's work on mass resonance which Lee says is relevant to Adam's motor research.

Cliff from the Byron Bay group sent down some information on the heat pump / low temperature phase change generator. He also agreed with the statements I made in the last newsletter regarding Hydrogen generation in relation to tube thickness, etc. Things seem to have slowed down in the experimental area up there due to time constraints on the people involved, but we shall look forward to any new developments in the future.


Good news from the Victorian ASTRO group this month was that at the last moment a group of people came forward to take on the job of serving on the committee so their group is "saved".



Chris Illert has released his latest book which has a "second" title of "A Beginners Guide to Cold Fusion". Rei from Victoria who told me about this could not remember the proper title. It is however available from Chris at $50 per copy.

Rei also told me of  a conference on Cold Fusion (and other subjects) to be held in Sydney on the 20th August.

Contact me for further information on the above two items.


While tidying up years of folders, information and assorted junk after I left work , I found a copy of Issue No1 of ASTRO NSW newsletter from March 1990. Amongst other items in this newsletter was an article on the Rotorbine engine which was to have been installed in a Ford GT40 body shell and run in the Darwin to Adelaide Solar Race. This never happened and I wondered if anyone (particularly NSW readers) has heard if this project is still ongoing or what the final outcome of it was. A lot of publicity surrounded this machine and I still have a magazine article on it in my library of information.

Having been fascinated by the power of these beasties it came to be of no surprise to me that the things do unequivocally affect our energy systems ( and I can prove it My experiments began on myself and a single individual or two and was centered around what affect it would have on the chakra centers of our body We thought that it may enhance these chakras to boost up the system. The first trials were with placing these magnets on such places as the third eye and the solar plexus centres. The results of such trials were that the aura of some people were so affected that they felt nauseously sick for up to a day or so after the experiment. Of note was the reports of feeling disconnected with their bodies, head aches of an unusual kind, and a sense of a fragmented aura or life energy force. Many reports came in of the sensation of numbness experienced in the hands after having handled the magnets for a length of time (at least 10 mins ) After being told never to touch these dangerous things again by one person, I let the idea go for a while.

The opportunity came to test the affects of these magnets out with the astral view of a friend who would also be channeling a doctor at the same time. I was to be the guinea pig. I was quickly told not to let these things near my chakras, and not to handle them for long because they would affect the energy centres of my hand chakras for quite a long time and affect my healing abilities. As an experiment the doctor suggested to put the magnets in these exact places.

1) on the base of the spine with the north pole facing upwards (This is with the person being face down on the floor)

2) above the head in line with the top chakra and with the poles facing in the opposing direction to the first magnet. I was told not to use it in any other way because it would badly affect the energy field. This positioning of the magnets produced an interesting experience of feeling the energy of the base chakra slowly move up the through each chakra over a period of 5 mins. I could feel this warm buzzy energy push through each chakra (some taking longer than others) and as I experienced each point being passed the channel would say that the energy had moved to that particular chakra, just as I felt it happen.

My point with all this is that it is very evident to me that we are affected at lower levels with the magnetic affects of the elect ro-mag netic fields we have in our every day lives. I have noted affects such as these in every day life-

1) using a computer at normal screen distances causes the energy in my head to lose focus and basically stuff up my energy in just 1.5 hours When I move the screen to 5-6 feet away, I'm able to go for 4-6 hours before this affect sets in.

2) using an electric blower to sweep driveways means that the 600watt motor sits at my hip level for some 10 mins and causes my stomach area to go nauseous in that time.

3) electric hair driers could do the same, but I have not found any affect on me.

In summary, considering that magnets and e/m devices are now used in healing therapies, it is safe to say that there in both good and bad possible with these fields and so I would advise that you expose yourself to minimal levels of these fields because we don't really know yet what affects they have on us. Please note that the craziest people I have come across also live in the most electrified city on earth and have the most murder rates etc. etc. People here five in apartments surrounded by heaps of electronics and have 200+ radio stations and 50+ T.V. frequencies going through them daily, yes you guessed it it's NEW YORK.

Believe me folks, you are being affected.


This has come to a bit of a standstill as only a few people have entered in their details at recent meetings. Could anyone who has not given me details of their "resources" please either let me know if they have any or do not want to be on the list.


This month has seen more donations by Roger of the following booklets.

Baumann - Testatika                       -  Swiss free energy machine.    

Hydrogen Vehicle System               - Carl Cella hydrogen system.

Tesla Coil                                       - building Tesla coils.

Kevin has also donated an audio tape of an interview with Colin Andrews entitled "The Crop Circle Mystery". Thanks to both "donators" for their support in sharing this information by making it available to others through the library.


Due to the fact that our printing costs have risen (from zero to 5 cents per side), the price for subscribing to the newsletter has had to increase to $10 per year. All the other conditions remain the same in that if you attend meetings you will be sent out the next three issues after your last attendance. This ensures that costs are kept down and only those who really want the newsletter will be on the mailing list.


On the next two pages are articles, one from Randal on the internal combustion engine in which he asks "What is wrong with it?" and "How it should work", and the other is from Dino on the subject of the effects of magnets on the human body.

It is good to have articles in this newsletter written by different people, as I think it gives a more balanced view of the subjects that we deal with instead of just hearing my thoughts on things. So thankyou Randal and Dino for your contributions and I welcome future contributions from any sources.



Why are exhaust pipes sooty black?

Why is economy so bad?

Why does exhaust gas smell so bad and toxic gas emissions are high?


Incomplete and unstable gasification of liquid fuel within the engine and liquid fuel does not burn directly, only Hydrocarbon gas given off burns.

Petrol  requires a high temperature to completely boil it into Hydrocarbon gas, but this is not achieved during the intake cycle. In the engine only the more volatiles turn into gas initially, the remaining liquid can only turn into gas after the spark plug has ignited the charge. When the plug fires, the gas/air ratio is slightly lean, then as the flame front builds up, more and more fuel is boiled into Hydrocarbon gas. This causes the mixture to briefly become correct and then become richer and richer until it's very rich at and after the end of the power stroke. The gasification rate varies according to the combustion temperature and pressure.

This unstable gasification, and therefore unstable gas\air ratio is the cause of incomplete combustion resulting in carbon monoxide, carbon, hydrocarbon and some nitrogen oxide emissions. This incomplete combustion also causes black soot (carbon) deposits in the exhaust pipe, bad fuel economy and exhaust gases which smell bad.

Petrol engine (pinging) and diesel engine (knock) is caused by very high pressure and incompressible liquid in the combustion chamber. Petrol engines need complicated ignition timing control and fuel enrichment systems to compensate for unstable gasification of fuel. The diesel engine has similar faults only the problem is so bad, there is less toxic carbon dioxide emission and much more of the fuel is turned straight into carbon (black soot).


No liquid fuel must ever enter any engine combustion chamber. The liquid fuel can be sprayed and then must be completely and quickly flash boiled into hydrocarbon gas in a precisely controlled gasifier containing no air utilising waste exhaust engine heat. Hot dry gas can then expand into the engine intake where it can mix with air at the correct ratio. The air can be warm but must not be hot as this will cause charge rarification and engine power loss.

Once the engine is running correctly on pure hydrocarbon gas, fuel economy will be outstanding. The engine can't "ping", oil dilution can't happen and less heat will be wasted in the exhaust system. The exhaust system will stay clean, smell cleaner and only emit water and non-toxic carbon monoxide.

The internal combustion engine will run perfectly on any fuel whatsoever that can be boiled into clean hydrocarbon gas.


Collin has run his new design motor successfully at about 4,500 RPM using a battery supply of 36 Volts with good results. The rotor is about 125mm diameter and the outside casing is about 250mm diameter. The basic design of the motor is as shown in the drawing below which Collin faxed to me some time ago. The coils are bifilar wound so that combinations of series/parallel and drive/generation coils can be used. The switching is designed as per Adams style and Collin has recently had switching gear designed and tested that operates at 120 Amps, showing that this is no toy motor.


The next meeting will be held on the third Friday once again, at the usual time of 7.30 PM, the date being


This month we are privileged to have Frank Chapman as a guest speaker who will be talking about the work he has been doing on the "SPIRAL CALENDAR". This is a calendar which works on the Fibonacci number series and the moon cycles. In his talk Frank will discuss how this information relates to public trends, mood swings, stock market trends and associated items.

If time permits I will show a 30 minute video on "Cold Fusion" to finish off the meeting.

The usual applies in that please bring $3.00 to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would be appreciated.

I hope to see you all at the next meeting !!!!