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Welcome to the July edition of the newsletter. By the time you read this newsletter I will have left work after being with the same employer for 28 years. This means that I will now have more time to pursue alternative energy ideas, but unfortunately will have somewhat less resources to do it with. Part of this means that from now on we will have to pay for our photocopying for this newsletter, so if any of you out there has a "cheap" option please let me know.


The June 17th meeting began a bit late, well actually a lot late, due to much discussion taking place by individual groups while things were getting organised. Apologies were received from Simon and George with 22 people eventually attending.

Ashley opened the meeting by re-explaining the changes which have occurred due to the incorporation, and then reminded everyone that the first AGM will be held next month before the July monthly meeting. Ashley also had an article on the forthcoming comet collision with Jupiter and its possible effects. Tony indicated that he would have available, on computer disc, NASA pictures of the event which will be available on Internet. Kevin as acting Treasurer then told us that we were in the black to the tune of $194 and reminded those who had not paid, of the special one off $2 payment to cover the incorporation costs. He then mentioned something about nearly having enough money to buy a new motorbike. This was followed by myself, as Secretary, reading out correspondence and other information received during the month. This included the latest flyer from the Victorian group and titbits from Ian Hacon. I then mentioned the photocopying problem and impressed on people to read their newsletters carefully as there is a date change for the AGM / monthly meeting.

The meeting was then opened up for general comment with Caroline telling us about an open day at the Village Community at Kuitpo on June 26th. This community incorporates wind and solar power, regenerating redgum forest, composting loos and a reedbed filtration system. Leon then gave a quick explanation of the tests done last month on the motor, the next step being to replace the troublesome gell cells with lead acid batteries. Michael brought along some photocopies of an article on a new engine which only has nine components (more about this later) and also mentioned an English Technology magazine that he has come across called Focus. Dino brought up the subject of working with strong magnets and the effects of this on the human body and the field which surrounds it. Ian then talked about some experimenting that we did in Kuitpo forest measuring Schumann fields in pine and gum forests and explained some of the theory of how trees can change the bond angle of water, etc. Teslas Longitudinal Electricity was the subject of the video and was found to be interesting but a bit too technical for some. The evening finished with "tea, coffee and bickies", lots of talk and some drum playing with the last group leaving a bit after the 12 O'clock curfu time at about a quarter to one.


The Melbourne ASTRO group had the Australian Nikola Tesla Society as their guests at their June meeting, members of which were giving a talk and a demonstration of a fully shielded High voltage Tesla Coil. This sounds like it would have been a great night, so lets hope their group can keep going after next months AGM. Also included with this information was an article entitled "Anti-Gravity and the Monoliths" which I have inserted on the next page.


I thought that it would be a good idea to present questions and answers which have come up at meetings etc. so that others may comment on them. Three questions which arose at the June meeting are presented below with the answers given to the best of my memory.

Question: What is the difference between Schumann A and B fields?
Answer: The "A" field is in the frequency range of 3 - 16Hz and is said to be Yin or passive, while the "B" field has a                frequency range of 17 - 27Hz and is said to be Yang or active. Finally there is also a "C" field which at a frequency                  range of 28 - 31Hz is said to be discordant.

Question: Does anyone know of a magnetic insulator?
Answer: Suggestions were mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Question: How do you make a monopole magnet?
Answer: Nobody knew any details but apparently a Japanese scientist has made them by looping a copper strip around the magnet, like a coil, but twisting the copper 180 degrees as it passed by the start point of the loop (eg. mobius) This was then surrounded by a conventional coil for the current to pass through.

If anybody has information regarding these questions or has other questions they would like answers to (no smartarse ones Ian or Dino) please let me know, in writing preferably, and I shall attempt to include them in future newsletters so that all may share the information.



(I would like to thank Cedric for the following article which he wrote after looking at the latest Searle videos and book.)

Having looked through the primer info. and got bleary eyed watching both videos, I have come to the conclusion that if all the information is correct then this is truly a remarkable machine and is truly a prime mover in it's own right.

The key part in the project seems to be in the magnetic rollers themselves being a unipolar cylinder having a spiral wave form, with a similar magnet running inside, and once assembled and put on an appropriate track starts to run forever unless a certain frequency is imposed upon it. Heady stuff this!

These magnets are not available from the shops and have to be made according to the Law of the Squares, of which a small portion is shown in the primer. This calculator is down to atomic levels as a numerical representation of matter and energy. Oh yes I forgot to mention that these magnets also oscillate and or rotate and an actual demonstration is shown on the video. How many magnets have these properties? The ones shown on the tape were old ones that had been exposed to the weather for 10 years or so, but still worked 100%.

Getting down to basics. The machine has sets of rollers running on 3 separate rings or plates as they are called at up to a speed of 200 miles per second! There is a transistor action with base, emitter and collector action formed by the magnet compositions. AC is generated and collected by coils on the outermost set of rollers. There are also reservoirs for storage in the rollers. By now you may be able to see that this is not a simple set-up but rather carefully worked out and quite complicated.

It is alleged that there has been the usual problems with the authorities who always seem to find a way to stop production, this time by burning house, records, drawings and almost all photos of machines. This makes it difficult to assess the machine without a working model but it does seem feasible IF information supplied can be trusted. .......................C.L.


Information gathered from experiments being carried on around the country suggest that the following methods are preferable to get the largest amounts of "dry" hydrogen to run an engine:

1. Use a header tank to collect the hydrogen and to allow the water vapour picked up in the production process to drop out of the gas mixture back into the originating tank. It has been found that otherwise too much water vapour is sucked into the engine and it does not run as well.

2. Using thicker 316 stainless tube works a lot better in producing gas than a thin gauge tube.

3. Roughing up the surface of the tubes also gives greater gas production.

If other experimenters reading this have found similar results, or disagree with the above information please let me know as sharing results is one of the quickest ways to speed up the process of getting a fully operational model running.


I have heard a rumour that a group interstate has a 50Kw machine running but have had trouble controlling it. Has anyone else heard anything of this ????


Michael brought along an article about the Rand Cam Engine to the last meeting, which came from the March 94 edition of Car Craft magazine. The interesting things about this engine are its simplicity, small size, and lightweight. The engine has only nine parts and seven of these actually move. The heart of the engine is the rotor which has six vanes on each side of it so that as it rotates it forms twelve combustion chambers where it fits into the two stators. Tests have shown that this engine can deliver two to three times the power output of a Wankel engine of equivalent length and diameter. Also an engine of similar power to a Wankel would be 50% lighter. The engine can be built as an Otto (gas) engine or as a multifuel diesel power plant with a compression ratio of greater than 20:1. Further information can be obtained from Reg Resources Corp, Dept. CC, 7-11720 Voyageur Way, Richmond, BC V6X-3G9,Canada.


An article appeared in the Advertiser recently on a local housing development which is using geothermal technology and heat pumps to provide heating and cooling. This is interesting as it has similarities with the Dennis Lee designs and his LTPC generator.


Roger has donated two of the Rex Research info packs to our library, and so are available to be borrowed. They are:

1. Bruce Depalma N Machine (Nos 1 - 5)

2. The Hubbard Coil Generator


ASTRO SA's first ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at 7.30PM SHARP! on


This will involve election of our first "real" committee, so think about whether you want to be involved personally or nominate someone you think would be good for the position.

This will be followed by the normal monthly meeting at which we hope to have Roger demonstrate his ball bearing motor as seen on the DePalma talk show video.

The video for this meeting will be: Something not as technical as last month!

The usual applies in that please bring $3.00 to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would also be appreciated.

Please note that, as explained at the June meeting,the next meeting is not being held on the third Friday this month. I hope to see you all at there !!!!