Adelaide Branch

Welcome to the March edition of the newsletter. (that was basic wasn't it?)



The first "incorporation" meeting was held on Friday 4th of February and was attended by six people, including myself. Several hours were spent going through the Victorian club rules and relating them to requirements of the South Australian laws. The basic essence was maintained but variations were made where we thought our needs were different or where the South Australian laws were not being met. It was generally accepted that all of the running of the group has been left up to me which has led to problems on meeting nights keeping track of returned videos and meeting fees. This led to a recommendation that we have a committee of three people being Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Membership will continue as is, in that there will be no membership or annual fee but the meeting fee will go up to $3 per meeting. Also there is a plan to track meeting attendance more accurately enabling the distribution of newsletters to be done more fairly.


The second meeting was a week later on Friday 11th of February with the same group turning up again except for Ian who sent an apology as he had another commitment that night. This meeting was a little more straight forward as it was mainly a case of transferring last meeting's information into an acceptable form and order. Some discussion was needed to clarify the finer points of several areas but overall it all came together quite easily and relatively quickly thanks to Peter's typing skills taking over from my two fingered approach. Kevin's interpretation is presented in the accompanying cartoon! (It took ages though to clean out the biscuit crumbs from the keyboard.

After the second meeting I tidied up the format and passed it on to Ian who proof read the final draught copy. This checked and slightly altered version was then gone through again at a gathering before the start of the February monthly meeting, modified again and finally submitted to a friendly lawyer to check it over. Hopefully it will be OK and we can then pay our $87 to the government and get on with Astroing.

Thanks to Kevin, Simon, Ian, Ashley and Peter for making the effort and having the interest to come along. ( it wasn't all work, as we did have lots of ASTRO type discussions as well.)

Peter wipes out the "Incorporated" programme at 1am whilst reaching for Maries biscuits.


The February meeting began at about 7.45pm with the showing of the first hour of the Sacred Geometry video with most of the 20 people present arriving "on time". After part one of the video a general discussion took place, including a new oil filter made here in Australia (see article on the LTM filter) that appeared on Beyond 2000 and the latest information on the H2 cell work from the people in NSW. George then passed on the news that Jeremy Lee, who was trying to market the Phase Change Generator technology in America as seen in the last newsletter, has been put in gaol once again and basically put out of business. His assets have gone from $50M to zero and has basically been broken by "the system" to the point that when George finally tracked down his wife she answered the phone with her maiden name. This probably indicates that this technology works! The meeting then got even more depressing with a discussion on the ozone hole, whether it really exists, and if it does is it chloroflourocarbons that are the culprit or are there other reasons. Andrew came up with some information that suggests that electromagnetic radiation has some part to play in this scenario. Andrew also talked about an energy efficient housing group set up in Adelaide sponsored by ETSA and other backers testing different designs for heating etc. for housing. One interesting water heater being used, made by Siddons Industries, is a hot water service using an air mounted heat collector and compressor similar to Jeremy Lee's system. It will be interesting to hear the results of these tests. The discussion then drifted onto health with the effect of copper on healing and the use of a substance called Q10 for immune disorders being discussed. We then went via Russians and scalar waves onto a presentation by Ian on his work that he has done on our house mapping ley lines, negative and positive energy lines, Chi etc and brought along a coil to demonstrate how the negative effect of some of these lines can be negated or "de-tensioned". Part two of the video was then shown and we concluded the evening with the usual supper and more chats, with the last people leaving just before 1am.



Lee rang from the Sydney group and let me know the latest news from over there. He mentioned the lecture that George took part in and said it was very successful with about 70 people attending. Videos will be available in unedited form. The Adam's motor group met mid February with two machines being brought along and demonstrated running, however neither were achieving over unity. Lee said that the only person he has heard of that has obtained overunity is Brisbane experimenter Bill McMurtry (see Adams motor item)


Nothing heard from over the border this month.



Tony and Leon bought a couple of old Fujitsu disc drives from the local "computer wreckers" and are using them as test beds for motor experiments. This seems like a very good way of building a prototype as the design makes it extremely flexible to alter the parameters of the motor (e.g. changing coils, rotors, etc.) The shaft is held by one very high quality bearing so the rotor can be fitted onto one end of the shaft and is very stable even at high RPM. The other advantage is that each unit contains eight very strong magnets which are 56mm by 40mm and are actually glued down the middle so they can be split to form sixteen magnets 56mm by20mm. The advantage of this brand of disc drive is that the magnets are rectangular whereas some other brands have magnets of varying shapes so they are more difficult to use. The whole unit only costs about $40 with the magnets alone being worth at least $200, so it is a very cost effective way of building a motor. I have drawn the unit below so if anyone is searching for one, they have got some idea of what they are looking for. Next month I shall give a few tips in pulling one apart including how to extract the magnets without breaking them.


Collin sent down a newspaper clipping of Brisbane technician Bill McMurtry. He has built an Adams motor prototype (see picture) and has claimed over unity with it. He was quoted in the article as saying "I have had remarkable results. All of Bob's (Adams) claims have been proven to me in that the motor does exactly what he says." McMurtry has followed the work of various people over the last ten years and has found that most of them are in error or quite fraudulent but he was impressed by the simplicity of Adam's invention and has since gone to New Zealand to work with him to help develop the prototype further.

Lee from Sydney has told me a similar story and that since McMurtry has become a partner with Adams he is now not divulging any secrets of how he achieved over unity. He did however leave one clue and that was that you "must get a one-quarter wavelength", so if that gives anyone any ideas let me know and I shall pass it on.



Peter has passed on an article which appeared in a local newspaper regarding scientists from the Melbourne University who have devised a new combustion process in which a small pocket of hydrogen gas is fired by the ignition system prior to the main fuel charge. The hydrogen in turn promotes a very even flame pattern for the main fuel charge and as a result the engine can run on a much leaner fuel mixture, reducing nitrous oxides and enhancing fuel economy. (20% improvement) A catalyst is used to produce a small amount of hydrogen from the fuel which is injected at the appropriate moment into the combustion chamber. The gas is then ignited by the conventional ignition system and the flame immediately spreads to the main fuel charge. The system works best at a air / fuel ratio of 35:1 and is said to reduce NOx emissions to between 1000 and 5000 times lower than a standard engine, which brings it back to a level comparable with normal atmospheric air. (do we still have such stuff, and what is "normal") The process is expected to be commercially available within five to seven years.


An item on Beyond 2000 led me to enquiring about the L-T-M oil filter system produced in Western Australia. The system works by drawing off a very small amount of the oil pumps full flow, from which it removes all abrasive and soluble contaminants. Because it is a by-pass flow it is possible to use a very much finer filtering medium, (down to 0.07 of a micron) and so remove all abrasive contaminants. It also absorbs the very damaging solubles, such as water, which would pass through any purely restrictive filter. Without the presence of water (a natural by-product of the combustion of petrol) damaging sludge and highly corrosive sulphuric acid will not form. The bottom line is that every 10,000 Kms the filter is changed which loses half a litre of oil instead of draining the whole 4 - 5 Litres and no change of the normal oil filter is required. An L-T-M filter system was fitted to a taxi and found to be free of contaminates and water and fit for further use after 400,000 Kms. It is claimed that a saving of 80% of normal oil replacement costs can be made. The environment would be the big winner though with an estimated reduction of 61 million litres of oil and 15 million O.E.M. type filters in Australia alone per year. The cost of the filter is $149 individually, or $200 for the complete kit with all fittings and hoses, while the replaceable inserts are $3 each.  Further information can be obtained from Andy at Lubemobile at Thebarton on 234 2188.



On the next page is a newspaper clipping that Collin has sent down about Bruce Depalma which I thought was worth including. Once again it was faxed down to me, so the quality is lacking a little but the information is still readable.





Collin has sent down another article, this time from English newspaper, about a new electric car design which uses the air flow through the body to operate a turbine / generator to recharge the batteries. The vehicle, designed by 60 year old David Burns, is in development stage and the first full size vehicle should be running by June. A wooden mock-up has been tested by Russia's Aerodynamics Institute,(no English institutions would listen to his idea) and is said to have worked incredibly well. The top speed of the "wind car" is 100MPH and the range is about 300 miles for each overnight battery recharge. The car is driven by two electric motors, one on each front wheel, with a powerful under-floor air driven turbine alternator recharging the batteries as the car is driven along. As it is air driven, the alternator can operate at a faster rate than the speed of the car, and therefore produce more electricity than would otherwise be possible. The air enters a cone shaped tunnel through a 54 inch diameter intake where the vehicle's grille would normally be. As the air rushes in it gathers force at the cone's narrow end, where a jet of air drives the fan blades of the turbine and so turns the alternator. The air jet "exhaust" also helps propel the car along. Because of the shape of the wind cone, another unusual aspect of this car is the four seats which are sited one behind the other. The inventor claims that the car will be cheap to buy and run with almost no servicing costs. There are only 40 components in the whole vehicle, including it's plastic body, and he envisages it will go on sale for about 10,000 pounds. (sorry about all this imperial talk like inches, miles and pounds but after all it is English - and Kevin will understand it)


The next meeting will be held on the third Friday once again, at the usual time of 7.30 PM, the date being :  FRIDAY 18th MARCH.

The video for this meeting will be:  HOAGLAND'S MARS

This is a presentation made to the United Nations in 1992 by Richard Hoagland. This video uses official NASA footage and computer graphics to show a connection between pyramids, etc. on Mars to sites like Stonehenge and crop circles. This is an amazing video with a surprise ending!

It was decided at the Incorporation meeting that the fee for each meeting should be raised, so please bring along $3.00 from now on to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would be appreciated.

STOP PRESS!!!!   Congratulations to Kevin, Kendra and Sophie on the birth of their baaaybeee, Chloe on  the 27th         February.