Adelaide Branch

Welcome to the November edition of the newsletter. October has been a really exciting month with a lot of new enquiries regarding ASTRO and an exceptionally good attendance at the monthly meeting.


The October meeting was the largest we have had with a record 25 people turning up. The meeting began with a demonstration of the Adams motor prototype with quite a few people who had not seen it before wondering what it was all about. The input and output ammeter readings were impressive and so was the magnetometer reading (or should I say scary) when we measured the magnetic field being emminated from the device. The field measured was equivalent to that measured approximately 300mm from the face of a TV screen, so the field was quite intense. The meeting proper then began with an introduction of each person telling the group their name and interest in ASTRO. This was controlled very ably by Leon and proved to be a worthwhile exercise because of the number of new people. It also showed what an amazing variety of interests and talents we have gathered as a group which includes orgone generators, earth grid work and fourth dimension physics to name a few. The meeting then continued with me giving a quick explanation of how the Adams motor works for those who had not heard the story before, followed by the video of Stan Meyer's 1993 lecture (or was that sermon) at a Borderland Sciences Conference. Supper followed with lots more chatter with most people leaving by 2am and the last two stayers going at 2.45am. (another record)


SYDNEY - It would appear our expertise in Adelaide is being recognised. George tells me that ASTRO in Sydney are flying him over there to give a lecture at a meeting being held on the 5th December from 1.30PM until 5.30PM at the Balmain Leagues Club. George will be speaking on Healing and Fourth Dimensional stuff while on the same programme will be Chris Illert talking on Cold Fusion and Jenny Bourke who will be speaking on a health related topic. There will be an advertisement in the next issue of Nexus magazine for this event.

MELBOURNE - Bob Fletcher from Melbourne ASTRO asked me to speak about free energy and the Adams motor on Radio 3RPP's Paranormal Experience show while I was in Melbourne recently. It was an interesting experience to participate in the show on which Bob has a regular segment talking about ASTRO related events. It was also organised for me to talk on the Adams motor at a special ASTRO meeting held at the East Preston Community Health Centre later in the same week. This was an excellent night which began with a demonstration of Sergio Bughi's Adams motor. This was followed by my talk which really turned into a two way discussion on how to put together an Adams motor and test it. I think I gave them some ideas to go on with and they certainly gave me some good ideas to try. All in all although there were not many who attended, it was a great night and at least enabled me to meet face to face some people that I had either only heard of or spoken to on the telephone.


As mentioned above Sergio has built a prototype and has had it running for a while. Looking back on what we have done, I think his idea of building a small unit is a good one and is what I would recommend to anyone else contemplating on getting one going. The reason I say this is that the mechanical and electrical problems of building a larger prototype are not there when designing a small machine. This enables the principles of the motor to be investigated more easily without having to worry about these other problems and also results in reduced cost (eg. cheaper magnets)
Sergio's motor is of interesting design and is very small but nevertheless rotates at 4000RPM (measured using a frequency counter) and does recharge the battery running it. He is using a magnetic pickup (reed switch) to switch the timing pulses. It is interesing to note that it behaves similar to our prototype in that after running for a while the speed changes and the machine speed "hunts" up and down over a period of time. He also stated that the machine will always seek a particular part of the bench that he tests it on, in that it will vibrate it's way to that spot every time it is run even though the bench is perfectly flat. He seems to think that it is to do with the earths energy grid that this effect happens. Sergio said that Robert Adams has stated that during his tests his machines have produced more output at one end of his test bench than the other. Below is a simple drawing to illustrate the design of this motor.



Two items from NSW , the first from Colin who wrote me a letter showing the latest he has been up to. This machine is using a rotor identical to ours using four neosydnium magnets (22mm diameter by 10mm thick) and is using five (to enable self starting) laminated "G" cores with two coils wound on each core. Each coil is wound double strand with 1.6mm wire with 12 turns per layer and 10-12 layers. It will be interesting to see the torque figures on this motor and also the current it will draw.
The other item comes via Ray Stark from the Sydney ASTRO group who tells me that someone from their group is claiming they have constructed an Adams motor that is producing 130% efficiency. On what basis this claim is made Ray could not tell me, so I guess we will have to wait until more information is forthcoming.


Colin from NSW sent me this photocopy of an article which appeared in 1989 in Maggies Farm magazine. It appears to have similarities with the Adams motor with it's coil / magnet combination and encoder wheel. Colin sent the article to me for interest and also to find out if anyone has heard of it and if anything has developed from it or is it another disappeared invention or hoax.


I think that we need more interaction between the interstate groups mainly on a technical level to assist us all in our efforts. I send this newsletter each month as I find addresses for other ASTRO groups but unfortunately there is very little that comes back. Now for the news items that I have located:


Ray Stark tells me that he is to start a third ASTRO group in NSW (the other two being Sydney and Byron Bay) beginning next month somewhere up in the Blue Mountains out of Sydney. His plan is to have lectures and videos each month on an extremely wide range of topics in order to generate interest in a lot of areas and then to have smaller groups take on a particular area and work with it.


Ian Hacon let me know that a small group is running in Canberra, much like us in that it is pretty informal and held at somones home. Apparently they have discussions on various issues but I do not know if they are active in the experimental area.


It was interesting to see how the ASTRO network operates in Melbourne while I was there. They hold a monthly meeting at which they have a guest speaker and like this new Sydney group have a very wide range of topics. I personally feel that their range is too great and does not really reflect what I understand ASTRO is all about, and that is the "alternative science and technology research" part. However there is a lot of enthusiastic members over there and they are attempting to reach out to the public with their meetings and the radio segment that Bob Fletcher does every week. They also have an ASTRO HOT LINE which is available 24HRS on (03) 467 8090 for all the latest information.


EARTH GRIDS & BUCKY BALLS - George and Jim have been playing around doing some experimenting and I have heard from another source that they have been getting some intersting results. Hopefully they will be able to tell us something more concrete about what they have done at the next meeting.

HYDROGEN PRODUCTION TESTS - The only news I have on this front is that Andrew is redesigning his Hydrogen cell as he was having problems with the original one with the current flowing around the ends of the plates thus increasing the current flow in the device. The new design will eliminate this problem.


This is another plea for articles of anything from a technical nature to scandal !!! If you are doing any experimenting or have a theory or criticism let me know so I can include it in this newsletter. We need to open the lines of communication - who knows if you have an idea, someone may already have begun experimenting with it, thus saving you hours of work to get to that same point. I also feel that afer talking to people with quite a diverse set of interests and theories at the last meeting, maybe our projects may obtain better results if we start to combine ideas instead of treating them as different subjects. What do YOU think ?


My apologies for the mixup regarding the Tesla Society leaflet which was to be included with last months newsletter. I found them after I had posted last month's edition thus they were not included. I shall assume that those who were at the last meeting picked up a copy, so I shall only include it with this months newsletter if you were not at the last meeting.


Robert has kindly given me a copy of the information to enable the ordering of Colin Andrew's bi-monthly newsletter. (thankyou Robert) I shall endevour to get that posted off this week so we can keep in touch with what is happening in that area.


The next meeting will be held on the third Friday once again, at the usual time of 7.30 PM, the date being FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19th.

The videos for this meeting will be:

1. Adam Trombley talking about Zero Point Energy

2. A look at a Bruce Depalma style N machine built by an American in his garage.

Unfortunately it does not show the machine running but it does demonstrate the principle very well. (Each video runs for 30minutes.)

The usual applies in that please bring $2.50 to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would be appreciated.

I hope to see you all at the next meeting !!!!

"Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you someting to do but never gets you anywhwere."