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The August meeting was well attended with 15 people present. After the general chitchat that
occurs at these functions, everyone settled down to watch the first video which George had kindly brought along. The video consisted of three short items on the Noble gas engine, the Reed magnetic motor and an interesting item on a Honda being run on a fuel vapour system originating from an Esky, sorry they call it an "Ice Box" over there in there in the US of A. The owner of the vehicle was claiming 300MPG, pretty astounding if it's true. A brief discussion then followed on the date and / or whereabouts of the next meeting as it cannot be held on the third Friday of next month at the usual place - more about that later in the newsletter. A list of videos available from the Newtech - Organics Video Club was passed around for comment and possible selection and finally I displayed the stainless steel tubes which were sent over from Ian in Bendigo which are to be used as a test set-up to produce Hydrogen / Oxygen using a variation of the old technique of electrolysis. This then led to the next video of some experimenters who claim to be running vehicles on Hydrogen produced by applying 12Volts from the car battery across SS tubes similar to the ones mentioned above. The night finished with tea and coffee, etc. and lots of discussions, particularly regarding the last video.


I am looking for the two books listed below which I have loaned to ASTRO members. If you have them or know where they are could you please let me know.
The Rex Research book is a spiral bound booklet of photocopied A4 size sheets while the Free Energy Manual is a proper book.

Rex Research Infolios "Searle Levitation Disk Generator (File Nos. 1, 2 &3) and Free Energy Manual"


The video we saw at the last meeting on running cars on hydrogen certainly was quite convincing and certainly showed the gas being produced at a good rate. I have put together what I feel are the main points to follow in the pursuit of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. This information has been gathered from various sources and seems to be the most credible way to pursue further experiments at this stage. Please remember however that this is NOT a "Do it yourself Hydrogen Production Manual"- even the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. Above all remember that Hydrogen is DANGEROUS so if you intend experimenting BE CAREFUL !!!!
The diagram on the left is of the latest design of the Hydrogen producer as seen in the recent video. It consists of four concentric stainless steel tubes, with the centre one being connected to the negative battery terminal, the outside one to the positive (+12 Volt) battery terminal, and the centre two not connected to anything. These centre "neutral" tubes have the effect of reducing the current which flows in the unit while producing gas off all four tubes.
The centre tube is 68mm diameter, 1.6mm wall thickness, and the outer is 100mm diameter, 3mm wall thickness, with the other two tubes spaced so there is a gap of 5-7mm between concentric tubes.
All tubes are 435mm long.(These dimensions are as recommended in the video)
The centre tube also has square holes punched in it to increase the hydrogen production. These holes are 8mm square at 12mm centres over the entire tube.

Other things which appear to be relevant are :

1. Engine timing is critical - normally 25-30 degrees advanced (on H2 only) and about 15 degrees on a mixture of petrol and H2.

2. Vacuum appears to have an important effect on the production of gas with the larger the vacuum, the more hydrogen being produced.

3. Related to point No.2 is that a constant vacuum carburettor (e.g. SU carby)is needed for optimum running.

4. Added to the water in the producer is Caustic Soda at a ratio of one tablespoon to four litres of water.

5. The type of Stainless Steel is also important. For ordinary electrolysis, use a low corrosion type such as 316 grade. For more advanced tuned cells use grades 410 or 2205 as these have some magnetic properties which may be important in designing a such a cell.


I have ordered four videos from Nutech - Organics, at a reduced rate for ASTRO, thanks to Ian. They are :

1. Water Fuel Cell by Stan Meyer "TAPE TWO" In this tape is explained in more detail the method of splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen using voltage potential in resonance.

2. The N-Machine by Bruce De Palmer in which he talks about his free energy N machine. Also on this tape is Wingate Lambertson talking about his WIN free energy system.

3. Nazi UFO's This is a documentary on the research and development of flying disks by the German government of the 1930's.

4. UFO's and the Crop Circle Mystery by Colin Andrews. This is the third crop circle video and contains slides and never before seen video's of UFO's over the crop circles in England.



Three pamphlets for workshops and/or lectures have arrived on our doorstep, some local and affordable and the other one interstate and a bit more financially out of reach for most.

Firstly there is a field day at Tintinara in the South East being held by Phil Callahan on the subject of "Eco-Agriculture". The seminar and field day will elaborate on his work in infra-red and low energy systems for pest control and his theory on the paramagnetic qualities of soil, and will be held on a property in which Biodynamic and Permaculture principles are applied. Also the effect of two towers( based on Callahan's models) upon soil fertility, feed value and weed control across many acres of farmland will be viewed. The seminar will be held on Thursday October 28th from 10.00AM until 3PM and will cost $35.

The next item is the "One Spirit Camp" which is being held at Burra in the Mid North. This is the fourth camp that has been held but is the first one at Burra. The camp is basically a series of workshops for self exploration and development combined with lots of sharing, fun, drumming, and creativity. It is being held in September from Friday 17th until Sunday 19th or Monday 20th (optional) with the cost being $35 for two days or $40 for three days. Concessions apply. Also a bus will be running from Adelaide for those with no transport.

Finally there is a seminar called "The new Scientific Renaissance" at which the main speaker is Chris Illert of Bucky Ball fame. Subjects include Classical verses Quantum Physics, New and Future Technologies and a display of Solar and Alternative

Technologies. It is being held on Saturday 17th April from 10AM until 6PM at the Moonee Ponds Civic Centre in Melbourne at a cost of $65 per person.

If anyone requires more detailed information about any of the above seminars/courses/ camps please contact me for further details.


I thought I would include this article which appeared in the local paper as I felt it could have some uses in our experimental work.

ASTEC PAINT is a vinyl paint containing ceramic particles. It is available only in white which reflects heat while the ceramic pigment stops the transmission of heat. According to the advertising literature, use of this paint can make a difference of 40% in energy costs and can reduce the inside temperature of the house by as much as 25% in summer as well as helping to retain warmth in the house during winter. This coating is more expensive than conventional paint but does have a 10 year warranty. ASTEC can be obtained from the agents, Astec, 24 Pinn St, St. Marys, and from Shipway Spescoat, 130 Halifax St, city.


The next meeting will be held on the SECOND Friday , NOT the third Friday as usual. This is because Marie and myself will be going to the Spirit Camp which unfortunately happens to be on the usual ASTRO meeting night. Soooooooo the next meeting will be on.....

Friday SEPTEMBER 10th at the usual time of 7.30PM.

The videos for this meeting will be :

Cloning via Scalar Technologies by George Merkyl

Reed Magnet Motor - This is a bit more "in depth" than the one on Reed last meeting and shows the workings of the device in more detail.

Sai Baba video - Robert tells me this is a very interesting video and has offered to bring it along for us to see.

The usual applies in that please bring $2.50 to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would be appreciated.

I hope to see you all at the next meeting !!!

 "It isnt't the whistle that pulls the train."