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The meeting held on April 16th was attended by six people with one apology from Michael who has also offered to put in some time resourcing parts and/or researching information for ASTRO projects for us. A major point of interest at this meeting was the fact that Dino was on time !!!!! One new face appeared at this meeting and I am sure will be seen again - welcome George. The people attending this meeting were treated to a demonstration of the ADAMS motor running. Several discussions occurred regarding measurement techniques and possible variations in design. This was followed by discussions on the vapour system, future videos, Kevin's fuel saver tests,the Earth's energy grid,UFO's, the showing of a video of Stan Meyers lecture on his electrical generator and a martial arts demonstration by Leon - so if you want variety, come to an ASTRO meeting!


ADAMS MOTOR - As demonstrated at the last meeting, Leon and myself have got the thing up and running. Using drive coils only with no generating coils, the best result we have achieved, running on 48volts, was at 3750rpm with an input current of 1.7amps and a recharging current of 0.36amps - ie. 21% of the input current. Hopefully we will have more to report next month. Also in the latest edition of Nexus magazine there is a further article by Adams himself on the generator with tips for experimenters.

HYCO FUEL VAPOUR SYSTEM - So far this month I have been able to prove that the flat spotting problem which has been bugging the system is being caused by the vapour inlet line being too restrictive. [kindly put on the right track by Neil from Melbourne] By feeding the vapour directly in to the manifold with only the tap in line to control the mixture I was able to run the engine to about 4000RPM using the carburetor butterfly purely as an air controller.[the fuel was disconnected from the carby] This proved that the HYCO was producing heaps of vapour so cross another potential problem off the list. I then connected the fuel back up to the carby and adjusted the idle mixture and speed using the vapour tap and the carby butterfly . AHAA SUCCESS !! NO FLATSPOT !!

Continuing on, I then found that by replacing the vapour control solenoid in the circuit,the flatspot returned, thus proving that the Falcon solenoid I am using is too restrictive for the

required fuel flow. This leads to the next question and that is DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE A 12VOLT SOLENOID VALVE WITH A MINIMUM 10MM DIAMETER CAN BE OBTAINED? It must of course be petrol resistant and cost something less than one million dollars. Once this is obtained I can then do another round of economy tests to see if this system is as good as the literature says it is.
The results to date using the normal carby, not vapour have been excellent. Using two stages of carburretor enhancer and using the HYCO electronics to shut off the antidieseling solenoid on the carby on over-run I have boosted the economy from the original figure of 28MPG to 44MPG which is over 50% improvement.

OTHER FUEL SAVERS - Kevin is about to ? maybe ? still ?experimenting with different grades of fine mesh underneath his carburettor in order to break the fuel down into finer droplets and so increase fuel efficiency. He tells us that the mesh has been obtained and his car has been tuned and emission tests carried out on the engine so a base line has been established to compare future test results to.

OTHER PROJECTS - Has anybody else any projects on the go that you feel others would like to hear about ? If so, write something down and send it to me for inclusion in the next newsletter. If not, why not?????

NEWSLETTER - Speaking of the newsletter [which seems to have grown again], I would like it to be an open forum for anyone to air their ideas, theories, etc. as well as report on any experimental work which has been done. What I don't want it to be is a continuing report on only my activities so please if you have something to say send it along to me for inclusion in the newsletter.

VIDEOS - I have ordered four videos from the Sydney ASTRO group which should be arriving any day now. A list of these follows :

1. Nature was my teacher - Victor Schauberger
2. Methernitha - ML Converter - Over unity generator
3. The Ray of Discovery - Nikola Tesla
4. Morphic Resonance Conference - Borderland Sciences

There is one other video of my own which I have not shown yet and that is Colonel Beardons video on SCALAR WAVES which includes information on machines built in Russia. So I think that we have a good range of videos to look at over the next six months however if there is some subject that you would like to particularly see either on the above list or not and if it is available I shall endevour to get it. If no requests come forward then I shall continue to choose what I feel are appropriate videos for the group from the Sydney ASTRO groups library.


The next meeting will be held on the 21st of May at 7.30 PM at the above address. The usual applies in that please bring $2.50 to cover video purchase and newsletter postage, and something for supper would be appreciated. Lets all follow Dino's good example and be ON TIME! The question is can Dino do it two meetings in a row ?
Due to the interest in discussions on the earth grid and in particular Grid Point 44, I shall be showing the following videos by Paul White from Network 23 Television at the next meeting.

Part 1: The Mystery of the Earth Grid

A 30min. video discussing the different research available on Earth grid systems. Includes interviews with David Hatcher Childress,John McGovern and more.
Part 2: Journey to the Vortex
A 30min. video dealing with Grid Point 44. Includes interviews with Bruce Cathie,Lorraine Mafi Williams,David Hatcher Childress and more.

If time permits, in other words if people get there on time and there are not too many martial arts demonstrations, I would also like to show the following video :

This is about a wave of UFO sitings which has occurred in Mexico beginning on 11th July 1991 during a total eclipse of the sun and has continued to this point in time. There has been over 700 videotaped recordings brought forward by the people of Mexico to help unravel this mystery.

It is interesting to note that these events have not had any airplay on conventional media sources.
Hope to see you all at the next meeting !!!

PS : A group of us are going up to grid point 44 in June at the time of the solstice. Although this is not an organised ASTRO event, if anyone would like to join us they will be most welcome. Contact me for details.

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