October 2005 Newsletter

This month we have a report from Adelaide Inventor Mr Silvestor Varga.
Silvestor has spent many years working on his "energy modifier".

Note: The numbers in the drawing below do not correspond to the above text.

Unfortunately Silvester is not all that well at the moment, he can however be contacted after 11am on 08 83774020 or email

The Cosmic Water Cell.

Met both Joe and Peter who had built cells in the past, so decided to try and build one with the help of their advice.

Friday 12 August

Mark 1 was the top half of a plastic 1 litre water bottle glued with pvc pipe glue to a pvc pipe base with screw end with two concentric circular electrodes.

When connected to the vacuum on the carby, the plastic bottle area collapsed and air leaked in to the contraption. Bummer!

Saturday 13 August

Mark 2 was made of Cliff's glass cell, didn't bubble very well and vacuum collapsed the plastic lid, so built a sturdy aluminium lid (Mark 2a) still didn't work.

Rang Peter who said the cell was not working correctly and was not electrically connected correctly. Rang Cliff who said he did not want the cell used in a car, so that was that.

Monday 15 August

Started on Mark 3. Cut the lip off of a tall 30cm glass jar (no screw thread at top) near the neck and glued on the previous pvc pipe base with screw end and screw top on top of the glass jar with 5 minute epoxy.

Constructed a three concentric stainless steel cylinder cell with stainless pipe I had sourced and connected as instructed by Peter (inside cathode on lower outside of cathode, outer anode on inner top edge of anode). The stainless pipes were unfortunately of the welded type, but checked for magnetism and they seemed non-magnetic. Using the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Solly) filled with tap water and charged for an hour or two on a computer 12 volt direct voltage power supply. Lots of little bubbles, so cell seemed to be working well. Drew about 130 ma.

Placed in my Daihatsu Charade 1983 3 cylinder motor car and onto vacuum with small pvc pipe going from cell to carby vacuum. Switched off fuel and went for total 15 kilometer drive half way along McAuleys Lane and back, then to Mullum, (in the beginning of the drive to Mullum a small hiccup of engine, but I urged the car to keep going and she did).  saw the 'boys' at Farm Care and showed them the car with the normal fuel switched off running on 'water', then drove at 80kph home to McAuleys Lane.

Nearing home going up the hill on McAuleys Lane the engine died. Switched on the normal fuel and drove 1/2 k home.

I thought the water level had sloshed on turns, and bared electrodes, so put more water in cell (up to about 2 cm from rim and covering epoxy weld between glass and pvc). Took a drive with cell connected... failed basically immediately (about 1 km down the road) and kept failing 3 more times till I switched the normal fuel on and came home.

Phoned Peter told him the stories and he suggested the small plastic pipe to the carby was collapsing under vacuum. This made sense as the pipe got quite hot and soft being near the engine.

Peter suggested various pipes including aluminium and copper, but warned not to short cell to motor. Manufactured copper pipe but haven't as yet got it to work.

Enough for today.

Went to bed but couldn't sleep so got up and manufactured copper pipe. Organised a plug and switch (domestic plug and wall socket) for the cell so it could be easily disconnected and maintained outside of the car.

Tuesday 16 August

Work up, breakfast of muesli and straight into it. Fitted copper pipe and switch and tested. Tried four times up and down McAuleys Lane to get car to run without success. Process is... cell on and fitted to carby... start with fuel switch on, start car, switch fuel switch off... drive and hope for the best.

Came back feeling copper pipe not right, so got a better idea of fitting a larger stronger plastic pipe which was less likely to collapse and just having smaller pipe stuck in it at end 2 cms so it fitted vacuum nozzle on the carby snugly. Fitted plastic pipe.

Susan arrived and we decided to go to Brunswick (about 8 km away from home). Told Susan what I was doing... she took her car (following me) I took mine, switched off fuel and set out for Brunswick... Well, apart for a few backfires and a couple of hiccups, she purred all the way to Brunswick and the coffee bar. Left the car running so Susan could see it and showed it to some of the people at the coffee bar... Stopped and started the engine (all without touching the fuel switch which was in the off position all the time as switched off at home before we started).

As you may imagine I was quite elated. Switched off power to the cell (Peter had said once cell is charged for a few minutes it does not need power). We went for a 20 minute walk to the beach and back. Car started first time (no change to off position of fuel switch). Waited for Susan who followed me back to Mullum. Car hiccuped continuously on the way home sometimes cutting out then cutting in again but made it about 8 kms to McAuleys Lane where it cut out for good going up the hill.

Decided this might be because water level was too low (about less than 1 cm above electrodes) and may be splashing and exposing electrodes to air. Switched to fuel and got home and took cell out and topped up with rainwater from a plastic bottle and put on charge.

Did numerous tests thereafter trying to drive down McAuleys Lane with Susan and then later trying to drive to Mullum. All failed.

So.... vat next?

May try better water (eg from spring)... or build better cell.

But buddies! The cell has worked on three separate occasions over the last two days and has been witnessed by a number of people including the 'boys' at Farmcare, Susan and the people in Brunswick apart from my good self.

This is definitely worth pursuing. There's something pretty wayout happenin' here.

Love and peace,


8th Sept 05

The Daihatsu sprung into life again today.

 We've been very busy since the heady days a few weeks ago when the Daihatsu Charade initially worked with a hastily built cosmic water cell and the fuel line switched off.

 The subsequent article in the Echo led, thanks be to our Cosmic Lord, to Phil Hargreaves contacting us just when we were needed to move from our previous workshop.  Not only has Phil been interested in 'Joe' cells for some time, but he offered BNE a new  'home' for our labs.  So the past week has been spent moving into our new BNE lab/workshop.  Thanks Phil.

 Anyways, to get back to the Daihatsu, in trying to potentially improve the cell's performance, we tried a few differences, adding an additional electrode to form the new cathode (now four electrodes), trying different waters, putting the cell into the car on the passenger side (because the original pozzie was near the exhaust in the engine compartment) with a plastic pipe lead to a different vacuum inlet (tank fumes vacuum), all of which did not work and which led me to place the cell back in the position where she originally worked with a similar original plastic pipe to the carby vacuum.   The disadvantage of this position is that it is close to the exhaust and can get quite hot.  Thus I wrapped the cell in fine merino wool.

 The cell still did not work so I decided to put the aluminium pipe back on.  I cut it shorter, fitted a clear plastic pipe on the end to fit snugly onto the vacuum inlet on the carby. It looks really professional!  I decided it was not necessary to insulate this pipe from the engine as it was not electrically connected to any electrode in the cell (this cell has a glass container with a pvc top) This was done late yesterday.  I put her on charge in the car and drove home.  I intended switching the cell off before going to bed but forgot.  Luckily the cell did not draw a lot of current, about 130ma (less than 2 watts) so the battery survived.  I finally switched the cell off at about 11am this morning.

 Started off for the new Pocket BNE lab after lunch and decided only to test the cell when I turned off the highway 5 kms later at Bilinugel.  I'm most aware of safety required in this process.  Once off the highway I pulled into a bay and switched off the fuel.  Well… she drove smoothly down the road and after about 200 metres I knew the cell was working (because of the many tests I had done when it didn't work!).  She cruised down the road on all three (cylinders)… no hiccups at all… and just kept going…


 Got to the BNE labs about 5 km from Billinugel and she was still running completely smoothly.  Decided to see if I could switch off the fuel return pipe to the tank from the carby.  She died 200 metres down the road.  Switched the return line on again and started the car.  She kept running with the fuel line switched off.  Smelt the exhaust and I'm pretty sure I smelt some fuel so decided she may be running off vapour in the return fuel line together with the cell.

 Our local mechanic in our BNE group, Klaus had examined the car a few days before and said there was no way the car could run with the main fuel line off and the return line connected.  My many test failures have confirmed this.  

Started off for Billinugel once more when I met Ian coming up the road to the lab.  I'm pretty sure I had just switched the return line off once more.  Stopped opposite Ian to tell him what was happening and the car died again.  Switched on the return line with the main fuel line off and she started up again.  Car kept going 1 or 2 km up the road towards Billinugel.  Turned around and met Ian coming up to follow me so stopped and asked him if he wanted to come with… Ian said 'Yes' but he wanted to leave his car at the BNE labs so we returned the 2 kms to the lab… I waited with the motor idling properly, Ian jumped in and we took off for Billinugel (about 5 km away) still running with the main fuel line switched completely off.  Car ran perfectly to Billinugel.  Didn't want to take the chance of the car dying while crossing the main highway so turned left and headed north up the  Pacific highway.  Car started to misbehave, missing every now again.  Finally stopped about 4 km up the  highway.  Switched to fuel since the highway is no place to be testing the car, did a 'U'y at an intersection and got back to the Billinugel turnoff.  Stopped in Billinugel and switched the fuel off and she kept going all the way back to the BNE labs (about 5 kms).

 Did further tests with Ian.  Switching fuel return off stopped the car.  Switching it on the car started up again with the main fuel line off.  But now she ran a bit rough for about 2 km.  Stopped and turned around to go back to BNE labs.  She ran well on the way back to the labs.  Stopped and started the car at the labs, all OK.

 Called Phil who arrived 5 mins later.  Offered to take Phil for a drive.  Turned out Phil was not is good shape feeling quite sick.  I felt this very clearly when he got into the car.  The car failed a few 100 metres up the road and would not start again unless main fuel line was on.  Tried three times.  Came back to the labs with main fuel line on.

 Opened the bonnet and 'smelt' Phil's illnesses in the motor compartment.  Phil said he started to feel better after our unsuccessful test!

 Had three more unsuccessful tests with Molokai who had come to our BNE meeting.

 Am leaving her on charge tonight to see what the morrow brings.

 Wooooo! Wooooo!

 Love and peace,


10 September

Hi guys,

 After more tests on the Daihatsu we're starting to understand what's happening.

 A great benefit is having Klaus, who is a mechanic who has joined our group.

 We have fitted a fuel switch triggered by an electric solenoid so we can switch the fuel on and off from within the car while the car is travelling down the road.

 We can now fairly consistently get the car to 'work on the cell', ie. run with the main fuel line switched off.

 We have established that when the car works 'on the cell' it is drawing fuel (vapour?) up the tank return pipe.  If we close off the tank return pipe the motor stalls.  This has happened consistently about 7 times.

 The fuel tank is pressurized by the mechanical fuel pump with a pressure release valve and outlet into the vacuum of the carburettor (apparently for pollution minimization).  When the right conditions occur eg. car warmed in the sun, fuel sloshed around in the fuel tank etc., with the main fuel line switched off, sufficient back pressure is built up to supply sufficient fuel (vapour?) up the tank return line (without fuel pump!) to run the car with the cell connected.

 We haven't tried it with the cell disconnected.

 Klaus originally said that with the main fuel supply closed off it would be impossible for the car to run of the tank return line.  I tend to agree with him.  What do you think?  The car is a 1983 Daihatsu Charade with a 3 cylinder gasoline motor.

 When I originally had the opportunity to show Joe the stainless metal tubes which I used for my cell, ??? examined them and held them in his hand and said 'No these are not right'.  He hesitated and then said, 'But try them… something will happen!'

 And something has!

 So, the way forward as I see is:

 Perfect our water charging vat and supply of pure filtered charged water.

 Buy a device that allows continuous adjustment of the main fuel supply.

 Build a better cell with excellent stainless steel and install in the Daihatsu.

 Run the car with the main fuel line open and slowly block off the fuel while simultaneously adjusting the distributor.

 See what happens.

 Apparently a number of people have done this sort of procedure in the past with excellent results.

 The boys are already starting experimentation with the Subaru with other cells, so we'll keep you informed of progress.

 We're most interested to hear any of your experiences with cosmic water cells.  Please tell us.

 Onwards, ever onwards.

 Love and peace,


PETER'S PAGE......AUGUST 12th 2005

Robert ... opened the meeting at 8.00pm. He gave a short Eulogy to Athol Taylor, ASTROSA Secretary, who had passed away the
previous month.

He also announced that the AGM was to be held next month and that Athol's position needed to be filled. Rob gave a brief summary of
the executive committee meeting. The aging VHS video library was to be transferred to DVD and members could order and purchase a  copy for $5.00 to keep. This was intended to keep the master DVD's in good condition.

Andrew ... commented that those who needed a VHS copy, could also be accommodated.

Dino ... Demonstrated his portable computer system which he had designed to fit into a large rifle case. He suggested that we could
do the same with the proposed new DVD/VHS Recorder / Computer system for the library. This would make very portable. He also
provided a listing of typical prices to build such a system. This totalled approximately $1600.00.
Robert ... said that these issues would be moved at the next executive meeting. He also said that we needed to create a new office of  "Newsletter Editor" and that Mathew would take the names of members needing newsletters posted out to them.

Mathew ... said that all positions should be declared vacant and that members should think about candidates for next month's AGM.

Dennis ... F & P Group ... Said that he went to another group meeting (the Alternative Technical Association) and that they showed a
great deal of interest in the practical aspects of his F & P wind generator. He said that they were apparently light on practical
aspects in their meetings! He also said that he went for a guided tour of the Seeley International air conditioning plant. He described
their famous stepper motors; a 165 watt motor with ferrite magnets; a 500 and 1500 watt Neodymium magnet motors. He said that they would probably make good Savanius wind generator alternators. Dennis also described an ocean floor wave pressure generator that developed 7,000KPA and was used to power a shore turbine and produce fresh water. This unit was operational in Western Australia.

Dino & Rob ... wanted to know where they could get good full spectrum lights.

Peter ... said that incandescent full spectrum lights could be purchased from herpaterium supplies shops.

Ken ... mentioned that the Americans had wave sensors on the ocean floor to measure waves and that they had detected rogue
waves much bigger and more frequent than expected.

Michael ... produced the latest progress on his version of the "Stanley Meyer" taper resonant cavity water fuel injector system.
(S. Meyer memo WFC425). He had problems in sourcing the insulated SS wire, but found that SS fishing trace wire was ideal. He
explained his fascinating construction as a linear taper voltage intensifier, that resonated a +ve and -ve waveform simultaneously with
a powerful light source to fracture water into its hydrogen and oxygen components. He produced his 3Watt Luxon LED power supply
that he had built for this purpose.

Peter ... produced a version of "Lord Kelvin's Lightning Generator", which unfortunately failed to work. Back to the drawing board!

Bruce ... had been for a tour of a wind generator site at the West Coast (of SA). He passed around some photos of the huge
structures that were in the stage of being assembled. Bruce then produced his 1993 Original Version of his "Joe Cell". He explained
that this was the one that he had the most success with in that he had had a car running (idling) on it with limited success. Bruce
hooked up his 50VDC power supply, produced some good white bubbles and exploded them with very loud bangs, which woke every 
one up. He said that a good cell produced an anti-clockwise swirl within it.

Ken ... produced and explained his "Low Voltage Micro-controller Remote Controlled Home Lighting System" that used almost no 
power in standby mode. It was very cleverly designed and professionally made. He had also purchased from EBay a copy of the
original radio broadcast of the 1938 WAR of THE WORLDS.

Robert ... Described new and controversial GIEPE therapy, which involved passing a small (3vdc@2.8mA) current through tumour

Dino ... said that he had been playing with a RIFE machine, but that it was difficult to get right. He also mentioned a Laura Lee 
program on DNA. It suggested that GENOME mapping was a bit of a fizzer in that a lot of DNA was changed through environmental

HANS ... mentioned an article from a doctor that said 80% of disease was stress related.

Dennis ... described a TV article on "Global Village" where French scientists had trained dogs to sniff detect lung cancer.

The meeting closed at 10.10

Until next meeting,



Robert ... opened the meeting at 8.00pm. He gave a thanks to all ASTRO SA helpers and committee for the past year.

MathewN ... read out the Treasurer's Report, which was audited by Jean Paul Goisset. There was $2629.13 in the bank account.

Robert ... declared all office holders vacant.

Nominations were called for the position of Secretary, to replace Athol. Bob Cox nominated Michael Grieger. This was seconded by Devashaon and was carried. As there were no other nominations for the other positions, everyone duly standing was automatically re-elected.

There were four motions put.

1./ Signatures. That the signatures for the ASTRO SA bank account be President,Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Andrew Shore. Moved G.M. Norman, Seconded P.Patterson...Carried

2./ Fees. That the fees for 2005/2006 remain same at $5.00 and $4.00 concession. Moved G.M.Norman, Seconded R. Norman...Carried.

3./ Auditor. That the Auditor remain Jean Paul Goissot. Moved G.M. Norman, Seconded K Kranz Carried.

4./ Thanks. That the Secretary write to Jean Paul Goissot thanking him for his generous support and his re-appointment. Moved G.M. Norman, Seconded by A Shore...Carried

The AGM closed at 8.12pm and the General meeting was opened.

Rob ... mentioned an article concerning the level of toxins in the environment and how they affect unborn children. Prof. Edwards was stated as saying that most toxins were not all that significant as the liver removes them.

Rob ... suggested that we might hire a stand for ASTRO SA at the "Body, Mind, Spirit" Expo. Davershaon said that we could call it "WATER MAGIC - Healing Water in our Environment" and he asked members to bring along water displays.

David ... mentioned that in 1999 there was an increase in bacteria in the water and people were advised to boil their water for 2 minutes.

Devashaon ... demonstrated his "Quantam Field Broadcaster" that he was building. It is a device that reportedly re-tunes and balances the environmental frequencies, thus enhancing eveything living in its range. When completed, he wants to try it out on a community garden. See for more information and building instructions.

Rob ... mentioned Emails from Byron Bay ASTRO group regarding their running a Dihatsu Cherade around on a Joe Cell (see newsletter).

Bruce ... said that he had an Email from Bruce Halcon which said that he had sold 40 Joe Cells.

Ken ... ( as a continuation of what makes a Joe Cell work discussion) said that spark gaps have been associated with almost all free energy devices, (hinting that the rotor and points might play an integral role in the cell's operation).

Mathew ... asked if anyone knew how many vehicles had actually worked on Joe Cells. Bob C. said that Joe was said to have had fourteen cars and that Uli had done 20 kilometers without petrol, but it had made him feel very ill.

Dino ... mentioned the " Australian Cosmic Conference", which had 150 seats available at $99.00 each.It will run for 2 days, on the 12 / 13 November, Adelaide. See the Webb site for more information.

Devashaon ... suggested, as guest speakers, a very interesting couple that he knew, that had done a course in alchemy. See

Michael ... mentioned his chemalloy/water battery experiments with Ultrabond chemalloy. He said that it was available from Lavere Products, Phone 02 4840 2017. Five rods cost $11.00, 35 rods cost $55.00.

Ashley ... mentioned that a 25% discount could be had from the Natural Food Barn on the last Thursday of each month.

Rob ... displayed a slide show put together by Prof. Jerry Tennan MD UCLA on the SCENAR device. It was developed by the Russians for treating their cosmanaughts in space. It incorporates electro energetic medicine. Everything to heal is electro-negetive. Chronic disease is electro-negative. The SCENAR re-balances the body electrics to achieve healing. See Robert O Becker's book "Cross Currents" for further information on body electrics.

Cecelia ... wanted to know if anyone had a single phase 1/3 Hp 80:1 motor and gearbox that they would like to part with.

Peter ... mentioned (as an extension to body electrics) a story that his father in law used to tell. He was an officer in the army transport near Darwin in WW2. When his men contracted Dengue Fever, they knew that the medics could do little for them, so they indulged in an electric self cure that was effective in a day. They would touch two spark plug leads on their Bedford trucks for as long as they could and electrocute the virus within them!

The meeting closed at 10.17pm.

Until next meeting,


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