June 2005 Newsletter

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Autonomous electro stations with molecular engine (AESME)

Autonomous electro stations with molecular engine (AESME) is operating with usual air and without any fuel.  The air molecules produce the useful work. Output flow of the air can be applied for breath.  Start of the AESME can be made from external source of compressed air or from some electromotor and then the AESME is operating in autonomous mode. Only 30-15 % of the power output is necessary to provide own needs (air compressor) and other 70-85%  can be used in the load.

Our company is developing this technology as 37 KW fuel less power plant. It is based on 60KW electrogenerator and air turbine GTD-350. At the present time we use small air flow source of 0.05 atm only. On photo below you can see testing of the device for 3KW load in our laboratory, St.Petersburg. The generator is quite workable with its standard 1500 rpm. We have a plan to increase the air flow input in 10 times and create autonomous mode with new 20KW air compressor.
We are looking for investors and partners. The device should be completed and ready for demonstration in 2005.

Please, plan your visit to see demonstration of this technology in our St.-Petersburg's laboratory. Our fax number: 7-812-380-3844 Email

Thanks for sending the URL in Peter.

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Announces A Superior Vapor Compression Seawater Process  and An Exclusive No Brine or Wastewater Return to  Sea Technology

The "Passarell" Process

Co-generation capabilities

Small  footprint/concrete shell

20 acre ft/day(6.5 mil. gal.)

Turbine efficiency of 92%

Titanium based(20+ years durability)

(US Patent # 5,232,556 August 1993)

 Our seawater distillation process features a new technology with no wastewater or brine return to the sea that is different from other process such as RO, MEB and MSF.

 This facility is a mere 24 height by 20 diameter, housed in a concrete shell, yet is large enough to produce 20+ Acre Feet (6.5 million gallons) of pure distilled water a day.

The 92% efficiency centrifugal compressor is unknown to previously designed desalination plants.

The double fluted vertical evaporator/condenser titanium tubing is 2 to 3 times more efficient than those currently available today.

 This efficient potable water process produces levels of purity (100 to 500 ppm tds), the highest quality of water in the world.

 The pure water product is produced with a minimum amount of spent energy.



It is well- known that liquid will stand freely within a vertical column with the bottom of the column being open in a reservoir of the liquid and the top of the column being exposed to the vacuum. The free standing of the vertical column has to do with the air pressure being applied to the surface of the liquid reservoir. The density of the liquid determines the height of the standing liquid.

Perhaps the most familiar example of this physical principal is the rudimentary barometer often used to demonstrate the pressure of the earth's atmosphere on a column of mercury about 30 inches high. If the atmospheric pressure changes, so does the height of the column of mercury. This is the principal on which the modern barometer and barometric pressure is based.

A column of salt water will stand approximately 33 feet in a vertical tube. It is at this height that the molecular weights of a molecule of H20 relative to the pull of gravity are in equilibrium. Therefore, it is at this height that evaporation will generate pure water vapor and leave behind heavier residual impurities, under natural atmospheric conditions.

However, it is also well-known that water will vaporize at lower temperature when atmospheric pressure is reduced, such as in an evaporation chamber. When vacuum conditions are created at sea level, water vapor can be produced at lower temperatures. The energy implications of this should be obvious. The "Passarell" process takes advantage of these principles in the distillation phase, but the process does not end here. The pure water vapor generated by distillation is drawn into a compression process where it is compressed and condensed using an advanced design compressor. The compression process improves the efficiency of the distillation by creating the vacuum that reduces the pressure in the evaporation chamber enabling the input sea water to vaporize at a lower temperature. The compressor centrifuges the pure water vapor after it is drawn through a demister (removing residual impurities) causing it to compress against the tubes in the collection chamber. The compression of the vapor causes its temperature to increase. The heat generated is transferred to the input water falling in the tubes causing the water in the tubes to vaporize. The water vapor condenses on the outside of the tubes as product water.

By relying on the integration of several physical processes, the "Passarell" process enables most of the energy introduced to the system by conventional means (such as electricity), to be recycled through its subprocesses, namely evaporation, demisting, vapor compression, condensation, and water movement within the system, thereby making it extremely efficient, economical, and profitable.


Note: How about the above powered from a wind farm?.....Ken



Robert ... opened the meeting at 8.05pm, welcomed everyone and stated that next months meeting would be a movie called "What The Bleep Do We Know". It is about where Spirituality meets Science, and has the reputation of leaving the audience stunned and sitting in their seats after it has ended.

Devashoen ... displayed a variation of Lord Kelvin's "Water Drop Experiment"

Peter ... said that it is described in Stan Deo's book, "The Vindicator Scrolls"

Ken ... Commented on water drop device, saying that it needed better insulation and that it was also described in Geoff Egles "Encyclopaedia of Free Energy" and that he could also contact Callum Coates for more information.

Dennis ... (F&P Wind Energy Group) said that the Government is trying to stop the development of wind farms.

AndrewS ... said that the main impediment in Australia was the media blocking information.

Dennis ... described large scale three bladed carbon fiber (55 ton) wind generators. He also said that it is possible to heat the PVC pipe and mould it into shape to easily make the blades. He had also made a double generator and said that the trick was to tune out the double cogging effect. He also commented that there was a war against renewable energy  and gave as an example the Dutch Government selling its massive wind generator to Shell for 1 Guilder. It was then mothballed!

Bob ... gave a short explanation of a new brake assist device that he was selling, called "Brake Logic". He said that it was shock a absorber for the brake system of cars. The device, he said, improved the braking capacity up to 60% by reducing the judder caused by drum warp. The cost was $329.00 for 2 units + fitting (or about $400.00 fitted) See Webb site for more information.

Hans ... said that his 4 by 300 Watt solar panels only, in reality, produce 1000 Watts. His 4 panels give him 9.5 KWhr/day and he achieves 20% more when he sun tracks the panels. He also has 7 wind mills (The Seven Dwarfs) which provide him 80% of his power needs.
Dino ... made a comment about sun light testing in the UK showed that there is now 16% less sun light than there was in 1950. Global warming / green house effect is being blamed.

Ken ... gave an illuminating short talk on ultra bright light Emitting diodes. He also wondered as to whether they also used the same spectrum when they were used as a detector. He discussed a low voltage halogen light system that he was developing for his house. He intends to install small micro processors with each light and control them with a UHF radio remote controller (to save on running cables and light switches).

Robert ... presented a book titled " Miracle of Medicine" by Dr William Campbell Douglass. This book was a free downloaded EBook. The book was made free after US authorise had slighted the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in medicine.

Ken ... said that his son was an epileptic. He had suggested to his son that drinking diet drinks was not good for his health. His son read the facts, gave up the aspartame drinks and is now much healthier.

Bob ... gave a description of a "Joe Cell". He said that he had spent two and a half days with Joe and discussed his technique for getting purified water. He used a stainless steel beer keg and SS separator plates over 3 days. He used 22 volts and took the high surface tension water from the middle to put in the cell.

AndrewS ... said that water had 32 isotopes. He said that if you get good water, freeze it and pour out half of it, the remainder is what you want.
Devashoen ... suggested that the water from a vortrap might also be what is needed for a Joe Cell.

AndrewS ... said that some people could put their hand over a cell and make it work.

Stan ... gave a talk about his anti radiation device, which, he said would shield one from mobile phone radiation and power line electro-magnetic radiation.

The meeting closed at 11.10, followed by supper.


What are these numbers ?

First prize, the knowledge you already have!


Note: See March 2001 Newsletter for another number sequence, same prize.

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