February 2005 Newsletter

December 2004 Technical Meeting

The meeting was opened at 8.20pm by Robert, getting into the Christmas spirit with a Ho Ho Ho and a red Santa hat. There were eventually 41 people attending the meeting albeit with quite a few of those being latecomers.

Robert explained that this year´s competition would be run differently to previous years with one competition being for projects presented during the year and one for projects shown/demonstrated on the night.

Thanks must go to Ken who had put in a lot of effort printing photographs of projects presented at previous meetings to remind people on the night of what they were.

Projects presented during the year:

Bruce F&P rewind for wind generated electricity and development of a standard test setup.

Andrew Air humidifier & catalyst for extending fuel economy in petrol vehicles.

Bruce Electric lawnmower conversion using a modified car starter motor.

Ray Electric car transaxle conversion using forklift electric motors.

Dennis F&P rewinds and blade manufacture for wind generated electricity.

Peter Water solids demonstration.

Lionel Hand vacuum pump designed to assist refilling printer cartridges.

Michael Various projects relating to Joe Cell/Stan Meyer/Hydrogen.

Ken Stirling engine.

Ken/Mark Serpentine motor.

The meeting was adjourned for a 5 minute break for people to look at the photos and make up their minds who they would like to vote for. After the break everyone voted for their choice and then the meeting moved on to the live demonstrations of projects.

Projects presented on the night:

Dennis Windmill head featuring F&P rewound generator, 3 blade Piggot fan, 4 blade plastic fan (made from 250mm diam pipe), brush, diode & star/delta switch assembly and an experimental switching mechanism. Dennis has done a lot of work this year on windmills and has achieved 20A at 30V at his test site with the plastic blades.

Bruce Demonstration of electric mower using a modified starter motor and modified car starter solenoid to turn it on and off.

Kevin Bead breaker for removing car tyres and a pipe marker to enable pipes to be cut straight.

Mark Test motor based on the Russian work of Roschin & Godin.

 and a Serpentine motor.

Andrew Ecovortec water units, makes wine more mellow, kills bacteria and an air/water mixer to oxygenate water.

People then voted for their choice of presented projects and while the votes were being counted,

Robert talked about a subgroup being formed to do with water.

Peter spoke about biological computers (what do they eat?) and an article in the Advertiser on Nuclear Power stations with no radioactive waste.

George talked about smart meters used to measure electricity use.

The competition results were then announced:

Previously presented projects:

1st Lionel vacuum pump

2nd Bruce-electric mower

3rd Dennis-wind generators

Projects presented on the night:

1st Andrew-Ecovortec water treatment

2nd Mark-Serpentine motor

3rd Bruce-electric mower

Robert closed the meeting at 10.35pm by reminding us that the January meeting will be a normal meeting and that we are hoping to have an interesting guest speaker. Most stayed on for the supper and drinks supplied by members and the committee with lots of interesting discussions happening in small groups throughout the remainder of the evening.


14th January 2005

Robert  opened the meeting at 8.15pm. He said that the guest speaker had declined and that we would have a member s night.

Athol  reminded members not to leave valuable things visible in their cars as there had been several vehicle break-ins last meeting.

Michael  said that he had put chem-alloy welding rods into water and had measured a half of a volt across them. He then said that they could be charged up to 2.6 Volts and that the charge would hold for quite a while and then drop to 0.7 Volts.

Devashon  asked if these chem-alloy welding rods were still available. Some thought that they might still be available through the internet.

Michael  then presented his current project that he was still working on. It was a hybrid Meyer / Joe Cell, based around a Siri Lankan molecular dissociation of water device and a Stanley Meyer unit. He said that he was using 3 of 300nm U/V high intensity LEDS. He had tried it for the first time that afternoon and said that it was not yet working. He needed to change the electronic frequency control circuit and try it again.

Robert  said that he had been hit with the flu and that he had fired up his  Beck  ozoniser, made some ozonized water which he drank and chased the flu off in a rush.

Peter  told of an old Royal Australian Navy treatment of irrigating the ears of the divers with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This had the same effect as Robert s cure (which was also H2O2). If the peroxide was used at the first symptoms of cold or flu it rapidly wiped it out. (see article  The $1.00 flu cure  for a medical explanation).

Hans  said that an old German cure was to drip hot wax into the ears.

Robert  had a new diet book,  The Metabolic Typing Diet  by Dr. William Walcott. He said that there were three main groups, the carbohydrate, the protein and the mixed groups. Robert also said that hair analysis was the best way to determine what your body needed.

George  said that the diet by blood type had not worked for him. He also had a  Cole Palmer  scientific equipment catalogue to give away.

AndrewS  said that he had demonstrated his conditioner to the Chief Wine-maker of Mc Williams Wines. They had a before and after tasting of 2004 Merlot Cab Sav and Andrew said that he saw the wine taster s eyes light up. He said that a trial of 2 mega litres of wine was planned. Andrew commented that there were four places where natural energized water (similar in energetic state to his conditioned water). They were Lourdes, Mexico, Germany and Deli. These waters had an energetic (dowsed or vega) reading of 1400, whilst normal water read 100 to 300. He gets a reading of 1330 in large quantities of his conditioned water. He said that like the memory on a computer hard drive, his conditioners wipe the existing water (fluid) memories and then reset them to his requirement. He said that the water holds its energy state for 3 to 5 years.

Robert  said that health was influenced by the atmospheric state, for example sun spots, gravity, and sun light.

Dino  said that he had tested the atmospheric state with his redox meter. A good day would give a reading of 300, whilst a poor day would read 40. He also said that he had seen an article in New Scientist that said a mild voltage to the scalp re-grew hair.

Andrew  asked for someone with a well documented health problem to try sleeping with two bottles of his energized water under their beds
Devashoen/Athol  mentioned a  New Dawn  article on the beneficial effects of sea salt water, as to ordinary evaporated sea salt.

Devashoen  presented a fascinating slide show of Petrie dishes that contained different types of water (charged, vortexed, tap etc.) mixed with a little copper chloride, plant extracts and then evaporated under different fields of influence. The crystallization results were quite visually stunning but unfortunately inconclusive.

Robert closed the meeting at10.35

Until next time



Revised 06/18/04

Formulae: Equal Parts by Volume:
Fresh Garlic, Fresh Onion, Fresh & Dried Cayenne (use hottest available – habanero preferred) Fresh Ginger Root, Fresh Horseradish, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (unpasteurized, unprocessed – e.g. Braggs or Spectrum)

Therapeutic Action:
Garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic, destroying both gram-positive and gram negative bacteria.  Unlike chemical antibiotics that kill off the millions of friendly bacteria your body needs, Garlic only kills the bad guys and even promotes and increases your healthy bacteria.  It is also a very potent anti-viral which makes it a specific for colds, influenza and upper respiratory infections.  Garlic is also a powerful anti-fungal and literally destroys any antigen, pathogen and any harmful or disease causing micro-organism that can hurt you.  Onion is Garlic's next of kin and has a similar but milder action.  Together they are a killing duo. Horseradish is a potent herb for the sinus and lungs.  It opens up the sinus passages and increases the circulation there, where most doctors agree, the common cold and influenza often starts.  Cayenne and Ginger are like a nuclear blast to your body's circulation.  This powerful tag team will unblock anything, anywhere!

So just imagine, you have the two strongest herbs to kill EVERY germ known and the three most powerful herbs to blast them around your entire body.  It doesn't get any better.  That's the bottom line.

1-4 dropperfuls in a shot glass. First timers may want to mix this dosage half and half with water. (Lessens its quick effect.) Whether you dilute it or take it straight, gargle with it for a minute and then swallow.

As you can imagine, this is a strong and powerful tonic and has a taste to match.  It also happens to be the world's greatest tasting salad dressing when mixed with a little virgin olive oil. Perhaps the worlds greatest natural antibiotic, and as close to a universal natural and food-based cure-all as you can get.

The above was from a disc given to me by a good man.....

an image of the contents below.

Ken Kranz..


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