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ASTRO MEETING  8th October 2004

Ken ... opened the meeting at 8.05pm.

Hans ... mentioned an article on "starving yourself while eating". He gave an example: the calcium content of a supermarket silver beet was measured at 65mg versus organically grown at 1600mg. The implication being that modern high yield farming is no where as good nutritionally as organic!

Dennis ... (Fisher & Paykel wind generators) mentioned an article where a 25KWatt commercial wind energy kit would take 25 years to pay off. He then displayed a wind generator head unit (see photos). It was a three phase to three bridge rectifier unit with two electric brushes outputting from the support shaft. He explained that it was delta wound, which produced much more power (600 - 1000 Watts @ max speed of 800rpm) than star wound units.


Peter ... demonstrated an electric water precipitator (see photo) that passed 180vdc through reverse osmosis water. This caused the totally dissolved organic solids to precipitate out and sink to the bottom. This was to demonstrate that seemingly crystal clear reverse osmosised water still had unseen gunk in it. (some members thought that the residue came from the electrodes, but Peter said  commercial laboratory grade purifiers has special filters to remove these impurities and that he would repeat this experiment with platinum electrodes later on.

Ken ... demonstrated a fascinatingly simple Gamma type Sterling engine. (See photo) Because it ran at atmospheric pressure no valves were needed. He said that NASA now propose using nuclear powered Sterling motors on satellites for power generation as an alternative to nuclear powered thermoelectric generators.

RonE ... had converted 150 hours of ASTRO Audio Library tapes to "text on voice" on an MP3 CD. He had purchased a 240vac MP3 player (on special from Jaycar) and gave us a fascinating and amusing demonstration. Well done Ron!!!

GUEST SPEAKER #1   ANDY BARRIE ... demonstration and talk on the INDIBA machine.

See the following Webb site for full information.

Andy  gave a quite detailed explanation with demonstrations of the operation of the machine. With different types of electrode heads, frequencies varying (dependant on the treatment) from 0.4Mhz to 0.6Mhz is applied to the appropriate part of the body. Andy explained that there were many different ways of producing Hyperthermia or heating to affected parts of the body such as microwave, ultrasound, ultraviolet, magnetic fields, but there are problems with all of these. The non-invasive INDIBA method gives rise to an internal thermal increase with none of the disadvantages of the previously mentioned systems, meaning that it can even be applied to the eyes, brain and spinal column, areas that are completely out of bounds to the other methods. There are two types of treatment.  CET - RET" INDIBA HYPERTHERMIA
Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred "by capacity" (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient's body via a moveable external application electrode. This is covered with an insulating film which acts as dielectric and the body acts as a second plate of the capacitor. A return plate closes the circuit. The electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues increases its temperature.

The Resistive Electrical Transfer (RET), introduced in 1994, is different from the CET in that basically the application electrode is not insulated, allowing the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining an increase in temperature at a greater depth.

Andy called for volunteers with swollen, aching or sore limbs to have a demonstration treatment.


Professor Dodge was the president of the NSW Inventors Association for eight years.
He invented the Fuel Polariser, which he explained, gave a 40% increase in diesel power, and about 11% increase in LPG and unleaded petrol. He said that it was a fusion reaction caused by electrons in the fuel that gave a secondary burning.
A general discussion ensued with Professor Dodge, Devashoen and ASTRO members relating to magnetics and their effects on health. For example, a carbon ferrite magnet of about 11,000gauss placed north pole to the skin is said to be an immune system booster and good for asthmatics. The effect was said to be able to be amplified through amethyst. The magnets should be used at the acupuncture points and the healing effect could apparently be increased by a factor of five times. A physiologist (named Philpot) in USA uses carbon ferrite magnets, with the north pole facing in on the temples, to treat physiological problems.
Professor Dodge ... also said that our immune systems are electric, and that a healthy person has a magnetic field of about 9 gauss. He said that a battery watch, when worn, can reduce the bodys strength by 27%. This could be tested by pressing a bath scale to measure the differences. A person in good health also emitted an aura of 3 metres. Some other interesting things that he mentioned were that it was beneficial to earth one´s body by touching steel or hugging a tree. He said that a glass of lemon juice could be modified in taste by waving your fingers in a circular motion over the top for about 15 seconds. Anti clock wise sweetened it while clockwise increased the sourness.

Thanks were expressed to our guest speakers and all participants.
The meeting closed at 11.10pm followed by supper.

Until next time

The dispacer for the above Stirling engine, two holes had been drilled in a can of mint sauce and the sauce was slowly removed using running water.
A brass rod was placed through the holes in the displacer and pinned top and bottom, these holes must be a tight fit without any tears in the metal.
A layer of silicone rubber was placed on the cold end of the assembly  to seal around the brass shaft and to add some thermal insulation.

The displacer should clear the displacer housing by 1/8 of an inch.

November Meeting


Meeting Report for November 2004.

The meeting began at 8.10pm with 35 people eventually appearing. Robert began by welcoming everyone and spoke about a health related website, which as the name suggests is to do with cancer treatment. Matthew mentioned a website on William Campbell Douglas and Ken spoke about the updated ASTRO website now at I mentioned that all of the old newsletters have now been converted to  HTML files and will be up on the website as soon as Ken has the time to do it.

Our Guest speaker, Stephen Bourne was next with the title of his talk being "Ultimate Sailing". Stephen and his father have built several models over the past 6 years of a revolutionary new sailing boat which is designed to travel at twice the speed of the wind powering it. Instead of a conventional sail, this boat has an aeroplane style wing providing lift and a hydrofoil which acts as a keel and keeps the boat stable in the water. Once the wind speed gets above 10-15 knots, the boat lifts off the water with only the hydrofoil still under water thus significantly reducing the drag on the boat. Stephen is now looking for sponsors to fund a full size boat to challenge the world sailing speed record. This boat will have a 3.6 metre hull, an 8 metre by 2 metre wing, a total width of 5.5 metre and will weigh about 75Kg.

Stephen showed several short videos of tests done with the model boats as well as one of the current world record holder, an Australian boat which traveled the course at over 46 knots (86Km/h) in 1993. Stephen also went into some calculations and demonstrations of the forces involved in sailing including apparent  wind angle and velocity triangles. The advantages of this boat include stability, is fast, can launch off a beach and has superior strength brought about by the use of carbon fibre sandwich construction. Stephen is aiming to break the world sailing speed record as well as break into the mass sailing  market.

After a short break, Ron explained some of the content of the ASTRO audio library that he has converted to MP3 format and which are now on sale as a 3 CDs for $15.

Dennis updated us on his wind project with the two blade  sets being painted, his tower being nearly installed and a description of how he is bringing the power back down to the ground using the tower as the negative lead. He also mentioned the Renew  magazine article on de-cogging F&P generators and the use of a nappy bucket to protect the units from UV degradation.

Ashley said that he has put 350 Laura Lee shows on DVD in MP3 format for anyone who is  interested. He also spoke about an article in Nexus about the Adams  motor and the use of Sacred Geometry in the design of it. Apparently Adams uses this technique in all aspects of the design of his  motors including the electronics. Ashley has been suggesting for years that Joe cell experimenters look at Sacred Geometry and Phi in their cells. Ashley then explained what the Golden Mean is which if you have a line that we call the "total length" (TL) and divide it into a "short length" (SL) and a "long length" (LL) then the ratio of SL:LL must equal the ratio of LL:TL. Also Phi which  equals 1.618033989 can be used or subsets of Phi (squared, divide by 2, 1 divided by Phi, etc) can be used if Phi does not fit the required dimensions needed in a cell or whatever it is being applied to.

Ashley also mentioned the "Global Scaling Theory" which involves using gravity waves to transmit intelligible information which is then picked up by a receiver somewhere else. Finally  Ashley posed the question that what  would be the least that you would spend to get well? This was responded to with a variety of suggestions which included breathing to superoxidate the blood, diet, fasting with water, hang on to an electric fence (sounds like fun!), get struck by lightening (sounds like even more fun!!) and water therapy.

Roger was given a premature farewell from the group ready for his move to Tasmania where he is intending to start an ASTRO group over there. Ron reappeared with some giveaways and spoke of a demonstration of a smokeless fuel that he recently experienced with the fire being burnt inside a hall with no external flue!!

Ken showed us a huge Fresnel lens that he has used to melt his name into some volcanic rock and set fire to wet 4x2 timber, as you do! He is thinking of using it as a heat source for his Stirling engine providing it does not melt it. He also mentioned a report that he read which stated that a current of 2mA through the front of your brain increases brain function by 20%. Apparently more or less current does not have the same effect - any volunteers? Ken also showed us an amazing new  piece of IC technology which is a super accurate function  generator chip (AD9833) which outputs sine or triangular waves and goes from basically DC up to 12.5 Megahertz in 0.1 Hz steps (28 bit resolution).

Finally Robert closed the meeting at 10.55pm with a reminder of the  Inventors Competition at next months meeting ......................Bruce.

Whats this in the car park?...Not a car with a Joe cell ???? 


A few ASTRO members have expressed interest in solar furnaces, below is the definition if a Heliostat.

 A heliostat is a two axis solar tracking mirror that reflects sunlight onto a fixed receiver. Furthermore the geometry between the Sun, mirror, and receiver are constantly changing throughout the day.

Below is a url for some good reading.

Well Ron, it looks like this is our next project, a lot of micoprocessor controlled mirrors.



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