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The meeting began at 8.05pm with Robert beginning proceedings by welcoming everyone along. Eventually 30 people were in attendance, including Jim who has made another trip back to Australia - welcome back Jim!

Devashon gave a brief explanation of the Vortrap device including how the monotomic elements are concentrated at one end while the bulk of the water is expelled at the other end of the device. This was followed by a demonstration outside of the unit that Devashon has built, which soon became evident why the demonstration was outside. (I don't think the hall needed the floors washed!)

Ron brought along one of his Beck Pulsers to demonstrate. The circuitry comes from a throw away camera which he has modified to be autoflashing by adding an SCR. Other subjects discussed by Ron included the Solar Open Day, Trombe walls and a Times Table display that he has constructed using a PIC to control it.

Roger in his usual jovial style asked if anyone was looking for peace of mind. Warwick replied that he was and was presented with a balloon on which was printed "Peace of Mind". Other things brought up by Roger was the fact that Peter Bennet has been quite ill (Roger arranged a card for Peter on behalf of the group), a book called "The Cancer Cure that Worked" which is about Rife and his work and finally a fold up scooter that is powered by a rocking motion.

One of our most dedicated and focussed members Jan was next with a demonstration of a pendulum and how a small weight applied at the right point can increase the motion of each swing. He also talked about another experimenter he has been in contact with that is generating 36 volts with a pendulum and using this voltage to pulse the same pendulum at the correct point to keep it swinging. Jan has also had a visit from people from the Discovery channel who have been making a documentary on Free Energy. (autographs will be signed later)

Michael brought along an Aura Therapy and Energy Cleaning device that he has built from plans in Nexus magazine. It runs on 3 volts which is derived from stacks of carbon type D cells and is connected to a screen which is placed under the mattress on a bed. The negative lead is connected to the screen first for 15 minutes, then the positive lead is connected for another 15 minutes. The negative polarity is said to discharge negative cells in the body and the positive is said to charge them. Effects reported are increase in urine output, eliminating toxins and a warm tingling in the hands. Robert mentioned a BEFE device which is a frequency based machine that also is used as a detox device, but it costs a bit more than a few batteries!

Andrew gave an update on Ecovortec which included a unit he has built that he claims removes the salt from seawater.

Jim was next with an update from the last 12 months of what has been happening with the free energy scene in America. A wide variety of subjects were covered which included Tilley, Gray, Lindeman, Meyer, Radiant Energy, Tesla, Moray, hydrogen and Dingle. Jim also spoke about solar panel designs that heat the water directly, rather than heating the panel which then heats the water.

Finally we had a pep talk from Ron, an offer of cheap clutch kits and notification of next month's guest speaker who will be bringing along a working Tesla turbine. The meeting concluded at 10.45pm followed by more discussions, etc.                                                                                        ...................................Bruce




As soon I have everything I will provide photo, video and documentary proof of running a lawn mower engine on water. But for now here is speculation of our conclusion from me and a friend of mine on the net. You can view and participate in discussions on
and view experiments of another person here

Hi I am here to provide evidence on how daniel dingle does it (runs his car on water).

First of all I will immediately declare his method is in concept identical to Archie Blue's who system is so simple its absurd but there are details that are critical in getting it to work.
Firstly the pressure on the fuel line must be much lower than ocean surface air pressures we live in. The hydrogen is made with plain electrolysis with VDC, not pulsing or anything 12vdc is ok. The water has an electrolyte such as sodium hydroxide. The best method is to create a bubbler and electrolyser in one see below. Mechnical power exceeds input electrical power to electrolysis cells. Very hard to believe I know.
There is documentation claiming the fuel is not hydrogen but nitrogen hydroxide. Apparantly the nitrogen hydroxide is created by the action of low pressure on hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Air is 78% nitrogen. See speculation of actual fuel being used at bottom of page.

So simple. Here the air supply is limited with a valve and/or the diameter of the air intake pipe. As a result of low pressure on the waters surface water will evaporate quickly so - air, hydrogen+oxygen and water vapour is entering the engine. Addition to water to the cylinder will absorb heat thus cooling the engine and smooth the power stroke. Up to 4 electrolysis cells/electrodes can be connected in series using sodium hydroxide as the electrolyte with 12 volts, consume less current or make more hydrogen thus upto 4 times more hydrogen although another design would be required in that case as cells must be insulated from each other.

NOTE: the electrodes are perforated (have some holes) to allow gasses to escape from electrodes. Archie Blues patent can be downloaded.

Here is a depiction of my electrolysis cell design. Four electrolysis cells in series. Caustic Soda in water. 12 volt car battery. Cells can be in the same body of water with a distance from each other at least 5cm preferable at least 10cm to prevent current diversion between cells or use separators to insulate electrodes. Maximum current should not exceed 20 amps, which should be enough. Sorry about the size of the image. NEW Speculation Added 5-april-2003. Now one of Dingles cars uses 1 litre of water for about one hours operation. So thats 570cc's of oxygen and hydrogen gas per second IF its is just that, water split up. Thats bull where is he going to get the 3000 amps to electrolyse the water? Electrolysis circuits, its all BULL. All that is happening is he is using a small amount of current say 10 amps to up to 50 depending what his alternator can give making 1.7cc's to 8.5cc's of hydrogen and oxygen gas per second. MOST of the water used by the engine is just that, WATER vapour created by the low pressure on the water evaporating it. Only 2.9millilitres to 15 millilitres of the 1 litre of water consumed in that hour is actually split into hydrogen and oxygen! Does the bubbles forming on the dingle 2000 movie.mpg below look like its even 50cc of gas every second?

THE EVIDENCE.If you visit
and download the movie showing dingles electrolysis chamber or here
notice how when he unplugs the fuel line to the engine the suction sound and the stopping of bubbles immediately! He just has air sucked into the chamber where the water and electrolysis is happening! Also if you see the quicktime clip from
notice the amount of gas being produced, its not much at all! Maybe 10 amps at most is going thru it. And when the lady is driving the car she hears the click sound when pushing the accelerator pedal, he is just using a variable resistor OR relays to activate more electrodes in the chamber. On the quicktime clip the PHD guy Ernesto or whatever says its plain hydrolosis (another word for electrolysis of water). Also notice the short circuit tester light, its nothing magical he says 'its supposed to destroy it when there is electricity and water' all that is happening here is that he is touching the stainless steel anode! The short circuit tester is grounded to the body of the car which is negative! That is why the light come on! I have tried hydrogen on a 250cc four stroke motorbike and all it was given was about 10cc to 20cc of hydrogen per second! It shocked me and haunts me to this day, everyday! AGAIN the critical thing was the motorbike would not run without the choke being on, its important to limit the air supply and create low pressure in the fuel line/carburettor! So thats what I claim, nothing out of the ordinary except it violates the shortcut assumption of a conservation energy law.

is a claim the fuel is actually nitrogen hydroxide created by the action of low pressure/vacuum on hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (from the air). Explore the links at the top of this site and read. Visit this also

Peter's Page 8th August 2003

The AGM started at 8.20 pm and concluded at 8.55pm.

Robert ... opened the General meeting at 8.53pm.

Robert...screened an overhead movie (approximately 1932) of renowned medical
scientist and inventor Dr Royal Raymond Rife. It featured Rife dissecting a breast tumour, filtering it through a  <2 micron filter, incubating the filtered residue and then viewing what looked like tadpoles swimming rapidly around. He explained that they were virus from the tumour. He then dialled up the mortality oscillatory frequency of these very living virus and then instantly killed them with a remote burst of electromagnetic radiation. He added that he had just killed every breast tumour virus within a ten mile radius. This technology was then tragically forbidden by the American Medical Association, pharmaceutical companies and other vested interests and is still off limits today.

Ron...spoke about a solar energy open day and a new Webb site on Alternative Energy at

Jim S
, a visitor from USA wanted to involve members in a few technical jam sessions and try to replicate a few famous past experiments based on the  limited information in several old (and incomplete) patents. He had greatly enjoyed a similar interaction last year with ASTRO members by trying to replicate the (now discredited) Tilley engine. It was a load of fun even though not much was achieved.
... said that the October meeting would have a guest speaker talking on a modern application of Tesla Turbines as used in the mining industry.

Devashon ... gave a demonstration of a vortex water tube that he had made up from an article from the Webb site

 Have a look at these sites for more information. He also mentioned an article by Peter Tauber on water and had a slide on sacred geometry of water. See
and click on Merkaba and then on "Icossahedral Cells" for more information.

Robert ... mentioned the "Rosenthal Effect" - The mind of the researchers
affects the results. He then introduced the GUEST Speaker for the night. 


Ron ... gave a short explanation on programming, using volunteers to act out sequencing, looping and decisions.He said that the beauty of microcontrollers is that they significantly reduce the amount of circuitry needed, adding that how they worked was not important. He screened a picture of the 18 pin 16F8X Micro Controller and said that by common consensus, the programming language " Pic Basic Pro" was the easiest and best to use. He then demonstrated a counting display (to teach children their times tables), and explained and demonstrated that by changing one chip, he then had a drill speed controller. He displayed a series of printed circuit boards that the club builds and sells to members (at very reasonable prices). They were relay, interface and pic boards. Ron had a very good range of exhibits and he was thanked heartily for the excellent talk and demonstration. He can be contacted by phone on 08 8371 2060 for more information on the Pic Micro-controller Club.

Robert closed the meeting at approximately 11.00pm and invited all to supper.

Until next meeting,


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