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April 2003  Newsletter


Vic certainly looks like he knows what he is doing!

Voices from the other side?

That cake.

A great vortex from Devashon

George baked a cake!


The meeting began at 8.05pm with 21 people present.

 Vic was the first presenter who proposed that the group accept a Mission Statement that he has written to describe what the group is about. I understand that this will appear on the website soon. Vic displayed several devices that he has been working on, the first being a water treatment unit he is in the process of building that was designed by Perce and fits on a garden hose. The second was a power supply that has an adjustable current setting so that the output can be set for 0.1 to 0.5mA for making colloidal silver. The final item was a ghostly receiver that is designed to pick up voices from "the other side". This consisted  of two coils and a germanium transistor which has a screw pushing into it to tune it. The output was then fed to an amplifier and left on during the meeting to see if anything happened. Unfortunately no sound was heard except for an attempt by Peter at ventriloquism! Vic is going to connect the receiver to a tape recorder in the future as this is a more recognised way of using this device.

 Andrew gave an interesting talk on carburetor mixtures and how to get rid of flat spots under acceleration. Andrew is claiming about 20% improvement in fuel economy since he has done his first round of modifications. Still on a car theme, George (who made a cake for supper  -  check out  the photo) mentioned a device he found on the internet that fits in series with the coil lead on an engine and claims fuel improvement, more power, etc. Peoples experience with this type of device seems to be less than favorable, in fact Ian L gave a good talk on this subject at an ASTRO meeting a couple of years ago. (check out past newsletters)

 Devashon was next with an impressive demonstration of vortexes and flow forms. He demonstrated how he makes an  anticlockwise (unwinding) vortex, and a clockwise (energetic) vortex. Amongst the effects are a cooling of the water and a more palatable water to drink.

I was next  with a few projects I have been working on, the first being a conical shaped coil which has been tried for various effects along with an Ilmanite core made by Bob. Neither seemed to produce any remarkable results. The second item was a Bedini motor, or the so called "Science Fair Motor", the plans for which came from the internet. It is a clever designed little motor and does run from a 9 Volt battery but I have not had time to see if it does the amazing things claimed in the article. I would expect that I shall have some results by the next meeting. The last item was a voltage converter based on Ken's design that  he presented a few meetings ago. This converts 12 volts from a 64W solar panel to approx. 40 volts for charging three 12 volt series connected batteries in my electric bike, which enables me to simply plug the panel into a connector on the bike and not have to disconnect or switch batteries around. The voltage conversion occurs at an efficiency of 92% to 96% depending on output voltage and is self regulating so that maximum power is always coming out of the solar panel. This project is another example of how when a project is demonstrated at the ASTRO technical group it can help someone else with their own project. Thank you once again Ken! Finally I gave a report on my recent weekend in Melbourne where I met up with Ian and crew and talked and played with Joe Cells.

 By this time Devashon had reconfigured his water system and was emulating a natural stream by way of vortexes and flowforms.

 Ron was next and began by giving away disposable cameras that he had been collecting for use in Beck pulsers. He also demonstrated how he uses a CCD camera with the original lens removed and a variable lens fitted to look at extremely small items and display them on a monitor. He uses this in real life to look at markings on surface mount electronic components.

 George displayed an  infrared thermometer that he had bought and enquired whether anybody knew of an available material  that has a wicking effect in water but does not react to hydrogen peroxide.

Winding down to the meeting's end, Andrew talked about an orgone measuring device using a vacuum tube.

 Roger showed his $2 bargain video on Tesla, which turned out to be Tesla the pop group! Roger also talked about killing weeds with steam from a modified pressure cooker, the stock market, carob molasses and possible cheap flexible solar panels from America.

The meeting officially closed at 10.15pm, followed by supper and lots of talking. We also had a late demonstration of an electric motor acting as a generator and using it to power an electric drill.


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......Ken Kranz


From the Encyclopedia of free Energy by Geoff Egel


Taken from Patrick Flanagan’s taped lecture on The Electron Field Generator (c.1988). The electron cascade is a phenomenon of continuous production of electrons - throughout the environment in the air itself. The production of the electron cascade effect, according to Patrick is...

fig.2"Number one, we have this phenomenon whereby we found that certain insulators, and some insulators are more effective than others, if we apply a high frequency, high voltage, alternating field across an insulator that we produce this [J.Willard] Gibbs phenomenon, this non-Maxwellian field, which has a differential polarization, that is, that it creates a polarity differential between it and the environment such that neutral and charged air molecules are accelerated at extremely high speed, not very low speed, but at very high speed toward the emitter. As these molecules are accelerated they collide with other molecules in the air and when this collision occurs the electrons are knocked off the molecules, that is, free electrons are knocked off the molecules and they in turn are accelerated by this field and then collide with the other the basis of what we call the electron cascade - we have an entire cascade of electrons being generated everywhere in the environment.

fig.1Now its true that we have a greater, that is, higher velocity, electrons being generated in the vicinity of the machine, however, so that the air passing through the machine (we have a fan that brings air through the machine, through this emitter device), although the air passing through the machine is exposed to very high concentration of free electrons the machine is also creating free electrons in space around the machine, that is, so that, it is affecting air and purifying air in the environment."


The standard negative-ion ionizer charges only a very LOCAL area of air, of about one metre from the unit (directly outside of which is strongly positively charged); whereas the superior electron cascade effect creates free-electrons actually in the environment by speeding up electrons, which in turn collide with air atoms, to create more free-electrons. The force of the free-electrons is then enhanced by dielectrophoresis and electrophoresis acting in a nonuniform electric field, resulting in a cooled environment of fresh negative-ion air.

See his US patents 4,391,773 (July 5 1983), and 4,743,275 (May 10 1988) .

From the Encyclopedia of free Energy by Geoff Ege

Volta's contact law

When differing metals are brought into contact (dry) a difference of potentials exists between them.

The metals to the left exhibit positive potential when touched by any of the metals to the right in both the lists above (ie in a combination of copper/zinc - zinc would be positive, copper negative. Also, the pd between lead and gold would be greater than between iron and copper). For the voltage effect between two metals to be at its highest the surfaces of the metals must be smooth and clean (preferably cleaned with fine emery cloth) (also see "Electronic Influence Machines" by John Gray (1903) p191 and p201 about zinc / copper combinations and proportionally increasing voltages).

Victors report on the ASTRO MEETING 14/03/03

Warrik  Received aknowlegement of his third prize - he talked about free energy and our need to do it.

Appologies from Ken and Peter.

Victor  Spoke about Percy's idea on activating water and draw a diagram on the board explaining where to place the magnets and that he is going to bring one to the next technical meeting. He was asked about the transdimensional communicator so he went through some of the theory on the board and explained that it will appear at the next technical meeting.

Robert  Spoke about the Bearden website.

There was a general conversation about tapping free energy.

Andrew   Said that a simple coil should trap free energy from the ether if it is tuned to 5-7Hz.

Open discussion on free energy.

Celia  Suggested that covering crystals with graphite should do the trick.

Nina   Introduced planet X which opened a can of worms.

Andrew   Spoke of the 911 video - Bin Larden was a partner in a company owned by George Bush

Dino   America knows what Suddam has because they sold it to them

Roger   Said that the astrologer told him that the war will start 2:00 an on Tuesday and impressed up with a paper clip magic trick.

Guest Lidia Sziezac 0407 800 500   Talked about seeing the aura and gave us a free lesson. She explained that different moods determin the kind of field produced. Nina, Joe and Victor went out the front to be stared at. Most people saw something even if it wasn't what everyone else was seeing. Colour was controlled by your awareness and feelings. Dark was not as good as light. Let the force be with you. She spoke of the ability to communicate with animal ( probably easier that some people ).



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