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October 2002  Newsletter

September Technical Group Meeting.

The meeting started at 8.04pm with eventually about 24 people present. (give or take a few) Robert began proceedings by talking about the inventor competition which is to be held again at the December monthly meeting. It has been decided by the committee that anything that has been presented during the year can be entered. A short discussion followed with Ken making the point that people involved in large ongoing projects cannot really present it on one night.

Ron showed his version of the Beck Zapper

Another ingenious device brought along by Ron was an old spray can into the bottom of which he had soldered a bike tyre valve assembly.


Uli presented a cheap and effective fuel preheater for DIESEL VEHICLES ONLY!!


The next presenter was a visitor from America. Jim gave an excellent talk on his experiences following the fortunes of the Tilley electric car.


The meeting moved on with Ron telling us how he made a weedkiller dispenser for Roger to get rid of multiple weeds at one time. It consisted of a couple of wheels, a handle to pull it along and a pipe with a towel wrapped around it to dispense the Roundup. Apparently it has been very successful. Ron also brought along a can of Lanotec (available from CBC Bearings) which is like CRC made from lanolin from sheep's wool. He showed a steel rod which had untreated and treated sections to demonstrate how the Lanotec prevented rust from forming.

Another ingenious device brought along by Ron was an old spray can into the bottom of which he had soldered a bike tyre valve assembly. The liquid that you want to spray is then fed into the can through the valve assembly (valve removed!) with a syringe. Refit the valve and pump the pressure up with a bike pump and you have your own recycled spray can. Ron also demonstrated how you can use an old battery drill that has a dead battery by running it from a computer power supply. It can be run directly from the 5Volt rail or the 12Volt rail but if using the latter, the 5Volt rail must be loaded with a lamp or the supply will be stuffed. The red and black leads have the 5Volts on them and the yellow and black leads have the 12Volts.

Finally Ron showed his version of the Beck Zapper using surface mount components and batteries fitted directly to the board. He also demonstrated a Beck Pulser using an old flash unit and a coil wound from 130 turns of 1.7mm wire. The demo concluded with some jumping steel washers being repelled off the coil. Robert added a comment that he always uses the north pole next to the body when using a pulser. He also mentioned a link from our website to another website on a Colloidal silver generator that uses 6Volt DC and a fish tank aerator to produce better quality colloid. Frank continued the discussion by saying that he had experienced different effects with silver production depending on the moon cycles. The final comment on this subject was from Peter with information that the Russians had used massive currents and a large silver bar to produce a white powder which when remixed with water formed colloidal silver solution. Uli also mentioned that 27.3 Volts seems to be a magic number with respect to making the colloid. He referenced a book called "Gods Secret Formula" by Peter Flichta for this information.

Uli presented a cheap and effective fuel preheater for DIESEL VEHICLES ONLY!! that he has designed and built using off the shelf components. Uli came up with the design to overcome cold starting problems while running recycled veggie oil in diesels. The preheater heats the fuel to around 80 degrees Celsius with the fuel being heated from near the fuel pump right up to the motor. The unit consists of a 10mm pipe run from the low pressure pump up to near the motor. Over this pipe is placed some 16mm rubber hose with a 16mm T piece at each end. This enables the outer hose to be sealed at each end as shown in the diagram with the hot water from the engine cooling system being fed in one T piece and out the other. Uli then gave a brief outline on how the oil is treated to make it suitable for using in a diesel engine.
The next presenter was a visor from America, Jim who gave an excellent talk on his experiences following the fortunes of the Tilley electric car. Jim attended a demonstration run by this car held at a Nascar track on September 7th. The car was meant to run for 500 miles but unfortunately had a bearing failure after only 17 miles. However it travelled the course at 70 - 90 MPH with the battery voltage starting at 144.8 Volts, finishing at 144.5 Volts and after 3 minutes recovery read 145.7 Volts. The inventor, Paul Tilley from Nashville converted a DeLorean car to electric with his battery charging "black box" being driven by a belt/pulley system from the motor. The electric output of the box goes through a DC inverter to raise the voltage so that it is suitable to charge the batteries. The 144 Volt motor drives through an automatic transmission while Tilley claims 3X over unity and that the car has driven for over 300 miles. The "black box" is actually an aluminium box which weighs about 14lb and is built from off the shelf items which cost about US$25. Paul Tilley also runs his workshop from a similar unit, this time using 96 Volts, a DC/AC inverter, weighs 9lb, recharges the batteries which power the DC motor that runs the whole unit.

Jim believes that the "black box" is actually a homopolar generator and has done some experiments of his own with one of these devices. Jim's unit consisted of a 6 inch by 1/4 inch copper disc fitted with a 3 inch speaker magnet on each side. The output was taken off by two brushes , one on the centre axle and the other on the outer rim of the disc. Jim found that this unit produced a low voltage of 200mv with a current of 6 amps. A discussion on various forms of this generator followed with Jim organising a workshop the next day to build one.

Finally there were some short discussions on different subjects with the meeting concluding at 10.16pm.


William from Byron Bay contacted me regarding Joecell research, could any perspn working on similar technologies please contact me so that I may put him/her in touch with William.

From the text book.
Lenz's law

Current flow that results from an induced e.m.f. will produce a field about a conductor in which the e.m.f. is
induced. The direction of action of such an induced field is defined in Lenz's law: The direction of an induced e.m.f. is such that the resulting current flow will produce a magnetic field which tends to oppose the original motion causing the induced e.m.f.
This is the electrical counterpart of Newton's third law, which states that: Action and reaction are equal and opposite. The application of Lenz's law is illustrated (see diag) in the downward movement of a conductor through a magnetic field as a result of mechanical force acting in this direction. This downward movement through the field will induce an e.m.f. in the conductor and the resulting current will create a circular magnetic field around the conductor. For Lenz's law to apply, the induced field must oppose the motion. To do this, the direction of the induced field must be such that the following reaction will occur between the main and induced fields:
1. The main field will be strengthened below the conductor and weakened above it.
2. The resulting magnetic force should then act upwards in opposition to the motion of the conductor.

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The meeting was opened at 8.10pm by Robert.
There were appologies from Rodger, Ashley, Ken and Athol.
Robert...spoke on the articles in the newsletter, especially mentioning Bruce's article on fuel mixtures, saying that with the "Rocket Muffler", the timing needed to be adjusted to compensate for the vortexing effect. He also said that the molecular enhancer was similar to the Multi Wave Oscillator.
Members Reports
Victor...said that he had been asked to help build a time machine. He drew a Delta coil antenna on the whiteboard, which had two coils 90 degrees out of phase. He said that experiments with a clock placed within the delta unit showed that by changing the frequencies fed to the coils, the clock went either foreward or backward in time.
Robert...spoke briefly on "Roundup Ready Soy" and the dangers of cross polination.
Andrew...showed his new version of his "Ecovortek" unit. He had tried it as a diesel fuel enhancer, saying that the spray goes into the engine as smaller droplets. The car performed uncharacteristically well, going up hills with ease. He added that the unit was due to be tested on a dynamometer and put through all sorts of tests to verify precisely what effects the unit had on the vehicle's performance. Andrew said that the coarse structure of the fuel was broken down (in the Ecovortec unit) into +ve charges. These small like charged droplets of fuel repelled each other and then coupled with the -ve charged air to give a very efficient burn.
Philip...demonstrated an easy way of calculating the "Golden Mean". He had a piece of bungee (rubber) cord with the mean ratios marked on it. As the cord was stretched the mean ratios stayed the same and could easily be measured off without the need of a calculator.
Peter...discussed the Australian Solar Tower with it's proposed 1000m high chimney and 200Mwatt capacity. He said that if it was utilised in conjunction with a saltwater lake (like the Israelis do) its capacity could be boosted and a considerable quantity of fresh water collected from the moist air as it condensed higher up in the chimney. More information is available on the internet.
Robert introduced Martin McKenzie as the guest speaker.
Martin...specialises in "TUINA" remedial, sports and corporate massage. He explained how he became interested in the "Impact and relevance" of the Chinese system of modern medicine. He came to see the relevance in body energy management and was led into "Chi Gung" - Chinese body energy management. It is based around "Daoism", the balance in life and surrounds (Body, Mind and Spirit). He explained that the Chinese had reduced the need for surgery by 80% by practising TCM or Total Chinese Medicine. This comprised of Ta Chi, Qi Gong,Tuina,Acupuncture and the use of Herbs. He said that in China the doctors get well paid if all are healthy---less if unwell. Martin had brought his massage table in and gave a demonstration on Frank who had a sore lower back. Martin said that this affected the mind and spirit. Martin can be contacted in South Australia on phone 0402 841 548.
Robert thanked Martin for a lively and thoroughly professional talk and demonstration.
Supper concluded a most interesting night.
Until next time.

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