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May 2002  Newsletter

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Unique Water as seen on TV

Could The Common Cold Really Cure Cancer?
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 The SE-5 - a "radionics" machine that decreases petrol consumption

In next month's newsletter, the SE-5 will be examined. Amongst it's stated capabilities are the following:
- potentising substances
- programming IDFs into a material
- clearing stones and jewelry
- replicating materials
- finding an ideal place to live
- scanning lists for business
- finding lost articles, people
- clearing blockages in business
- attracting business
- programming business cards
- clearing negative energies
- clearing odours from carpets etc
- measuring compatability between IDFs
- improving petrol mileage
- troubleshooting the IDFs of machines
- agricultural uses
- repelling pests
- sleeping better with herbal compatability
- reducing food spoilage
- increasing sports performance
(IDFs = Intrinsic Data Fields)
This month by way of background, the following article on radionics has been included.

  Radionics, The Healing Method of the Future by Peter Koehne

 Translated from the July/Aug. 1993 issue of Raum & Zeit, Germany.
In English clinics, Radionic practitioners work closely with medical doctors, and freely discuss their results with the doctors and nurses, which reflects directly on the well being of the patients. In Germany and America, where the pharmaceutical companies have reached the pinnacle of respect and power, most doctors and professors do not even know how to spell the word Radionics, much less know the principles and procedures.
If one happens to hear the word, what usually goes along with it is, "It's humbug, doesn't work, and it is certainly not scientific." But Radionics in Germany and other countries is finding more and more people interested, especially among independent thinking doctors and healing practitioners. Increasingly, more patients are discovering this holistic method as an alternative, or adjunct, to traditional treatment.
Even though Radionics had shown much success in the early part of the century, and in England has been used for decades as an alternative to orthodox medicine, it is still leading a quiet life in the shadows in most areas of the world. The potential of this method is quite potent, since it is a very useful tool for analysis, and balancing, and is much more encompassing than many methods of diagnosis and treatment. This truly goes far beyond school medicine and does not follow the Newtonian world view.
Radionics can be seen as a science that is walking the holistic path. To understand Radionics, it is necessary to recognize its beginnings, and to follow its development through the pioneers Abrams, Drown, Hieronymus, De La Warr etc. The basic principles, methods, and workings of Radionics, such as the knowledge of the interconnectedness of the world and life, the imagination and intuition, the influence of symbols, etc., have been known for thousands of years.
The path can be followed through Ayurveda, with the understanding of the harmony of the elements via Hippocrates, who, 400 years before Christ, had already described the holographic world view. Also through Paracelsus who had thoughts about the Morphogenic fields long before Rupert Sheldrake. The efforts of Samual Hahneman, who developed Homeopathy, can be seen at its basis as a form of Radionics. Especially since the high potency, highly diluted remedies, have virtually none of the original substance left in the solution, but rather just the informational resonance. This is made possible in Radionics through the sending of information through scalar antennas.
Radiation and ionic = Radionic
The word Radionic was developed in the 1930's based on the words Radiation and Ionic, that supposedly described form, as well as energy that was being sent, as well as received, from the probes of the instruments of the time.
With today's technical standards, Radionic instruments would be better thought of being derived from the words Radiesthesia and Electronic, since today's instruments work by balancing the informational, morphogenic fields, and utilize the intuition of the operator through the use of specially developed instruments that amplify this ability. Radionics is working especially with these higher mental and spiritual forces.

 The origin of Radionics can be traced back to Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924), professor of pathology and director of medical faculty at Stanford University in California. He was also the president of the San Francisco Medical-Surgical Society. Abrams had, because of his inheritance, the possibility to devote himself to medicine and invest his time into research. He studied first in San Francisco, but because of his young age, could not yet receive his diploma. After that, he studied German, and began studying at the University of Heidelberg where he graduated 'summa cum laude'. Thereafter, he studied in many places throughout Europe and collaborated with many well know physicians and researchers of his time. After his return to the USA, Abrams built a sizable practice and was soon well known.
The important step for Radionics came from one of those 'strange coincidences'. A man of medium age had developed a cancerous tumor on his lip and Abrams was using the normal method at that time, percussing on the stomach. Then he heard a strange dull hollow 'thud' just above the navel.
The interesting part that caught the doctor's attention, was that this only happened when the patient faced West and was completely normal in all other positions including laying down. He then began to check other patients, with other diseases, and found a specific place on the stomach for each disease. After more research was done, there developed a map of disease patterns for percussing. (see Fig. 5.2) Most importantly, the patient had to be facing West and the change of tone was dependant on a Critical Rotation Point, (CRP) facing West.

 Some of his students had difficulty detecting this sound, so Abrams then developed a method of rubbing a glass rod over the stomach area and would then feel a 'sticking effect' over the area where he would hear the dull tone. This sticking effect is still used today on modern Radionic instruments.
Abrams saw in this discovery, a breakthrough in the art of diagnosis. The basis of this effect he saw as a deviation of the atoms from their normal vibration, which he later termed ERA. (Electronic Reaction of Abrams) The ERA method was the beginning of what later became Radionics.
He then went one step further. When the changed atoms, and therefore changed molecular vibrations, were being sent from the body, one should also be able to cause an influence from the outside.
He took a sample of a diseased tissue, put it into a small container, and then put this next to the head of a healthy person. His assumption was proved. The person had the same diagnostic response as that of the diseased person, even though the person was completely healthy.
The next step was a logical one. If the emanations were of an electrical nature, then they could be transferable via a cable. He tied on a cable, that had at one end an electrode connected to the subject's forehead, and the other, behind a separating wall, to another electrode where the diseased tissue could be placed. While Abrams tested the subject, a co-worker would either hold the electrode in the air or connect it to the tissue without Abrams knowledge of where it was at any given time.
Again the assumption was proved. When the electrode was in the air, no detection would occur. When the electrode was in contact with the diseased tissue, the healthy subject would show the same detection as a person that was truly diseased. He continued his research with varying types of diseased tissue and found that the response on the healthy subject would correspond according to the percussion map.
The use of the blood from the diseased person had the same result. At this point only the blood was necessary of a diseased person to give a diagnosis of the person. The patient himself did not have to be there anymore. Blood samples are still being used today for Radionic analysis, as well as other carriers of morphogenic information such as saliva, urine, hair, fingernails etc.
The research brought in another interesting effect. If he connected quinine, which is a suppressive treatment for malaria, to the healthy 'test person' along with the blood of a person with malaria, the resonating sound on the stomach for malaria would disappear. He was able to find effective countermeasures for different diseases if any counter measures were unable to be found through traditional methods.
The Breakthrough
All in all the ERA method was still lacking. Some of the disease patterns had the same location on the stomach, with the same resonating sound or 'stick'. For example, cancer and syphilis had the same sound, at the same location, so differentiation was not possible. The experiments that Abrams had done earlier, showed that diseases created a change in the electrical connection of the atomic structure in the body. Being able to influence these with electrical methods was logically emerging.
At first he tried adding resistance between the subject and the tissue but found that this only prevented the signals from coming through. After many trials however, he discovered a unique difference. When he set the resistance at 50 Ohms, for example, the cancer sound would show up again but not the syphilis. Syphilis appeared at 55 Ohms and would then block the cancer reading.

 This was a definite breakthrough. With a normal electrical resistance box in the path between the blood sample and the test patient, one was able to tune to, and differentiate between diseases. With his 'Reflexophone', a highly accurate instrument with precise resistances, he could then measure the diseases and enter the values into the percussion map. He found that placing the blood sample between condenser plates increased the percussion effect. He called this a 'dynamizer'.

The First Radionic Treatment Device
But something was still missing. The diagnosis was complete but the treatment was still lacking. Two observations from his experiments began his search for the missing link. First, the vibration of a countermeasure, like Quinine, was able to neutralize the effect of the disease percussion. Secondly, the magnetic fields of the earth had comparable results, as the patient would have the percussion effect only when facing West. All other directions cancelled the percussion effect.
This led to the experimentation of using electromagnetic impulses. Together with a talented inventor, Samuel Hoffmann after many attempts they developed the 'Oscilloclast', the first Radionic Treatment instrument. The Oscilloclast put out a weak radio signal frequency that was pulsed at 200 times per second. In the circuit of this was the patient.

 With the Oscilloclast and the development of the Reflexophone, we now had a complete Radionic instrument. The treatment time was usually one hour.
The ERA method was now well rounded and was taught to many of his students and colleagues over many years. About this time the Rockefellers invested heavily in the pharmaceutical companies and worked very effectively to put electronic medicine into the realm of distrust and of the unbelievable. A simple box with resistances was being mystified as being a 'magic box' and much fear was being spread throughout the medical establishment. It was put into the category of the absurd and laughable.
His sudden death in 1924 ended Abrams' untiring research. It was many years before his research was carried on again by other researchers.
The Treatment of Plants
If the basic theory of Abrams was correct, then the ERA method should be able to be used on all of life, thought Curtis P. Upton, the son of a co-worker of Thomas Edison. He was looking for a method of working with plants. He modified the instruments of Abrams for this purpose.
The instrument that he developed worked on a higher radio frequency than that of the Abrams device, and used two enhancers (dynamizers) in it. It became known as the U.K.A.C.O. instrument, after the name of Upton and his colleagues, who then all formed a company. His work continued through the 1960's, working not only on single plants, but on fields of plants as well. Here they often times used aerial photographs of the fields to be treated. To this date large parks and forests are still being balanced Radionically in Germany and other European countries. For balancing one uses pictures as a sample or 'witness' as it is called in Radionics.
A Woman enters the picture of Life Energy
Back to the use with the subtle energies of humans. A woman that is inseparably connected to Radionics, Ruth Drown, enters. She was a chiropractor and came into contact with radionics as quite a young woman. She supposedly even worked in the clinics of Abrams, was a very intuitive person, and was led primarily through inspiration.

 Ruth Drown was reportedly the first person to use the 'Stick Plate' to replace the use of the glass rod on the stomach. The Stick Plate was a small metal plate over which a piece of thin rubber was stretched. If the Rate (resistance) was correct, one would respond with a certain kind of 'stick' on the plate just as one would on the stomach with the glass rod. With Radionics, Ruth Drown had a very different theory than Abrams. Her theory was that the human had a life energy within that was being changed by the disease pattern. She closed the loop of the circuit between patient and the Radionic device by placing an appropriate 'Rate' in the instrument, thereby correcting the misinformation that was originated through the disease.
In this kind of balancing session, Ruth Drown was way ahead of her time, as the Mora instrument from Germany uses a very similar process of inverting the vibrational field. Since the Mora is not using scalar informational fields, it is not quite the same as Radionics.
Her thought continued a step further. She felt that the above mentioned life energy is present in each person and holds the entire content of the information of the individual. Quantum physics is beginning to catch up with this idea, through the work of David Bohm and others, by using the holographic photography process as a metaphor to understand life.
She was again far ahead of her time. Therefore she thought it to be possible to use a part of the human, hair, blood etc., and put it into the loop for both measuring and balancing. With this in mind she carried out her first distant treatments which she called Radio Therapy.
Her instrument was a highly modified Abrams device in which she had 9 settings. With this unit, she developed quite a number of 'Rates'. She also used colors, which could be dialed in with separate knobs preset for the different color frequencies. The name of this instrument was the 'Homo Vibra Ray', which was representing the relationship of the human to the life energy. A large point in her work dealt with the development of radionic photography which she called 'Radio Vision'. She could photograph the organs of patients at a distance, a work that was later carried out through George de la Warr.
The FDA Shuts Down Drown
Before the second world war, Ruth Drown had travelled to England and trained many interested doctors in the use of Radionics. With the success of her work she not only made friends, but she also found many people envious. The traditional medical doctors, with the help of the FDA, were looking to 'cut off the head' of Radionics, Ruth Drown, with which they were successful. She was put into jail and while incarcerated they destroyed many of her instruments. After her release, she was a broken woman and, died shortly thereafter from a stroke.
With the development of Orgone Energy from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, one can see similar parallels from the FDA.

 Thomas Galen Hieronymus was another very important pioneer in Abrams' footsteps. He was a Radionic technician and developed instruments that used electron tube 'enhancers' with the addition of prisms. He was granted on Sept. 27, 1949 the US-Patent Nr. 2.482773 under the title of Detection of Emanations from Materials and Measurement of the Volumes Thereof. This instrument became very popular because many interested people were writing to the US-Patent office, receiving copies, and building this device to see whether it worked...and it worked!
The thesis of Abrams that showed these to be electrical vibrations eventually failed, because it became obvious that the instrument was working whether the instrument was switched on or not. Ruth Drown had also built instruments without electrical supply because she said that the life energy of the patient was being used as the power source. Because of this the question of the effectiveness of Radionics, it was again heavily debated.
England: the High Culture of Radionics
The decisive steps to establish Radionics were finally being made in England, which is still today the high culture of Radionics. Through the export restrictions of the second world war, no Radionic instruments were able to be imported from the USA. An English engineer, George de la Warr, took on the task of creating a 'Drown' instrument. This began one of the largest developments of Radionic instruments. While George untiringly researched further, his wife Margorie built up a rather successful Radionics practice. Together with two other Radionic enthusiasts, Leo Corte and Mr. Stevens, they built up the Delawarr Laboratories that are still considered to be the world center for Radionics.

 The de la Warrs felt it was very important to have very well researched 'Rates', and therefore catalogued a very large number of them. In coordination with other pathologists, they developed over 4000 'Rates' which are still being used to date. Because the instrument seemed to work whether or not the power was switched on, the 'Rates' were not to be considered as resistance measurements, but rather a series of code numbers or keys, which talked to different organs and functions of the body.
De la Warr had the theory that between the 'nodal point lattice', as he called it, they experienced a kind of energy exchange. De la Warr was being stimulated in his theory by Burr's theory of L-Fields. (Life-fields) Today, one would consider these energies to be the zero point energies, or scalar energies, a carrier of the information of morphogenic fields. In the Delawarr Laboratories, many instruments were being developed, improved and standardized in order to create more detailed and complex 'Rates' which, by now, had come to over 5000. The measuring detector, the stick plate, was already known. The intensity of the 'stick' and the exact use of the Rates, de la Warr could influence by the use of a turning magnet in relation to the earth's magnetic field. This was the critical rotation point (C.R.P.) that Abrams had discovered by having the patient face in the Westerly direction.

 Del la Warrs also developed a Radionic camera, the 'Delawarr-Camera'. The best pictures of internal organs could be made after directing the witness to the C.R.P. The camera received the French patent in 1955, Patent Nr. 1.084.318. (Also other Delawarr instruments received patents in England) The Radionic cameras from Drown and de la Warr had some pointed differences, but the one point that they shared in common was that they could only be operated by certain people to create valuable pictures. A certain amount of psychic ability was necessary for the camera to function properly. During its time in operation, the de la Warr camera made over 10,000 pictures.
Radionic Society
On Feb. 27, 1960, the Radionic Society was formed with 11 practitioners, including the de la Warrs, The Radionic Association Ltd. Today there are over 500 members. This was the official date of the professional Radionic practitioners, licensed Radionics. The program is a three year study.
It was also in 1960 that the de la Warrs received a citation for deceitfulness, because the buyer of one Radionics instrument was not able to use it. It was her opinion that Radionics was pseudo-scientific, so the case went before the courts. This case went differently than Ruth Drown's trial. Despite that some doctors saw the chance to 'boot out' Radionics, the numbers of supporters heavily outweighed the offense. Also the public was following with great interest in which the de la Warrs finally won in the end. On the other hand it brought them to the edge of ruin since they had to carry the cost of the legal battle themselves. The woman that brought the case to court was too poor to pay.
The positive side of this process is that Radionics is now well established in England and does not need to have further successes proven. George de la Warr died in 1969, and Margorie was leading the laboratory until her death in 1985. Leo Corte continued their work and then transferred it to the de la Warr's daughter, Dianne who was still carrying it on until recently.
Radionic practitioners in all of Europe have now banded together to make the knowledge of Radionics public. In England, Italy, Germany and Spain there are Radionic Societies.
Three important names in the Radionic circles of England are Malcolm Rae, David Tansley, and Bruce Copen.

 David Tansely developed the new concepts of Radionics where the concepts of eastern philosophy were influencing his work. Therefore he had a strong influence on the Radionic Society that has advanced Radionics to the subtler realms of life ie., the inclusion of the chakra energy centers of the subtle bodies. Bruce Copen offers today a wide spectrum of Radionic devices that he calls Radionic Computers although they have nothing to do with the computers of today.

Malcolm Rae and his Instrument
 Malcolm Rae went a different path in Radionics. He used a pendulum instead of the 'stick plate' and similar to Tansley did not work with 'Rates' as numbers, but rather with geometric forms. He felt that one could more precisely give expression to thoughts through the use of geometrics, rather than with number 'Rates'. According to the scientific understanding of today, he was including the right brain hemisphere more strongly into his work. For him the 'Rates' were manifested thought pictures that were then calibrating or tuning the instrument for analysis and balancing. The geometric representations were mainly used for the purpose of potentizing homeopathic substances, therefore he called them 'Remedy Simulator Cards'. The aspect of 'manifested thoughts' could explain why the Hieronymus instrument could function without being plugged in.

The Peggotty-Board

 The method of so-called geometric 'Rates' comes to light in another Radionic instrument, the Peggotty Board. This works, for example, on the spine and the musculature. To set the 'Rates', the pegs are being moved similarly to that of a peg board. With these pegs upon a square of 12 x 10 peg places, they are being put in a certain pattern that represents a geometric 'Rate'.
Using the French Universal Pendulum the 'Rates' are developed through certain angles and positions. From this point of view, it puts a different light on astrology and the stars. Radionically seen, they could be seen as individual astrological 'Rates'.

Computers Enter the Scene

 The circle closes with the development of the newest and most advanced instrument coming from the USA where Radionics first began through Dr. Abrams. Dr. Willard Frank, physicist, electro-engineer and inventor developed a computerized instrument in 1986, the 'SE-5 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer', and updated the instrument in 1998 now called the SE-5 plus. The SE-5 plus is not a Radionics instrument. It is well known for its analyzing and balancing of Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs). The face of Radionics has changed dramatically as the understanding of this phenomena is embraced. The SE-5 plus is not used in the traditional sense of medicine, and the gap is ever widening. Since this instrument is so versatile, it is now used in mining, agriculture, business, with new areas of use opening every day.

 As with the instruments of de la Warr, Drown and Copen instruments, the SE-5 plus uses a 'stick plate' as a detector. This is not the usual rubber membrane, but a thin piece of circuit board material over geometric designs, and scalar antennas underneath which fine tune and amplify the scalar informational fields, IDFs.
Through the use of the computer, knobs are not necessary to dial in the 'Tunings' but rather one can easily type them into the small pocket computer on the instrument. Working with the much simpler analysis method, the time to find the 'Tunings' is greatly reduced. The number of usable 'Tunings' has now reached over 17,000.

 Letters to ASTRO S.A.

From: Alfred
To: Ken Kranz

My name is Alfred I'd like to talk about perpetual motion machines. I have been searching 20 years how to build this machine. Today I claim I now how to do. But I need help.Please contact me ph xxxxxxxxx after 5pm or send me your phone number.


 From: "Joseph Santilli"
To: Ken Kranz

Subject: absolute discovery of mechanism of bessler's motor
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 12:50 AM
I have rediscovered the design of bessler's gravity motor

I wrote back to Joseph and am awaiting his reply.........Ken

 From: "glennmr" <>
To: <>
Subject: Important Info
Date: Thursday, April 18, 2002 11:35 AM

Dear ASTRO People,
Please have a look at my latest write-up.
I used to write to your magazine from Dalby (Qld) years ago, but have come a long way since. My pen-name is Robert Michaels

Dear Associates
Here is a summary of my new write-up: Firstly I will present the concepts, then describe a working test model.
"Potential" - it is only possible to collect it using non-conventional circuits. The impetus for my efforts in the analysis of this subject was first provided by Tom Bearden in his monologue: "The final secret of free energy" 1993. I believe I have now been able to clarify and crystallize at least a few more concepts. Potential energy usually exists in EITHER compressive OR kinetic form eg. Atmospheric/electrical pressure, or rotational/angular velocity/spin Conventionally, within one system, we differentiate ONE form with time to gain the other form, eg. Stored gas under pressure may be used up to produce motion in an engine, or charge from a capacitor may be discharged through a coil and made to oscillate, but there is always some loss in the exchange.
The NON-conventional system will combine two sets of time INTEGRALs within itself to collect negative potential energy, that is: both forms of potential energy within the system can be integrated at the same time, then the system can be switched to dissipate it. Time "advance" may be a more preferable term to use here than "negative time" as is used by others - that is, energy is "borrowed in advance" from the time domain within the same time interval (1/2 waveform) during which energy was integrated and then restored "with interest" in the next time interval during which it is differentiated. Conservation of total energy will take place if a gating mechanism is provided within the system for the transfer of negative potential energy into the positive domain.
Test Model:
A semi-conventional electric circuit set is proposed to act as a collector of such potential, by being designed to store both electric and magnetic standing waves and pulsing vector-zero electric/magnetic potentials at right angles to each other, at the same time, while a separate circuit set will act as the load It should be recognized that bifilar/contra wound coils may be used to provide both electric and/or magnetic vector-zero pressure/potential to the core of a system. (However, both need to be wound in a different way from each other)
To expand a bit:
The first pair of contra wound coils, when charged in open circuit mode, will provide a net/vector-zero electric field, but also a directional integrated magnetic field;
The second pair of contra-wound coils, when charged in closed circuit mode will provide a net/vector zero magnetic field, but also a directional integrated electric field.
Both pairs of coils will be charged during the same half cycle, at right angles to each other, and in fact the circuit will provide for each to discharge into the other via the load(s), the vector-zero fields providing pressurization of the internal vacuum with its virtual particle/graviton field, while the directional fields will provide the pulsation and polarization of the said field. Another unique thing will be that the discharging current will go in the SAME direction as the charging current within the inner circuit, while the load current will be switched to alternate in both directions, using the principle of "forced resonance"

 Notes: Either I or V may be applied to half of the system's core, to transfer the initial potential to it and to set the system into oscillation; each half is set at right angles to the other; because the internal vacuum is being pressurized in both directions, gravitational anomalies may occur, but these can be counteracted by the transfer/differentiation of negative energy into the prepared load, in fact this is the whole point of the procedure! (more to come)


 Please proceed, with caution:
Copyright c Easter 2002 by GR264828-Robert Michaels (Hab. 2 v .2)

Mail welcome please send to
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday April the 12th 2002

 Robert opened the meeting at 8.12pm with a welcome to all. There were apologies from Ken, Nina and John.

Devashaon displayed a biodynamic planting calendar called the "2002 Antipodean Astro Planting Calendar", which he said was much more accurate than the standard astrological calendar.

Andrew S spoke on his Ecovortek water conditioning units, saying that there was scientific evidence that vortexing water creates electrical eddy currents, which in turn created Hydrogen and Oxygen ions. These ions find other hard ions and stop them from crystallizing into scale. He said that the CRC Australia Water Quality Centre at Bolivar SA was to test his units in May 2002 to determine their effectiveness in eliminating bacteria. These tests were also due to be done in the Northern Hemisphere to see whether the direction of vortexing (correalis effect) made any difference.

Michael said that anti-clockwise vortexing of water in the northern hemisphere did not cause de-scaling (softening), but clockwise did. This was opposite in the southern hemisphere.

Ashley said that Grander water units must be aligned with the N/S axis.

Andrew said that his units did not require any specific alignment.

Robert said that in the current New Dawn magazine there was an article on how to build your own cloud-buster. He said this was an orgone energy device.

Ken queried positive and negative orgone energy.

Peter mentioned a Rense article that described how to cloudbust mentally, by just looking at the clouds.

Jan said that there was a video on this in our video library.

Robert said that he had been to the Norwood Town Hall where he experienced the healing effects of "Ammachi" the Indian Hugging Saint. When she hugged people they were healed. He also that he had read in the paper that bread and other grains with high hypoglycaemic indexes create high insulin and can cause myopia in young children. Robert then mentioned another (New Scientist) article where hormones in a baby shampoo were causing a female baby to go through puberty at 14 months of age.

Ashley mentioned a 5AA radio skit on bread containing finely ground chicken feathers (food agent 150). This is added to some breads to make them light and fluffy. This can be checked in the Code Breakers Book. Another drawback with this additive was that the feathers also contained chicken growth hormones which ended up in the consumers bodies.

Rodger mentioned that Peter Taubert was completing his third book on food additives.

Athol mentioned glyophosphate (weedkiller) chemicals in soy(roundup ready).

Devashaon said that roundup (zero) was a growth hormone and asked what (damage) it was doing to the consumers.

Andrew said that glyophosphate was only neutralized by colloidal clay and not in sand.

Peter mentioned a Rense article on a newly patented overunity electrical generator, that states in the patent that it draws energy from the fourth dimension. The device is called a Motionless Electrical Generator (MEG). A full working description of the patent can be seen at one of the co-inventor's webb site or . Peter also mentioned an article on "Unique Water" that was widely reported in the press and on television. After an Australian Government research organisation (CSIRO) had spent 55 years trying to isolate special "long life" genes from cattle and sheep that live on seven properties in the Blue Mountains, an independent researcher found that the secret lay in the drinking water. The mountain spring waters contained bi-carbonates that assisted in cell well being and repair. It has been proven as a miracle cure for many so called in-curable ailments. He is marketing the water as "UNIQUE WATER".

Devashaon?said that the ideal water for human consumption was alkaline, but Adelaide water was acidic.

Robert introduced the guest speaker Leigh

Leigh gave an absolutely fascinating talk on robotics associated with life like replicas of extinct Australian Mega Fauna. He had brought along several quite large fibre glass replicas as an example. The working models (that he and his partner built) were on show at Naracoorte (in the South East of South Australia). They used pneumatics and were controlled electronically from computer programs that he had composed himself. These replicas of prehistoric mammals had rubber skins that enabled them to be seen as grazing, feeding, sighing etc. The slow motion of pneumatics gave a randomness that looked almost real. Lee said that they had two years to build the replica animals in realistic surrounds such as caves and swamp areas.

Robert thanked Lee for a very interesting talk and invited everyone to supper.

Until next time


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