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February 2002  Newsletter

ASTRO Technical Meeting
The second meeting of the ASTRO technical group was held 0n the 25th of January 2002 with 14 people present and apologies from Peter P, Rod, Athol, Vic and Ashley. The meeting began at 8.15pm with a talk by Randal on his electric car which had been previously inspected by all in the carpark. Randal's car is a 1974 Enfield which he bought in 1993. It took until 1994 after a total rebuild to get the vehicle on the road with the old electromechanical controls being replaced by electronics. The vehicle has a top speed of 70kph and a range of 60kms with the power coming from a 6kw motor which originally ran on 48v but now has 60v (10 X 6volt batteries) feeding it. Recently a Megapulse unit has been fitted to the batteries with a result that the charger voltage can now be set lower. Randal uses the car daily for work, shopping, etc and he estimates that he spends about $50 per year on electricity.

Ken showed an article from an Elektor magazine which had a project in it for building a battery revitaliser, like the Megapulse. This circuit had an output which generates 50v spikes at 1000hz with three LED's to indicate the level of the voltage spike.

Bob mentioned that Delcor batteries are calcium based and give about double the life of conventional lead acids.

Randal also brought along some compact fluoros which he recommends. They were a 5w unit from Cunninghams (approx $15) and a reflector type for downlights from Bunnings. These lamps are equivalent to 40W conventional globes for light output.

Cedric brought along his homemade BFO style metal detector. It has two oscillators, one fixed and one variable with an audio output fed into an earpiece. The variable oscillator is set for a zero beat then when placed near a metal object, there is a change of oscillator frequency and so a tone is heard. The unit runes off a 9v battery.

Ken showed a novel shunt he had made for callibrating a 100a power supply. It consisted of a couple of lengths of threaded metal rod and by adjusting the nuts to connect one thread to the other this varied the resistance and so the current flowing through the unit. Ken also brought along a magnetic field detector he had made to detect where his underground power cable was while digging up his front garden. (this was after he found the water pipe and telephone cable the hard way!) Ken also demonstrated a servo unit he had constructed which basically uses a low current potentiometer to drive a larger servo motor to the same postion selected by the pot. Apossible use suggested was for a power steering system.






Further discussion followed on from a couple of articles passed aroud on methanol production, hydrogen production for cars and the fact that it is alleged that some petrol companies are putting a gas into petrol to change the octane rating which causes the fuel to have a shelf life of only 3 months.


Bruce's Fischer and Paykel washing machine motor/generator.


Lionel brought along his pulsed magnet motor and demonstrated it running. The motor has two discs fitted with 8 magnets each, two coils and pulses four times per revolution in repulsion mode.

Bruce brought along the Fischer and Paykel washing machine motor mentioned at the last meeting. It has 42 coils wound in a 3 phase star configuration and 56 magnets. A demonstration was given of the suitability of this unit as alow speed generator by lighting 60 watts of 12 volts lamps by turning the motor by hand. This particular unit is destined to bcome a wind generator. Bruce also talked about a circuit wich was previously used to drive an Adams motor and was designed to collect the back emf pulses and finally gave a brief description of the fuel vaporising system on his Lancer.

Roger was the final presenter, taking over the identity of Mr Jolly the vacuum cleaner salesman.(somehow that description fits Roger) He brought along a Rainbow vacuum cleaner which uses water to clean the air passing through the machine, as Mr Jolly says "just like natures thunderstorms!" The cleaner rotates at 14000 rpm and creates a vortex effect in the base of the machine, leaving the dirt in the water.

After we all bought three vacuum cleaners each, had supper and the meeting ended at 11pm, except for the stragglers still talking outside in the carpark.



 To the left is the layout for a model steam engine designed for a model aircraft. The engine has a flash steam boiler (water is pumped in at one end and comes out the other as high pressure high temperature steam). Reduction gears drive the oil and water pumps. The engine has a good power to weight ratio.

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This letter was in to late for the hardcopy of the January newsletter. If you live in or near Sydney and are interested in the subjects listed below please contact Brett. (astro member or not).

Hi Ken,

I've just come across this interesting "alternative" health web site. You might find it interesting and add it as a link on the Astro web site.

Congratulations on the new venue. I hope to come and visit some day soon...

Did you hear a couple of years ago that the amount of money spent in the "alternative" health industry equalled the amount spent with the "normal" health industry? Although I like the idea that the medical mafia is getting sidelined, I'm not happy about the amount of money that is "necessary" to spend to get / stay healthy...

Hans Peter Andresen

Mail welcome please send to
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday Jan the 11
th 2002

The meeting started at 8.20 pm and was opened ( at Clarence Park Community Centre) with a welcome to all by Robert.
The previous minutes were read by Athol, moved by Peter and seconded by Victor.
The treasurer's report was read and accepted.
A motion was put that Robert be reimbursed for a plastic storage box and paper for the newsletter. This was passed unanimously.
The three winners of the last month's annual project competition were awarded with certificates.
The meeting closed at 8.27pm and was handed over to General Business.

…asked if there were any things to report.
Ken…….said that Geof Egels had sent over two more videos. Ken said that he had asked Geof if he would stand in as an unofficial "Webb Master" if he were unavailable, and Geof had agreed. Ken also added that he had put together a "Self Booting" ASTRO Computer Disk, which was very easy to use. This contained everything to date on the ASTRO Webb Site, including the picture library. Suggested prices were $ 5.00 for members, $ 20.00 for non-members (this was agreed to).
Celia…asked how a post order would be paid for, to which Ken replied that money orders were the easiest way of dealing with payments.
Rodger…suggested a Nexus Magazine advertisement, but the general consensus thought that this was not appropriate at this stage.
Ken…mentioned an article from "RENSE" about a big asteroid that was considered to have had a close call with earth ( He also mentioned some articles from "Electrifying Times" on a report from the EEVA Electric Transportation Industry Conference. The highlights were two small vehicles called the "TANGO" and the "REVA", which is India's first electric vehicle. Full reports are available from ( ) and ( )
Ken…also spoke on a very fascinating article about "Confidential Technologies/Direct Electronics" new TESLA Technology "Super Efficient Rotating Transformer", that utilises "Cold Electricity". CT/DE claim that motors using this new type of electrical power use far less power and never get hot. The article states that CT's breakthrough is light years beyond textbook electro-dynamics presently taught to physicists and electrical engineers worldwide. More information is available from ( ).
Bruce…spoke of his "Joe Cell" Water Charging Unit, which was the same format as a Joe Cell, except it had an additional cone on the inside bottom. It made charged water in 10 minutes and swirled the water anticlockwise.
Peter…suggested that someone might like to try using the electrolysed waters out of Ales unit, which separated water into oxygen rich and hydrogen rich states. Peter suggested using two Joe cells in push-pull, utilising the positive and negative aspects of water to perhaps give a balanced output and thus possibly overcoming the erratic (or unbalanced) nature of the Joe Cell.
Bruce…said that he had spent his prize money on a "J-Car Air Fuel Mix Meter" kit, which utilises a conventional oxygen sensor.
Visitor…said that he would bring along an article on waving plastic panels that developed electricity.
Ken…mentioned that the piezo-electricity developed from a dropped ultra-sound head had been large enough to destroy the output transistors, even though the unit was not plugged in.
Vic and Devashoen….both mentioned items on quartz crystals.
Andrew…said that glaciers develop piezo-electricity and that the glacier water, sometimes called glacier milk or Hunzar Water is charged water. He said that no one has yet been able to replicate Hunzar Water, which retains its charge. He said that the nearest is Micro-Hydrin, and that its charge is evident if you drink it and have amalgam fillings. Ouch!!
Peter…produced a newspaper article on a proposed new 200Mwatt solar power plant that is to utilise a field of interconnecting solar panels forming a giant greenhouse, with a 960 metre chimney in the centre. The chimney would house 32 wind turbines driven up to 50kph by the heated rising thermal air. The plant (near the South Australia and Victoria border) is hoped to be up and running by 2005, with other plants proposed around Australia. The article was from The Advertiser Jan 9th 2002 page 28.
Ashley…produced an article on State Of The Art Electric Bicycles. Both LaFree by Giant and Currie's US Pro Drive models run from 24Volt DC motors, producing about 400Watts of power and having ranges up to 30 Km (with pedal assistance). For more details see ( )
Robert…spoke on Fructose (corn sugar) not being really good for the human body. He also mentioned a Lancet article on Near Death Experiences. Bold scientists say that they can now prove that the soul exists and that blind people can see in Near Death Experiences.
Devashoen…mentioned an audio tape "Cancer-The winnable War" by health researcher Philip Day. In the tape, Day mentions an article by M. Stanislaus Tanchou, a visionary physician, who campaigned with Napoleon Bonaparte. Tanchou presented a paper in 1843 to The Paris Science Society, which was a complex statistical examination on malignancy. One of the prime trends was the increase of malignancy along with the increase of cereal grains in the diet. (wheat rather than the traditional use of millet in bread) Day said that millet contained vitamin B17, which was a powerful anti-cancer agent. (Editor's Note… other reports such as from Australian Dr. Chris Reading, indicate a complete remission of all test patients when cereal grains were totally excluded from the diet. They were still given conventional treatments. Further reports also detail 100% success with the treatment being a diet totally gluten free, dairy-free, low fat and low residue diet.[Donaldson SS, "Effect of Nutrition as Related to Radiation and Chemotherapy," Nutrition and Cancer, Winick ed. 1977; Wiley and Sons, New York, 137153.]
Ken…gave an explanation of Roger's ball bearing motor. It is a thermal device rather than a magnetic one. The perfectly round (ball bearing) balls elongate when current is applied to them, and move the casing around. Ken said that he got the explanation from a web site location provided by Geof Egels.
The meeting closed at 10.27pm and Robert thanked everyone and invited them to supper

Until NextTime,


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