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January 2002  Newsletter





Images from the December meeting.
Top Left  1st place in competition: Vic, High voltage flying triangle.
Bottom Left  2nd place in competition: Bee Hotel.
Top Right  3rd place in competition: Bruce, electric fuel pre-heater showing box with control circuit and LED indication, NTC resistor for monitoring temperature and PW10 resistors used as the heating element, 3rd place in competition.
Bottom Right  Technology presented  A Joe Cell built for a Toyota Corolla.

More images of the meeting will be posted on the ASTRO photo album page.

The following information is from the web site at please go to the site for the full story.

This is a diagram of the very effective twin-cylinder reciprocating steam engine which was fitted to the Stanley Steamer motor car. This engine weighed about 85 kg and was reputed to develop 250 hp. A typical rotational speed for such an engine at high pressure is 1100 rpm. Its high torque is maximum at startup. This type of engine can run for long periods between services and is very straightforward to maintain, and its inherent reliability is much greater than that of an internal combustion engine.

As far as I know the Stanley Steamer was built almost a 100 years ago.....Ken

Letters to ASTRO South Australia.

From: P Millar
To: Ken
Date: 10 December 2001
Subject: Lakhovsky MWO

Dear Ken

Do you know a source where someone can purchase a Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator?

Best Regards

Please contact Ken if you can help.

From: Nina C
To: Ken
Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2001

Dear Ken,

I'm a relatively new member of ASTRO and have spoken to you on occasion at the meetings. I correspond on a regular basis with a most interesting and intelligent elderly gentleman from interstate.
I quote a part of his letter -
"My idea for generating electricity. I have a plan drawn up of the model I would like to make to prove that it is feasible and also a lot of the things necessary to make the model, but age and effort do not fit the picture, however, your mention of the ASTRO group intrigued me and as this invention could be of inestimable value to the ecology, I suggest that I make a copy of the plan and send it to you to put before the committee or meeting, when next you go---if you are agreeable to do so. I know the idea will work, but of the model I am not so sure, because the operational power factor is so very different in a model to the real one."
Ken, The sub group of ASTRO which is forming sounds like the ideal platform to introduce the idea. I need to find someone in the ASTRO group who is familiar with electronics, who would be willing to look at the above idea and liase directly with the gentleman in question.
Can you put me in touch with that special someone please Ken. This elderly gent really has a brilliant mind.

Nina C

Any members able to help with this please advise Nina C, or any committee member, it certainly sounds worthwhile....Ken

From: "Chris S"
Subject: Visiting Adelaide
Date: Tuesday, 18 December 2001 PM

Hello Bruce,

How's things?
Since I last wrote a few months ago I was having the Rover rebuilt. She's now running very smoothly with increased efficiency and no starting problems.... but still no conversion. I'm going to try running direct feed to the manifold for a while to see if that speeds things up. Hope you are having success with your setup.
Over Christmas/New year I will be in Adelaide (my home town) and was wondering if I could meet up with yourself or other Joe Cell researcher friends of yours. I would like to show you my cell to see what you think of it. I will also bring some of my stage 3 water (if it survives the trip). I will be heading off to Adelaide this Friday night and returning on the 4th Jan.


From: Steve Hopman
Subject: aluminium hydrogen fuel
Date: Tuesday, 25 December 2001

Hi people
I'm looking at building the aluminium -water- hydrogen unit that is shown in one of your links, but first I'm looking for some more information and have a few questions to ask.

1) has anyone from astro build one of these units ?
2) is there any more info on this unit ?

I'm also looking for people in WA who are interested in astro related subjects. I read Dec news letter, interesting as always. keep up the good work people.


As far as I know, no astro member has tried the aluminium-water-electricity method of hydrogen production, it seems like a promising technology. It may be a method of exporting energy from hydro power stations that are away from other end users. Lets hope we can find some others working on same..........Ken

From: Bob Laidlaw
To: Ken Kranz
Subject: Meeting Format
Date: Friday, 4 January 2002

Hi Ken,

I am starting a new Nexus Forum group that is intended to cater for our neglected Northern Suburbs people, and any others who may have some "get up and go". The first meeting is on Feb 4th at the Ascot Vale Hotel, in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, which is providing a free function room. This set-up could encourage useful and empowering discussion, networking, and projects, which IMHO was the real intent of a Nexus Forum. I share some of your views on the subjects and type of presentation that would be appropriate.

So I was interested to read in your recent newsletters that you have set up a technical sub group that will not feature guest speakers and conspiracy theories. Instead, it will feature discussion of projects and experiments, with priority given to those who DO over those who just TALK.

This looks like a reversal of an entropy process that I have observed in other groups. They deteriorate into catering for passive couch potatoes through an agenda that even discourages talking, and gives priority to those who just want to passively LISTEN without understanding. Active members have probably already left the group because of boredom and unpopularity with passive members. At this stage, the group only survives if there is a strong power oriented leader who gets his psychological rewards from controlling such "sheople". And at this stage, the leader can prove to any remaining active people that he is doing the right thing, by taking a vote!.

I would be very interested to hear about how you go about running your technical sub-group, how to set up the agenda if any, how to keep the couch potatoes and talkers from overwhelming the doers, any time limits on presentations and any other useful guidelines, role of the meeting chairman, and so on.

Best wishes for 2002

Bob Laidlaw

Bob thanks for the above letter, you have certainly struck a chord. All the member I've spoken to love the new format.
At the technical meeting the formal introduction is very short, all legal formalities are handled at the ASTRO meeting on the second Fri of the month .
Members projects are placed on tables (or parked in the car park). The member concerned, talks about the project in an open forum type manner, we can all see how much we have to get through, so we proceed as required. Members with projects have absolute priority.

I believe a symbiotic relationship exists between the two groups. ASTRO will loose some constraints, ASTRO Tech will attract many lost technical members.............Ken

To :
Subject : your website and water as fuel
Date : Tue, 08 Jan 2002

I am sending the information I had indicated I have tommorrow you should get it in a couple days. Please pass it around freely no restrictions ,I have also placed a copy at
for any one that want to see my internet version ,you can tell anyone on the net if you wish.

Check out the encyclopedia of free energy on CD at

Join the energy 2000 newsgroup and you can join by going to the following website location.
To learn more about the energy2000 group, please visit and sign up at or sign up from of our main webpages as below.
Main contents link at
or at
Tell a friend or make a web page link to Energy21 at

Geoff Egel
18 Sturt Street
Loxton 5333. SA. Australia.
Email :
This email may be copied freely with out any copyright restrictions


As per our phone call could you please reply to this address with details of "ASTRO" people in NSW.
For your records my details are:
Brett Laboo
c/- 1 HSB
Tel: (02) 9600 1372 - W
   Joe Cell
   Joe Champion LENT/Alchemy
   Searl Technology

Also, check this out

If you live in, or near Sydney and are interested in the subjects listed below please contact Brett............Ken

Mail welcome please send to
......Ken Kranz

Peter's Page
ASTRO MEETING Friday Dec the 14
th 2001

The meeting started at 8.20 pm and was opened ( at Clarence Park Community Centre) with a welcome to all by Robert.
There was an apology from Ken, and condolences for Percy (who had died at Andamooka) were expressed. A contingency of four ASTRO members ( Ken, Vic, Michael and Peter) went to Andamooka to farewell him on behalf of ASTRO.
The previous minutes were read, moved by Cedric and seconded by Peter.
The correspondence was read with $488.40 being paid as public liabilities insurance. The treasurer's report was read and accepted.
The meeting closed at 8.27pm and was handed over to General Business.

ASTRO 2001 Project Competition

1. Victor…demonstrated a working flying triangle, which he explained, levitated by means of an ion stream. This was powered by a 40 Kilo Volt power supply and fed to the triangle through a very fine wire.

2. Ales…...had three entries. The first was a water electrolyzer, which very simply and efficiently produced Ph 9 water by using 240 Vdc in a two-glass jar system with stainless steel electrodes. The inner jar had the bottom cut off and replaced with a cellophane membrane tightly secured around the bottom. There was an electrode inside of the inner jar and another one within the outer jar.

3. Ales…second entry was a "Bee Sucker" which was used to suck out bees from a hive. He uses the bees for " bee sting therapy". The unit was made from a modified portable vacuum cleaner.

4. Ales…third entry was a "Bee Hotel" for safely and comfortably storing the "sucked out" bees. It fitted to the bottom of the bee sucker, the bottom was then slid off and the bees shaken down into their very nice new accommodation.

5. Bruce …had a "Black Box" which incorporated electronic control and heating two resistors. This was used as a petrol fuel vaporiser. He stated that in cold weather it improved the economy from 28mpg to 42mpg. He said that he achieved efficiencies of 48 to 56mpg in warmer weather.

6. Andrew…produced a power controller in a wooden box containing a simmer stat, an outlet socket and an input power lead and plug.

All financial members were handed slips of paper and asked to vote in preferential order for their choices of winners.

The Winners Were:-
1. Victor for his Flying Triangle.
2. Ales for his Bee Hotel.
3. Bruce for his fuel heater.
4. Andrew for his power controller.
Athol presented them each with a very nice cheque for their efforts

Further General Business
Andrew demonstrated an electric scooter that he had purchased from Kmart for $199.00. It was made in China, had two lead acid batteries, was flat belt driven and had an endurance of 1.5 hours @ 20Kph. Click for another view.
Yanis displayed his perpetual motion machine and asked for comments on how it might be improved. This lead to some interesting discussions.

Devashoen displayed a dozen or so pots of growing "Buck Wheat". He explained with each pot held up, what he had done to it to try to stimulate better growth. This included specially treated water, magnetic, orgone and other influences. The last pot that he held up was almost twice as advanced as the others. He explained, with bemusement, that the only difference was that he had used a terracotta pot rather than a plastic pot as with the others.

RobertN gave a detailed demonstration (with a volunteer ) of his "QXCI" machine. This is a Quantum Xeroid Conscious Interface machine, which through five electrode pads (limbs and head), reads and displays (on a colour computer monitor) the state of the body under test. It then can insert the appropriate energies to re balance and correct body force errors and stimulate healing. This was a bit like "Star Trek" medicine.

Ashley discussed "Towers of Power" in relation to making simple ones and their siting. Blue metal is good, but basalt is better.

An orgone/magnetic device was shown and demonstrated. Discussions were had on mobile phone radiation and the HAARP Project.

Robert brought the meeting to an end and invited everyone to supper and to view the projects that were on display. Everyone had an enjoyable night and agreed that the new venue had been a success.

Until next meeting,



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